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Guest Post: Lisa Frideborg Lloyd: The Sun

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Ghosts & Spirits Tarot: Sun

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
― Marianne Williamson

When the Sun shows up in a reading reader and client alike find themselves smiling… What’s not to love about the light, warmth and joy of the Sun card?! It’s a card of success, healing, clarity, power and happy endings. It shows that you have what it takes to overcome whatever it is you are facing. It could mean recognition and high honour.


Zolars Astrological Tarot: Sun


But is it always a happy, pleasant and positive card?

To understand the less pleasant qualities of the Sun, all we have to do is turn to Astrology and look at how the Sun may express itself when negatively aspected or situated:

Egotistical, haughty, overbearing, dictatorial and judgmental. OR lacking in confidence, power, vitality and self-esteem.

The Sun can also represent burn-out or burning your candle at both ends if negatively aspected by surrounding cards. A classic example would be The Sun flanked by either the 10 of Wands or the 10 of Swords.

As a card of emotional healing, The Sun points to issues around confidence, personal power and self-esteem. In the chakra system, we would place The Sun (quite naturally!) in the Solar Plexus chakra.

Too much of the Sun energy makes a person overbearing and lacking in empathy/understanding. Too little can lead to a victim mentality, boundary issues or being easily swayed by the opinions by others.


Deviant Moon Tarot: Sun


To find out what The Sun means in readings about love and romance, click HERE.


Element: Fire
Planet: The Sun
Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra
Colour: Yellow, gold
Crystal: Citrine, yellow calcite, pyrite
Metal: Gold
Body: Vitality, general feeling of well being
Exercise: Any exercise taken outdoors
Stance/Pose: Sun salutations
Magickal Tool/Ingredient: Fire
Associated Major Arcana Cards (through numerology): The Magician, The Wheel of Fortune

Goddess Tarot: Sun

Goddess Tarot: Sun

Associated Minor Arcana Cards: 

3 of Wands (Sun in Aries). Healing is found through encouragement (giving and receiving, but more often giving).
10 of Swords (Sun in Gemini). Learning to see the silver lining and the joy of starting over.
8 of Pentacles (Sun in Virgo). Being responsible for one’s creation whether this is work, physical health or a relationship.
6 of Cups (Sun in Scorpio) – Making peace with the past (including past lives) and letting go of energetic bonds to people who have left us for various reasons.
4 of Pentacles (Sun in Capricorn) – Having firm personal boundaries.

Remedies – to increase the energy of The Sun in your life:

  • You can make a tarot essence to harness and increase the energy of the Sun card, using a card from the deck of your choice, along with any of the crystals above that you feel drawn to work with. There is plenty of information on the healing properties for each of the crystals available online
  • Spend time outside, in the sun
  • Wear gold (both the colour and jewelry)
  • Eat/drink yellow foods
  • Take center stage
  • Say ‘No’ to a request without justifying why
  • Initiate contact rather than wait for the other to make the first move
  • Be an alpha male/female
  • Visualise breathing in sunlight through your Solar Plexus chakra, filling your whole aura
  • Make your home as light and bright as possible
  • Get rid of damp in your home
  • Drink alcohol (raises the Fire Element according to Chinese Medicine)
1JJ Swiss: Sun

1JJ Swiss: Sun

Balancing, grounding and banishing the influence of the Sun card:
  • Stay up late
  • Wear black, grey or blue
  • Go swimming
  • Sit in the shade
  • Wear shades
  • Place water features in/around your home
  • Wear silver jewelry

Affirmation: “I let my light SHINE!”

☆ Lisa Frideborg Lloyd  

Interview with Jody Bergsma Creator of Magical Times Empowerment Cards

Interview with Jody Bergsma, creator of Magical Times Empowerment Cards, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Thank you Mary Brown for these terrific interview questions!

Throughout your artistic career, you’ve created many exquisite paintings and inspirational quotes. What made this the right time for you to create your own deck? 

JB: Creating an inspired body of work all within a contained genre takes time.

I had not done “fantasy” until 2004 in my newer style so dedicated my time to making four a year to create enough art for this collection.

When I had enough the door opened through U.S. Games in the form of an invitation. I knew it was time.

As an aside; I like decks for my art better than books because it makes the images interactive and gives them a place to be viewed in the world of intuition from where they come.

What inspired you to create the “Magical Times Empowerment Cards”?

JB: In earlier years I had been given decks that delighted me. They provided guidance for growth and answers.  But good art was a must for me to enjoy them.

I used some of these early best decks for a path to follow in “Magical Times”.

What was your biggest challenge with this project and how did you overcome it?

JB: Finding the time to do both the writing and the layout inside an already busy schedule was the challenge.

My mantra for all daunting tasks is…”Step by step, that’s the way.” It keeps me moving forward even if the going is slow.

Thanks to the intriguing geometric design on the backs of the cards, they are reversible, which is something many people will be happy to see.  How do you feel about reversals and what’s the significance of the design?

JB: I feel that all decks are best used as tools to open to your own higher intuitive state and fall into a place of self-wisdom.

Reversals allow you to see the shadow if you need to. Reversals double the power of any deck.

The interlocking circles (Vesica Pisces) and the blending rainbow colors are symbols for “All Things are Connected.”

There is a wonderful mix of beings, earthly animals and mystical creatures, in your deck.  How did you go about choosing them for inclusion?

JB: I used a psychological tool that address all personality types called the Enneagram to make sure I delved into emotional scenarios I might otherwise miss.

After making what I believed to be a balanced list I started the process of picking creatures/animals that have a vibrational frequency to the word. 

Is there a difference when you are painting a mystical creature compared to an animal you may find in the wild?

JB: Yes. I believe they inhabit different planes of existence…but the jump is a short one.

This is a very colorful deck, beyond their intrinsic artistic value, do colors hold special symbolic meanings for you?

JB: Yes. Each color correlates to the chakra system and an insightful reader could add the color of the card to the knowledge they have about their own energy field as they read. I also used a lot of teal and aqua as these colors especially activate the healing systems of the body.

The messages on the cards resonate with a kind of deeper wisdom than one might expect from a deck of cards.  Were you surprised by this once the deck was complete… (and how did you get so smart)?

JB: I have spent a lifetime in quite contemplative painting. This has allowed me to learn to get into the vast infinite mind I call the vortex.

Only from there can one create art that will pull others into the same place.

That is the core purpose of my work. I admit that not all of my paintings are inspired, but I can feel when they are…and I think that others, when ready, can too.

How do you feel Empowerment Cards can best be utilized?

JB: “Traditional methods” are proven triggers for people to get inner clarity and to access the intuition.

Ask a simple question, pull a card and look at the one you intuitively choose. Answers are already waiting.

What do you find magical about the times we are currently experiencing? 

JB: The world is going through a frequency change. Consciousness is supported by this change and with it a better understanding of the oneness that we are. The plan is in place and many are here to help birth a new humanity.

Why is it important to you to empower others?

JB: The Golden rule applies here. As others are empowered so am I. As others find clarity so do I. The harbor of mindfulness is shared by all and when the time is right “all the boats will rise.”

What’s next for you? Are there any new decks on the horizon?

JB: I am sure the universe has plans. I am just here for the ride.:)

Interview questions by Mary McIntyre Brown for U.S. Games Systems, Inc.
This interview first appeared in Evolve Magazine.


Mabon Tarot Blog Hop 2013

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Divination and Myth. That is the topic for this September Blog Hop. We here at U.S. Games have so many great decks to choose from for a mythological theme.

AncestralPath_1MagicianWe thought we would feature the Ancestral Path Tarot.

AncestralPath_11StrengthThe Ancestral Path Tarot by Julie Cuccia-Watts threads together the diverse beliefs of various cultures in order to find commonalities of experience between them. It examines the traditions of our ancestors through mythology to reclaim a personal spirituality that enables us to perceive the divine in ourselves and others. The Ancestral Path Tarot emphasizes the living tradition of all human cultures for us to factor into our world view. The deck portrays paths created by ancestors of different times and cultures for our consideration.

AncestralPath_12SwordsThis unique deck features a different culture for each suit. Cups celebrate the legends of Arthur and the British Isles. Sacred Circles (Pentacles) offer up the paths of the Native Americans. Japan holds reign over the swords while Staves (Wands) takes you on a journey through Egypt.

AncestralPath_13WandsThe Major Arcana display a mix of pantheons with some of the artist’s friends and family showing up as characters. This reappearance of the Ancestral Tarot is one we are all very proud of.


If you have this deck, what are your favorite cards?


See more of the Ancestral Path Tarot here. Thanks for leaving us a comment. We love knowing you were here. And do join us on our Facebook page where we have daily questions.

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Using Oracles With Tarot

This was originally posted at Readings by Arianhod. We thought it was an intriguing combination of using a tarot deck in conjunction with an oracle deck.

Shared with permission.

Weekly read 9th – 15th September


This week’s reading will be done with the Crystal Visions Tarot / Conscious Spirit Oracle combo. It will be tarot first then oracle, so lets begin, apologies for the length of the post this week by the way:


Tarot – Five of Swords


This cars is talking about deceit and betrayal. Monday is a day where there may just be a proverbial “Stab in the back”. The really interesting thing is that although the person who did the betrayal has 3 swords with them, they are looking back to the person. Does the person who did the back stabbing feel somewhat guilty in what they have done?

Oracle – Sacral Chakra


This chakra known as Svadhistana, (Sweetness) is linked to emotions and water etc and its colour is orange. This card strengthens the tarot card by mirroring the betrayal aspect as this card is to watch out for sexuality and emotions being used to manipulate you by other people, or indeed, you manipulating them. Perhaps the distrust of other people is caused by some past hurt, so I would look into that aspect as well.


Tarot – Knight of Wands (Reversed)


This is looking like it is carrying on from yesterday with the deceit issue. When the Knight of Wands is reversed, it means that the someone around you maybe immature, rash and generally not a nice person to be around. Watch out for them on Tuesday if you are in a relationship with them, be it work or romance.

Oracle – Heart Chakra


Tuesday is a day for looking at all your love relationships which you have. There is both pink and green, which signifies the spiritual and energetic chakras of the heart, so this card is super powerful. If you are in relationships which DO NOT satisfy you in either or the afore mentioned chakras, ditch the person from your life. This may help you with the finding out the reasons why you may be insecure in life. Could it be that ex knight which turned out to be something you didn’t want to be?


Tarot – Ten of Swords


This essentially is a card of endings. The woman in the ground has the swords in her back, this is a death of all which hasn’t worked in the past for you. If you notice to the top of the picture, the clouds seem to be opening up, this to me indicates that there is something pleasurable on the way, BUT, you have to go through this painful process of ejecting all that doesn’t work.

Oracle – Transformation


As with the tarot card, this card indicates in internal death. In 3D life, it is deemed that happiness comes from having lots of money and material things, in the now of ascension and moving up the energy dimensions, this will all dissolve as you will find out that the real way to find real happiness is to follow your heart and your soul’s purpose. The figure in the card is standing in front of a tunnel with a light, use this light to guide you to your own path to happiness. It is a long time in coming, but, it is upon us. You won’t ever need to go back to 3D “fakery” once you have made the decision to be authentic to yourself.


Tarot – Queen of Swords


I feel this card is a confirmation about making choices, even thought she rules with her head as opposed to her heart, she still has compassion. She is also a strong and wise lady. The butterflies to me indicate in the card the change within, all those icky negative feelings being transmuted to compassion and the complete opposite, sometimes you have to use your heart to get out of sticky situations.

Oracle – Forest Frolic (Maiden)


This card is a reminder to not be too serious. Yes you have the chore and other tasks to do, but you need also to have your fun. Look to the Queen of Swords for inspiration, she lived largely in her head, so I am feeling that in this instance, to let your hair down is no mean thing, it helps you strengthen your mind in the long run and stops you feeling anxiety, depression etc as much. This is a card of compassion to your self through having some “me time”.


Tarot – Eight of Pentacles (reversed)


This card indicates that there is a waning desire to learn new things as there just is a sense of , “why isn’t anything happening?” or “What is going on?” as well as a frustration and irritation. This is I feel linked to the taking out of the old to make way for the nice things coming to you.

Oracle – Spirit Awakens


This is an interesting card to support the tarot card. This card addresses what to do about the frustration. Basically it is to look into your heart and soul purpose to feel happiness and this anxiety and frustration should diminish, if not completely, well on the way of doing so.


Tarot – The Hermit (Reversed)


This is an interesting card for a Saturday as it is traditionally a night for going out. When the card is reversed, this indicates that there is a feeling of being behind bars and aloneness without having a partner in crime.

Oracle – Spirit Guides


There is a feeling with this card about having the need to go within to listen to your guides. Yes you may be feeling a bit icky and alone, but today would be the most ample opportunity to connect with your spirit guides and address the situation with them on why you are lonely and feeling down in the dumps.


Tarot – King of Swords


The King of Swords is an interesting card to have for the end of the week as we are ending the week a lot more balanced and centred, the King has his sword ready for when he is needed but as he is to do with the suit of swords, he has the balance in his thoughts and emotions of not doing anything rash and live to regret it.

Oracle – Earth Angel


ConsciousOracle_34This card is a wonderful indication of how to apply being the “King of Swords” to everyday life. Just like him, you have to be strong and willing to protect yourself. The Earth Angel is a guardian like the King, but, she doesn’t have the sword to protect herself, she has reiki and her loving and thoughtful energy to do her protection but she is still being loving with her mind.

Theme for the week

Card 1:

Tarot – The Hanged Man


One of the themes of the week which is making itself known quite a bit is the ditching of the old outdated ideas which were of use in the fear riddled society of the 3D realm. To get a somewhat more meaningful life, we have to ditch the way of living there and looking within. No literal hanging is needed though!

Oracle – Heart Chakra


We have a reappearance of a card which was earlier on in the reading. In this aspect overall, it is very much a week to be engaged in the heart chakra overall on both the energetic and spiritual levels. This will be so beneficial once it is done though.

Card 2:

Tarot – Justice


I am also feeling that although the energy of the week is somewhat bleugh and not great, hence the need to go within, this is the best thing you can do as this is all part of the divine plan for you. Whoop whoop!

Oracle – Nature Spirits

ConsciousOracle_35Nature spirits

This card is an excellent card to support the heart chakra on the spiritual level. All living things not have a soul attached to them, this card is saying that we have to make an extra effort in seeing & feeling this energy. It is there and may make you frustrated when trying to feel the energies, but, once you do feel it. It is excellent. Take notice of how pure their spirits are, This is where the Earth Angel aspect comes into the reading with energy work.

That concludes the reading for the week. Next week will be using the Woodlands Wisdom Oracle.

Have a lovely week.



Win Your Choice Of Our New Oracle Decks!






Welcome to our scavenger hunt! We are so delighted with our new look (okay, not so new look) that we wanted to entice you to take a look around.

To that end, answer the following 10 questions to win your choice of Jody Bergsma’s Magical Times Empowerment Cards or Kris Waldherr’s Sacred World Oracle or Kim Dreyer’s Conscious Spirit Oracle. Two runner-ups will also win their choice of magnets. We will draw those three winners from all correct entries. Also, the first correct responder will be getting a signed card from Stuart Kaplan.

Do not submit your answers here. Email them to Lynn.

Your ten questions are:

1. Name four specific cards in 4 different decks that have pictures of cats.
2. Find three different games by Mike Fitzgerald
3. Find two word games.
4. What USGS tarot deck was described with clues in the Guess the Deck February 11-14, 2013?
5. Name a deck with the word Goddess in it.
6. Find two decks illustrated by Peter Pracownik.
7. What year was USGS founded?
8. What is the first game Stuart Kaplan created?
9. What are two of the extras in the Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative Set?
10. Name two Oracle decks including the author and artist.

Remember to send those in by 6pm PST on Friday August 23. Winners announced on Monday.


Cover for the Sacred World Oracle

Lammas Tarot Blog Hop 2013

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Cover for the Sacred World Oracle

The Lammas Tarot Blog Hop theme is: We are delighted to share our new home on the web as well as a peek at a brand-new, 44 card, oracle deck.

SacredWorld_FrogYou may have hopped in from Louise or back from Jordan. However you got here, we are glad you came. We hope you will leave a comment so we know you were here! If you get lost, there’s a master list available too.

Sacred World Oracle Peacock

This was an easy choice for the staff at U.S. Games with a brand new offering from Kris Waldherr.

SacredWorld_DoveWith stunning artwork by renowned artist Kris Waldherr, The Sacred World Oracle celebrates the beauty of the earth and the diversity of its creatures. Drawing from mythology, folklore, and nature this deck offers gentle guidance and practical wisdom for all of life’s challenges.

Sacred World Oracle ElephantThe Sacred World Oracle is comprised of 44 oracle cards organized into four quadrants representing the four elements: earth, air, water, and fire. Each color-coded quadrant is associated with ten different animals. The 48-page booklet presents keywords and a narrative description of the mythological significance of each card.

Sacred World Oracle Dragonfly

Kris Waldherr is the acclaimed author and artist of Lover’s Path Tarot, The Goddess Tarot book and deck, Ask the Queens Advice Card Deck, and Doomed Queens Royal Playing Cards.


Thanks for including us in your journey around the web today. Remember to let us know you were here!

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Interview with Kim Dreyer by Tarot Dactyl

Enjoy this interview with Kim Dreyer, creator of the Conscious Spirit Oracle with interview questions by Mary McIntyre Brown (aka Tarot Dactyl).

To be entered in a contest to win your own copy of this lovely oracle, leave a comment. Share it on Facebook and/or Tweet it for an extra entry each. Leave a separate comment on this blog with the link to your share to be counted. Winners announced July 15, 2013.


KimdreyerMB: This is your first oracle deck, what inspired you to create it?

KD: Yes, this is my first deck.  For many years friends and family suggested I do a deck, but the time didn't feel right and I wasn't sure of a theme for it.  As my own personal inner journey to self unfolded, the contents of a deck became more and more clear.  My own journey was inspiration – I felt I could help guide others to find their own paths, their own inner light. Show them it was possible.  For months it sat evolving, germinating in my mind and heart, then one day I simply woke up and knew the time had come for me to physically start working on it. …. and so it grew from there.


MB: What did you learn from creating this deck?

KD: That it's one hell of a lot of work!!  And that one has to trust one's instincts, trust your guides and the Universe.  When you are working from a place of love, your bliss state, everything flows and falls into place.  You simply have to show up and allow. 


MB: What challenges did you encounter in the process and how did you overcome them?

CSO44_boxKD: Time was one of my biggest challenges.  I had set a rather hectic pace for myself, especially towards the end.  And though physically, I seemed to find an almost inhuman energy and perseverance, when the last brush stroke was done; the final word typed and the whole package sent off to U.S. Games…. I crashed.  Physically and mentally I was exhausted.  It took me a whole month before I could get back to any normal creative routine.  My job was done, it was time to rest.

My second biggest challenge was my ego, second-guessing me.  'Was I qualified enough to take on this challenge; Was my art good enough? (The normal things that an artist is always asking herself) But I kept ignoring it and finally it went away.  And I was left in peace to continue creating.


MB: You wrote and illustrated the deck. Creating 44 beautiful images seems like a huge task in itself, what about finding the right words to illuminate the meaning of the cards? Did that come easily to you, anything surprise you during the process?

KD: Yes, it is a huge task to do both.  But since a young child I have always been happier when I am able to loose myself 110% in a large, challenging, creative project.  I find it stimulating and motivating.  As for finding the right words – they flowed fairly easily as I have always found the wee hours of the morning the time when spirit talks to me.  Many, many weeks and months of quietly getting out of bed to go sit in a quiet spot in the house to write down words which seemed to flow of their own accord onto the page, was how the insights came to me.  Surprising, not really.

Each insight almost seemed to be a lesson or a confirmation of a lesson learned.  And even though the work is complete I still find new insights coming through when I look at the artwork. And this is how I hope others will connect with the deck.  Find their own insights through the images.  For my insights are only guides and each of their journeys is unique.


CSO44_1MB: The deck includes Angels, Spirit Guides and Chakras, things and ideas that aren't always seen in everyday life, what did you draw upon in order to create them?

KD: I grew up in a home where the supernatural, esoteric and unexplained were part of our everyday life.  As I got older I was drawn to certain aspects of this more than others.  I also used to own and run an esoteric gift shop for many years and have always been interested and passionate about these subjects.  My own experiences I've had through life with Angels, Guides and Chakras helped give me a better understanding in creating the artworks.

Whenever I create an artwork, I go into a very deep meditative state where I can feel the energy and presence of the subject I am painting.  It's as if I am physically present painting, but mentally and spiritually somewhere else.


MB: Nature is also one of the themes of your deck, in what ways did the natural landscape of where you live in South Africa influence the Conscious Spirit Oracle?

KD: I have always loved every aspect of Nature and felt connected to it – I am an Earth sign of course.  The small village where I live is surrounded by mountains and rivers and has an energy that touches everyone who lives here or visits.  I tap into that energy daily for my inspiration from Gaia and the Elementals.


MB: How do you feel the deck can be best utilized?

KD: I feel that the best way (as with any deck) is to trust one's intuition when using it and allow spirit to talk to you through the images.  My hope is that the guidance and wisdom I gained through my own personal soul journey of finding the authentic me, will flow through the cards and illuminate their own paths to finding their true selves.


CSO44_4 MB: You've said the purpose of these cards is also to awaken others to their own beauty and uniqueness and to remind them that they have valuable gifts and lessons to share — why is that important to you?

KD: I strongly believe that one can only find personal peace if one can see these things within oneself.  And if one has inner peace, that is what will be reflected in their outside world.  Imagine a world where we are all at peace with ourselves and others?  THAT will be heaven on earth.  I am blessed to be able to wake up every day and do what I love.  I want that for all of humanity!


MB: What's next for you? Any more decks on the horizon?

KD: ssshh, secret………. yes.  I am currently working on two decks.  Another Oracle deck (but I am keeping its theme a secret for now) and for a much longer term project – a Tarot deck has been in the process of evolving since October last year.

 See more images from Kim's lovely oracle here.

May Mystery Deck Revealed


Well you've all done great at guessing this deck. Are you suprised to learn it is the African Tarot by Marina Romito and Denese Palm.



The exuberant imagery of African Tarot draws largely on the African experience, depicted in a primitive art style. Marina Romito has reinterpreted the standard Rider-Waite images with symbols inspired by indigenous South African culture to create an accessible, uplifting deck. Evoking universal childhood emotions, African Tarot can help you explore your true inner nature.

AF78backThe back design of the cards is inspired by the Shagaan culture (one of the indigenous ethnic groups in South Africa); the tortoise symbolizes the slow coming of justice.

The miniature deck is perfect for small hands.

55-page booklet includes individual card meanings as well as card combinations.

Marina Romito holds a degree in philosophy, but is primarily a seeker of greater global harmony and truth. She was born in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Denese Palm has long been involved in the field of human rights, and particularly with women’s group in rural economic assistance projects.

Enjoy a few more images from the amazing African Tarot deck.


May Mystery Deck: Clue 5

Welcome to the May Mystery Deck contest. This is clue number five.

We’ve got a very special prize for this one. You can win the hot-off-the-presses Magical Times Empowerment deck by Jodi Bergsma.

What do you have to do to win? Oh that’s easy! Just leave a comment. You can leave one per day for up to five chances to win. Get a bonus entry by sharing the post on your Facebook, Pinterest or via Twitter (hashtag #USGSTarot). Then let us know in separate comments that you shared it.

Now on to the clues!


Some have called me childish, but I prefer childlike.

Check back tomorrow to see if you were right. The mystery deck will be revealed. and the winner will be announced Monday.