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Japaridze Tarot Six of Fire

TarotBlogHop:Imbolc 2015


Crystal Visions Unknown

Crystal Visions

Welcome to our offering for this Tarot Blog Hop. Our blog hop wrangler, Karen, asked us about Oracular Anomalies. She was curious to know about “basically anything that’s made you pause and think -What are you doing here?”

Because we work with so many artists who all have different interpretations of their decks, it’s hard for us to question what a card might be doing in a deck. That comes from the heart and mind of the creator or team of creators.

Japaridze Tarot Six of Fire

Japaridze Tarot

Chrysalis Tarot Merlin

Chrysalis Tarot

Now we do field questions from our clientele. One recent deck has raised more than one set of eyebrows with its portrayal of the Fool as Merlin. That’s the Chrysalis Tarot. Of course the Japaridze Tarot with its swirling colors is gorgeous, but we still get asked about the suits since they are not named in a traditional way.

Goddess Tarot Fool

Goddess Tarot

Ghosts and Spirits Tarot Hierophant

Ghosts and Spirits Tarot

Or decks that feature lovely goddesses but no gods like the Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr. And decks that choose a darker theme like the evocative Ghosts and Spirits Tarot of Lisa Hunt.


Gilded Reverie Lenormand


Under The Roses Lenormand

Even the Lenormand decks don’t escape someone asking “what is that card doing there” because of the set meanings. A ship in the sky? No way! What about a deck that offers more than one Lady?


Art Through The Starstream


Vintage Wisdom Oracle

Let’s not even get started on the oracles we sell. From Art Through The Starstream to the Vintage Wisdom Oracle we hear from our purchasers.

We remain committed to publishing the decks that speak to us in such a way that we think they will also speak to you. If you have a deck idea, you can submit that here. Who knows. Maybe your oracular anomaly will join the rest of our amazing products.

Leave a comment about your favorite card on this post to win your choice of one of these decks. Congratulations to Gwenne M. who is our winner!


Chrysalis Tarot

Three Card Spreads

In Tarot reading, there are many different spreads. For this post, we wanted to focus on the three card spread.

What’s your favorite three card spread? Here are just a few we know of. Please feel free to leave your own in the comments

1. Body, Mind, Spirit
2. Past, Present, Future
3. Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light
4. Morning, Afternoon, Evening

And how would you apply any one of these spreads to this three card reading with the Chrysalis Tarot?

Chrysalis Tarot

Chrysalis Tarot

See more of this deck here.

Tarot Blog Hop: Ostara 2014


Welcome to the USGames Tarot blog. We love participating in this gathering of Tarot and oracle blogs. It’s always a mystery to see where the blog will go.

Our Tarot Blog Hop mistress for this round is Joanne Sprott. She’s asked us to focus on the resurrection of life, love, dreams, creation (and flowers!). We couldn’t think of anything better than to share some of forthcoming Chrysalis Tarot with you.

This gorgeous deck is from Holly Sierra and Toney Brooks who have put their considerable talents together to create a new, holistic approach to the Tarot.

Enjoy their creativity!

dsm060956 [Converted]CRS-78-card 9 stones CRS-78-card 8 spirals CRS-78-card 5 scrolls CRS-78-card 2 mirrors  CRS-78-Magician CRS-78-card MerlinCRS-78 CRS-78-card back

Now hop to the next post in our Ostara 2014 Tarot Blog Hop. Thanks for leaving a comment. We love hearing what you think of this new deck of ours.

The Chrysalis Tarot should emerge soon so do check back. And join us on Facebook where we post cards and questions so you can join in the fun!