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Rider Waite Smith Queen of Pentacles

Animals In Tarot

In the Rider Waite Smith tarot, each of the queens has an animal with her. You can click on each image below to see a larger version.

Rider Waite Smith Queen of SwordsThe Queen of Swords has a bird flying high over head. There is also the butterfly on her throne.

She is a lady of mental acuity and focused thoughts. Her animals are messengers in many world mythologies.

What bird do you think is flying over her head?

Rider Waite Smith Queen of Wands

The fiery Queen of Wands has a small black cat at her feet. there are also a number of lions on her throne. Why do you think cats are associate with this Queen of getting things done?

She is a passionate woman who acts on impulse. She understands her own power. This lady can light up your world if you let her.

Rider Waite Smith Queen of CupsThe contemplative Queen of Cups has fish as well as mermaids for her companion. She is the queen who others come to for comfort in emotional times.

This lady knows the value of a good cry as well as a belly laugh. She encourages you to dive deep into your own emotional self to find the rewards of being you.

Rider Waite Smith Queen of PentaclesThe Queen of Coins has three animals. Look at her throne. You will see a goat as well as a bull. In the far right corner, you will also see the rabbit.

She is the queen of fertility and growing things. Her message is to do the work to gain the reward. This lady is the most determined of the four Queens of the Tarot. She knows the value of honest, hard work.

What questions would you ask of these queens if you could sit down with them?

Rider Waite Smith Tarot