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Mystery Deck: What deck am I?

Time for a round of "guess that deck" .

Here are the images. Let's hear your guesses!



If you use an image locater (you know who you are! lol), please don't post your answer for at least 8 hours to give others a chance to guess. 🙂

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Guess the U.S. Games Deck #2

Question Smiley Quick Note: A little bird told me that the fine denizens at U.S. Games Systems HQ really dig these Guess the Deck posts. Although our V.P. of Marketing and Sales–Codename Corporate Ron–tried to bribe me with a Buffalo Nickel, I stayed resolute, refusing to divulge the answer to Guess the Deck #1. In another sneaky maneuver, he asked our Creative Director who, unfortunately, relayed the correct deck to Corporate Ron. A word of caution to the Art Department: Loose lips sink ships. If anyone around HQ starts to ask you a string of questions about a deck, be on high alert! He (or she) is trying to solve Guess the Deck the easy way.

Back to our regularly scheduled program…

Hi folks! It's time for Guess the Deck #2. Listens as the cyber-crowd goes wild.

Which USGS deck has a creator that:

  • Switches traditional masculine/feminine suit associations by making Pentacles masculine and Wands feminine
  • Embodies the King of Cups card
  • Is a Pisces
  • Favors the number 4
  • Considered The World the most challenging card to render
  • Re-names the Pages as Heralds

Have fun!

— Janet