How To Find A Tarot Conference part 3 of 3

This is the third in our series on how to find others to study the Tarot with.


By Sheri Harshberger.

TarotConference1 I've gone to a few Tarot conferences, so I am asked frequently whether it is worth it or not.  When I am, my answer is always a hearty "YES!"  The followup questions are frequently "but isn't it a hassle to travel?", "doesn't it eat up a chunk of time?", "Am I really going to learn something? Aren't they just going to talk about things I already know?" or "But I saw the agenda and I'm not interested in the speakers or topics, why should I go?" 

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Tarot Impossible: What Movie Is This?

Hello again, Agent Reader. Agent Tarot is asking for help again. She was approached by a fictional young man who wanted a reading done. She chose to do a spread that lays out two cards for each stage of life plus a final outcome card. The young man was amazed. According to him, the cards matched his life perfectly.

During the consultation, he mentioned that a movie had been made in the last ten years about his life. Even though he told Agent Tarot that the movie had been an unexpectedly huge hit, she forgot to ask him the title. So now she's turning to us for help.

Based on the reading, can you name that movie?

Early Childhood was the 5 of Pentacles and the 7 of Swords


Teen years was the 8 of Wands and the Lovers Rx


Early Adulthood was the Wheel of Fortune and the 10 of Swords

Final outcome was The World


Who is our fictional hero and what is the name of his movie?

Images are from the Tell-Me Tarot. You can click on them to open them in a larger viewing format.

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How To Find A Tarot Organization Part 2 of 3

Last Monday we discussed how to find others locally to study Tarot with. You can visit that discussion here. Feel free to add your own local Tarot study group. Today, let's take a look on a more global level.

Paulina_3_pent There are many Tarot groups to join. Some are based in particular countries while others entertain an international membership. A good card from the Tarot to stand for group participation is the Three of Pentacles. This card is associated with groups and committees. Many Tarotists see this as a group project card. It is one that promotes the success you can gain through hard work, which is emphasized by the three people often seen on this card.

So how do you go about finding those other groups to support your Tarot need? First, let's look at some of the groups in existence. You may be surprised by how many are out there.

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Holiday Storyboard

Wreath1 The holiday season is upon us, filled with sensuous memories from the past that sustain us, and loving memories in the making. It is a rich storyboard, with each individual story waiting to be written.  The Tarot is a wonderful tool that allows us to write our personal story in our own fashion. Arm yourself with your favorite beverage (coffee – full strength, please for me!), and gather near you the decks that excite you, the ones that want to go with you on this journey of telling your own story. Take your time – this is meant to be a fun journey!

The first thing that you want to think about is

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How To Find A Tarot Study Group part 1 of 3

Celestial8Pentacles It can be challenging to find others to study Tarot with. You sometimes may get "those" looks from your friends and family. Sometimes that can feel very lonely. One of the things many of us seem to crave is the ability to bounce ideas off of others. So how do you find others? There are actually more than a few resources out there for you.

Let's start by talking about

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Happy Birthday December!


 Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday dear….


HEY! I don't know who to sing to. I need help. We have some great Tarot birthday cards here that Stuart Kaplan is happy to sign for you. So I am looking for a December birthday between 12/15 and 12/25. If that's you, leave a comment with your birthdate. We will contact you for your mailing address so you can get your birthday goody.

By the way, do you do a Tarot reading for your birthday? If you do, do you use a certain spread? Let us know.

That lovely 9 of Pentacles is from the Paulina Tarot. Keep your eye out for the Oracle deck coming from Paulina Cassidy soon.

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Getting, Giving and Generosity

6pents Whimsical6pents   One card that represents giving is the Six of Pentacles. Right now is a big Six of Pentacles time for  many of us because it's the holiday season. Shopping is fun for some and not-so-much for others. Personally, I like to avoid the malls. A friend of mine, however, dives in with glee. He tells me that shopping energizes him and the more people the merrier. How about you? Malls? Online shopping? Something in between?

Well, what about those small, independently-owned stores? U.S. Games Systems, Inc. would like to give a big shout-out to the independent retailers. Without them, many of us wouldn't be able to pick up that newest Tarot deck or unusual deck of cards. And aren't some people just hard to buy for? Who is the hardest person on your holiday list to shop for? Do you use Tarot to help you come up with a gift idea? Maybe pulling a card with the intent "What does (person's name) want the most for a holiday gift" would give you an idea. If you try it, let us know!

Please do let us know where you shop. We'd love to hear about your favorite indie stores in your community. Feel free to share their website or concrete store address here. Let's spread the love for those who help us find what we enjoy.

Cards shown are the 6 of Pentacles from the Whimsical Tarot and the 6 of Pentacles from the Deviant Moon Tarot.

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Christian Tarot: Oxymoron or Paradox?

Guest Blog by Cheri Gaudet
I am a Catholic tarot reader. At first glance, this might seem like an oxymoron. Everyone knows Church doctrine condemns divination. How do I reconcile that with my personal tarot practice?
This is a serious question that has implications for both Christians and tarot readers, who in my experience typically do not think of themselves as having anything in common. At their worst, such thoughts can result in

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