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#TAROT SPREAD: Position Is Everything

MG Queen of Pentacles_NEW Last week, US Games shared a two-part article by Mike Hernandez on interpreting body language and facial expression in the Tarot. I really enjoyed that article and developed a spread based on it.

This spread is for interpersonal relationships like between you and your boss or you and a friend.

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Interpreting Body Language and Facial Expressions in the #Tarot

By Mike Hernandez, Tarot Reader


Hernandeztarot Isn’t it amazing how much body language and facial expressions play a part in numerous aspects of our daily lives? I thought about that at the mall the other day, while I was walking around just watching people and meandering in and out of various stores. At one point I realized this is also true of people that appear in the Tarot. It made immediate sense to me, given that the cards reflect all the aspects of our lives.

In this article I’ll demonstrate how body language and facial expressions of the people in the cards expose nuances and subtleties that can add an extra layer of meaning to your readings.

Exposing your true self

Body language can say a lot about your true state of being at any given moment. Although you may think you’re portraying yourself in a positive (or, perhaps, even neutral) manner, your body might be indicating otherwise. Have you ever been in a situation where you say something to someone or some group of people, they take what you say at face value, and then begin doubting what you’ve said soon after for some unknown reason? It could most likely be your body language.

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