And the Winner of the Sun and Moon Tarot Is…

Congrats Thanks so much to Angie, Elise, Tara, Cosmo, 3Jane, Debi and Lynn for contributing such thoughtful replies to our very first Tarot Dilemma!

As you know, our first Tarot Dilemma, What Should Donna Do?, was also a giveaway, which means–you guessed it–time to announce the winner of the Sun and Moon Tarot by Vanessa Decort!

And the winner is…

Drum Roll


Hearty congrats to you, Cosmo! Please send your snail mail address to and HQ will send your new deck right out.

Thanks for playing, all, and stay tuned for yet another giveaway to be posted this week!

— Janet

Tarot Dilemma #1 – What Should Donna Do?

Woman Holding Q Mark I'm pleased to introduce another great feature to the Fool Stop Tarot Blog–Tarot Dilemmas!

Tarot Dilemmas are fictional situations where YOU get to test your skills as a reader.  Consider the dilemma, ponder the cards and render your advice–it's that simple…and fun! There are no wrong answers, so let those insights fly.

The benefits? Beginners get reading practice and seasoned Tarotists hone their skills–and we all gain from seeing the cards in new ways!

But this inaugural Tarot Dilemma has yet another benefit.

Oh yeah, baby…it's giveaway time again! Woohoo!

This time, you can win the new Sun and Moon Tarot by Vanessa Decort. You may remember that I profiled this deck a few weeks back (click here to read the post and see card images).

Cover 180 How can you win? Simply share you take on the cards for this first Tarot Dilemma as if you were actually giving this fictional person advice. Want to multiply your chances of winning the random drawing? EVERY post you make on this thread counts as an entry!

No one-word answers, though, or mere words of agreement or disagreement. Instead, please contribute thoughtful and honest information, feedback and advice to our make-believe querent or your fellow posters–as well as any questions you may have (in case you happen to be insanely curious like myself).

Remember to be considerate! (But I didn't have to tell you that…you guys are great.)

So without further ado, I present our first Tarot Dilemma!

Donna Rambunkle has a problem.  [Suddenly, I feel like Gene Rayburn from Match Game…]

Her pre-teen daughter, Seneca, has been uncommunicative and moody. Donna isn't sure what's wrong or how she can best relate to her daughter. She wants to be supportive, but not intrusive–available, but not smothering.

She comes to you for advice. From the Fenestra Tarot, you draw the following cards:

Fenestra 6 Cups Fenestra 2 Sw Fenestra 9 Pents 


Based on the above cards, how do you assess the situation? What will be your advice to Donna?

Remember, all thoughtful, considered posts will be entered in the random drawing to win the Sun and Moon Tarot by Vanessa Decort…but you only have until Sunday, August 29, 2010, midnight EST to post!

Have fun, and good luck! 

The Fenestra Tarot is illustrated by Chatriya Hemharnvibul. You can find out more information about this deck at the U.S. Games Systems, Inc. website at this link. The ISBN for this deck is 1-57281-560-4, and is available from your favorite online retailer or brick-and-mortar store. If you don't see it in stock, just ask for it.

— Janet

Seasons and the Minor Arcana

Four Seasons Some Tarot readers correlate the four seasons with the four suits of the Minor Arcana for issues of timing in a reading. Not everyone is comfortable forecasting seasonal timing in Tarot readings, of course.

Others make a mental association for interpretative purposes, noting the symbolism of a particular Minor Arcana suit reflects abstract or literal qualities of its seasonal counterpart.

I'm curious: Do you associate the four Minor Arcana suits (usually named Wands, Cups, Pentacles and Swords) with a seasonal counterpart (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter)? If so, what is your reasoning?

If you've actually used a seasonal association when reading the Minor Arcana cards (Aces-Tens), how has this particular correlation aided your readings or expanded your interpretation of a particular suit or card?

Here's my personal correlations:

Four Seasons 2 Spring – Wands The "budding" of the Ace of Wands reminds me of the budding trees of Springtime. In the Tree of Life. It is said that the entire Minor Arcana "springs"–and is contained–within the Ace of Wands. I associate the Wands with the element of Fire.

Summer – Cups Water, water everywhere in the Summer–pools, lakes, fountains, margaritas…I associate Cups with the Water element.

Autumn – Pentacles A time for harvest and reflection, as well as preserving the bounty of the summer. Autumn is often a busy and materialistic time of year, with kids going back to school, major holidays occurring, and those in winter climes having to save extra money for heating. In cooler climates, many go back to "indoor" hobbies such as reading, crafting, woodcarving, baking–endeavors often neglected in warmer months. I associate Pentacles with the Earth element.

Winter – Swords Where I live, Winter can be bitterly cold, but the clarity of the air and purity of the rural snow is unmatched. I associate the Swords suit with the element of Air.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about correlating seasons with the Minor Arcana suits and how such associations can aid in building our cache of card meanings, as well as illuminate Tarot readings.

— Janet

What Card? Twitter Game

Q Mark 120 I've created a new fun Twitter game called What Card?

I'll post a Tarot card meaning/description and you guess the card. Just use the #WhatCard hashtag when posting your answer!

First one is now up; just go to and follow U.S. Games Systems and post your answer when you see a What Card? post.

Feel free to post your own What Card? challenge! Don't forget to use #WhatCard when you make your post.

Have fun!

— Janet

Tarot Mystery #3

Sherlock 180 Alrighty, super sleuths–it's time for another Tarot Mystery! (Formerly known as Tarot CSI).

For Tarot Mystery #3, all the correct guesses (one per person, of course!) will go into the magic top hat for a random drawing.

Your prize?

The funkadelic 88-card Morgan's Tarot, recently re-released by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.!

You must have a correct answer posted by Thursday, August 19, 2010–Midnight EST.

Without further ado, here's the latest Tarot Mystery:

What scenario is portrayed by the three cards below? (Note: it's NOT an actual crime!)

Sun Hierophant Page of Coins 
Tarot Mystery #3 is brought to you by new favorite deck, the Modern Medieval Tarot by Shayn Amber and Tim Wetherell (ISBN 978-1-57281-588-9).

Have fun and good luck!

— Janet

Guess the U.S. Games Deck #2

Question Smiley Quick Note: A little bird told me that the fine denizens at U.S. Games Systems HQ really dig these Guess the Deck posts. Although our V.P. of Marketing and Sales–Codename Corporate Ron–tried to bribe me with a Buffalo Nickel, I stayed resolute, refusing to divulge the answer to Guess the Deck #1. In another sneaky maneuver, he asked our Creative Director who, unfortunately, relayed the correct deck to Corporate Ron. A word of caution to the Art Department: Loose lips sink ships. If anyone around HQ starts to ask you a string of questions about a deck, be on high alert! He (or she) is trying to solve Guess the Deck the easy way.

Back to our regularly scheduled program…

Hi folks! It's time for Guess the Deck #2. Listens as the cyber-crowd goes wild.

Which USGS deck has a creator that:

  • Switches traditional masculine/feminine suit associations by making Pentacles masculine and Wands feminine
  • Embodies the King of Cups card
  • Is a Pisces
  • Favors the number 4
  • Considered The World the most challenging card to render
  • Re-names the Pages as Heralds

Have fun!

— Janet

Karma Tarot by Birgit Boline Erfurt

Karma Cover 160 In the very first Guess the Deck challenge, Michelle, Silver Lotus and Laurra figured out that it was the Karma Tarot I was hinting at. Good going, gals!

Danish artist Birgit Boline Erfurt describes herself as a painter of "surrealism and suspicious realism", boldly noting, "Let your eyes see a painting by Birgit Boline Erfurt, let your brain work, and extinct animals will speak to open your mind".

With vibrant Dali-esque images, the Karma Tarot stretches the boundaries of realism, but still remains relevant to everyday situations and challenges that we all face–and that the cards often address in a reading.

Karma Tarot LogoBorn in 1944, Erfurt was involved with Karma Music during the publication of the Karma Tarot, which is why the card backings say Karma Music Tarot Cards (rather than simply Karma Tarot).

According to the artist profile cards that accompany this deck,"The Karma Tarot reveals the wedding of gypsy and artist. Boline has lived in both worlds, traveling around the country in caravans with her friends, constantly creating new works, and exhibiting her art in galleries in both Europe and New York."

Below are nine images from the Karma Tarot:

Karma Fool Karma Lilith Karma Hermit

Karma Hanged Karma 9 sw Karma 6c 
 Karma 8w Karma 5 coins Karma Kn Sw 
You can visit the artist's website at A neat bit of trivia I gleaned from her site: In 1990 her Tarot paintings were used in the movie Notes from the Underground (Cannes Film Festival) by Haymann Production Toronto.

The ISBN for the Karma Tarot is 0-88079-030-X, available at your favorite local or online bookseller. If you don't see it in stock, you may ask for it by name and ISBN number and they will gladly order it for you. You can see more images from this deck at the U.S.Games Systems, Inc. website here.

— Janet

And the Winner of the Goddess Tarot Set Is…

Noah Picking Winner Small As you probably know, I posted a contest here at the Fool Stop Tarot Blog two days ago…and the result is in!

I compiled all the names (duplicating the ones with multiple chances) and printed them out. Then, I had my 11-year-old son cut the names into strips, put them in his black silk top hat hat and pick a winner. (Yep, that's him! He pulled the winner's name just moments ago.)

Enough already!, you're probably thinking. Just announce the winner!

OK, I shall!

The winner of the Goddess Tarot Book and Deck set is…


Congratulations, Elarbolcelta! Please email me your snail mail address at and I'll be sure to get your prize out to you pronto.

Everyone, thank you so much for playing along with me! I was thrilled to see over 20 people participate in our inaugural giveaway. WOW! Keep watching the Fool Stop Tarot Blog for more chances to win, because more fun contests are coming soon.

— Janet

Rosanne Cash The Wheel Video (How Many Rider-Waite Images Can You Spot?)

Rosanne Cash was on Good Morning America today (link) talking about her memoir Composed (Viking Adult ISBN 13: 9781410431905), sharing with George Stephanopolous about her brain surgery and how it changed her perception of music. (Rosanne will also be on NPR's Diane Rehm show later today to discuss her memoir).

One thing I find especially fascinating about this songstress is her video The Wheel, an enactment of various Tarot cards.

How many Rider-Waite Tarot images can you spot in the video? Do share!

Cool, huh?

Click here to find out about the Rider-Waite Tarot published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

— Janet

Guess the U.S. Games Deck #1

Q Mark 1 Hi all!

I'm pleased to bring you yet another fun feature on the Fool Stop Tarot Blog: the Guess the Deck game!

I'm going to describe a U.S. Games Systems deck and you try to guess which one it is.

In the future, some Guess the Deck games, as well as Tarot Mysteries (formerly Tarot CSI), will also serve as giveaways. Hooray! (We all love free stuff, right?)

So here's the inaugural Guess the Deck challenge:

Which USGS deck shows:

  • A woman about to eat a fish in the 4 of Cups
  • The Eiffel Tower being hit by lightning
  • A hang-gliding figure in the 6 of Swords
  • Mona Lisa and a goose in the 6 of Cups
  • Two bottles instead of pillars in The Moon

Lastly, the artist of this deck describes herself as a painter of "surrealism and suspicious realism".

Have fun!

— Janet