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Tis May! Tis May!

May 1st , or May Day, is a day that I remember from my childhood as one of gentle celebration. We would put small (as in tiny!) baskets together, and leave them on our neighbors’ porches. We would ring the bell, and run like mad! This is what you were supposed to do! It was a marvelous surprise to whoever answered the door to find lovely little May baskets sitting there.

May Day (the whole month of May, IMHO) is all about celebrating spring, new growth, and just plain enjoying the good weather and getting to the actual planting of lovely flowers (and vegetables, for those who do vegetable gardens). While I have never seen it done, I love the image of young girls dancing around a May pole that is decorated with streamers and flowers, honoring the energy of the moment. What great fun! May Day is also connected with Beltane, one of eight solar Sabbats in Wiccan and Pagan traditions, and one that focuses on spring and fertility.

How do you celebrate this day? Or do you? Celebration of May Day is certainly not as widespread as it once was. Perhaps we need to do something about that! Getting back to our literal “roots”, working with the soil, honoring the cycles of the year, enjoying the beauty of the spring flowers, and the sense of joy and freedom that they bring, to me is intrinsic to this day. Honoring this day in a personal way opens you up to aligning yourself with life and its cycles (no matter what your religious background). Whether you create a May basket as a centerpiece for your table, or create smaller May baskets to leave at your neighbors’ doors, the intent is set, and the energy comes to you. What a great way to bring positive energy into our lives!

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