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Lisa Hunt Off the Canvas

Lisa on Bike We've all read interviews with Tarot authors, artists and deck creators.

While fascinating, I thought it would be more interesting to catch one of our Tarot artists and/or authors off guard–you know, like jumping out from behind a virtual tree on Facebook Chat and throwing free association words at them.

That sort of thing.

Fortunately for me, our beloved Lisa Hunt was game (but she did want to get a glass of wine in her first!). Ha!

But not wanting her to escape my playful, interrogatory web, I just started posting words for her to associate with. My words are in black, hers in blue:


Art  Soul
Color Endless
Family Love
Politics Hate
Environment Sad
Ghosts Consuming
Tarot Connections
Bikes New
Food Ritual
Reading Always
Bells Whistles
Coffee Good Morning
Facebook Addicting
U.S. Games Systems Optimism

Now, you may be wondering why Lisa said "new" to bikes, but if you're one of her Facebook Friends, you know that both she and her daughter just got new bikes! In fact, that's our Lisa here–on her new bike!

As if my nosy ambush wasn't enough, I went "behind" Lisa's back to ask her husband, Kort, some equally nosy questions. I even had the gall to ask if he could share a never-before-seen painting from Lisa's upcoming Ghosts and Spirits Tarot! And he did. Below. Towards the bottom. (But first, check out this fabulous time-lapse video of Lisa painting Battlefield Ghosts! Pay special attention for clay helpers and a bony hand painting while she works…)

Kort, what surprises you the most about Lisa's art process?

What surprises me most is Lisa's ability to make her creative process look effortless when I know how much goes into each and every creation. I can't imagine being constantly creative with such technical fluency as I see in her.

What do you admire most about Lisa?

Her openness to exploring new techniques and her drive to keep pushing her art forward even with all the other things going on in her life.

What strengths does Lisa bring to your life that complements you well?

She keeps me on my toes and doesn't let me slack off into complacency. She urges me to be the best I can be in all that I do and is so very supportive.

What are your shared values/loves?

Our love of art and creative expression is first and foremost, along with dedication to family. Our shared interest in learning, fantasy, sci-fi and so many other things are the multicolored sprinkles on the icing of the cake.

What are your thoughts on Tarot? Do you use the cards in any way? Do you and Lisa talk in "Tarot code" or anything?

I see tarot both as a form expression from the view of the tarot creator, and as a tool for self discovery for the practitioner. While I am intimately familiar with it from working with Lisa's art, I am not really a tarot practitioner. I have some decks and do dabble now and again, but mainly I appreciate it for the art. I see it more as a psychological exercise rather than any sort of supernatural tool. Lisa makes rather frequent tarot references in conversation and at times pulls a card or two for me in the morning or before bed at night. Her artistic and tarot influences are an integral part of the household. Even the kids are into tarot having created their own cards.

Ankou At this point in Lisa's life, what card do you feel most captures her and/or her art process? What card do YOU most identify with right now?

Lisa is so prolific that I don't feel any one image can encompass the entirety of her art process.  But one that really resonates with me currently is her Ankou (King of Pentacles) piece from the Ghosts & Spirits Tarot.

Lisa is working on the Ghosts and Spirits Tarot right now for U.S. Games. Have you two experienced any ghostly apparitions since she's began work on this project?

Indeed we have. We had a working vacation up in Savannah, GA and Tybee Island and while we were sitting on the porch of our B&B, we both saw a swirling mist emanate from the house and dissipate into the air. We checked the location and could find no reason for the phenomenon. We also had an encounter or two while touring the city of Savannah.

Lastly, what do most people NOT know about Lisa that you'd like to share or wish other people knew about her?

Lisa is an intensely private person who was initially reluctant to embrace the cyber world and the potential intrusions she felt it would place upon her. However, she is a deeply loyal person who loves people and is very appreciative of all of the people who support her art and vision. There's an intensity about Lisa that influences everything she does. Her paintings and work with tarot are a reflection of that concentrated energy. Whether it's her work, being a wife & mother, playing piano, cooking gourmet, running etc; Lisa approaches everything and every moment with a passionate mindset. I affectionately call her my "brilliant Lis", though there is a humbleness about her as well.

Kort, thank you so much for your time (and images!) And thank you, Lisa, for being such a good sport. You are such an inspiration!

The gorgeous painting above is Ankou. So pretty…and ghostly!

If you'd like to keep tabs on Lisa's progress on the Ghosts and Spirits Tarot, you can join her Facebook fan page at this link or follower her Dynamic Dreamer, Art Weaver blog here. You can also visit Lisa at LisaHuntArt.com, where she has information on all her decks, as well as prints, specials, musings, news and more. 

— Janet