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Reversals: Turning the #Tarot Upside Down

How do you read reversals? Let's take some cards and see what some meanings might be.  From Monday's Guess The Deck, here is the 2 of Ghosts reversed. You may see this referred to as Rx or Rev.


Some ways to view a reversal are:


  • The opposite of the meaning of the card
  • A lessening of the meaning of the card
  • A shadow side of the meaning of the card

In this deck, the suit of Ghosts is the suit of Cups. So this is the card of partnership and love.

Opposite meaning: A break up

Lessening of the meaning: He's not that into you

Shadow side: There's another person in between you and she

What are some of your ways to read a reversal? What would you say if this card came up in your reading?   Does it matter where the snakes and cat are in this reversal?