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Our wrangler is Joanne Sprott. She wants us to discuss this topic” …give us your take on the influence of the Sun and/or Mercury in the Tarot or your favorite oracle deck. Pick a specific themed deck or go for one of the basics, talk astrology, or not, your choice. Tell us about a card or a spread that illustrates the properties associated with these celestial objects.”

We thought about sharing a collection of Sun cards from some of our amazing Tarot decks. But then it occurred to us that we have neglected to show off our Lenormand decks.

In the Lenormand system, the sun stands for things that are hot. It can mean summer. It has the attributes of charisma, popularity and success. In general, it’s a good card. Lenormand is a more cut-and-dried type of system than Tarot.

So here are our decks represented by their Sun cards.

Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling CardsGypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards

Prima Lenormand_31SunPrimal Lenormand – The Game of Hope

BlueOwlLenormand_31SunMlle Blue Owl Lenormand

MysticalLenormand_31SunMystical Lenormand

GildedReverie_31SunGilded Reverie Lenormand

UnderTheRoses_31SunUnder the Roses Lenormand

CelticLenormand_31SunCeltic Lenormand

Now on to the next blog in the hop. Don’t forget to leave a comment so we know you were here. Which one was your favorite sun?

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Oracle Of Dragonfae Wu-Wang

Animals Among Us

We love our animals a lot here at U.S. Games. Check out some of our Pinterest loves on our Pinterest boards where we have one just for cats as well as others for animals in general. Here are a few of our animal oracle decks. Which ones do you have?

Winged Enchantment 1 Blackbird
Winged Enchantment Oracle

Winged Enchantment 24 Owl

Winged Enchantment Oracle

The Winged Enchantment Oracle by Lisa Hunt. Inspired by the majesty and mythos of birds great and small, The Winged Enchantment Oracle invites us to spread our wings as we venture on our own soul journeys. Mesmerizing shape-shifter artwork beckons us to see multiple levels of meaning and new perspectives on our earthly experiences. More from the lovely The Winged Enchantment Oracle

Ancient Animal Wisdom 5 Giraffe

Ancient Animal Wisdom

Imperial Dragon Oracle 4 Power

Imperial Dragon Oracle

Ancient Animal Wisdom by Jada Fire and Stacy James. This oracle set brings the energy and insight of 38 different African animal spirit guides into your life to help you connect with your own intuition and find clarity. Imperial Dragon Oracle by Peter Pracownik. Find strength and insight in the Imperial Dragon Oracle, and let it guide you on your spiritual path.

Natures Whispers Oracle 2 Illumination

Natures Whispers Oracle

Sacred World Oracle Dove

Sacred World Oracle

Nature’s Whispers Oracle Cards by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall. Nature is continually enticing us to spend time in her embrace, through the calling of birds, the babbling of brooks and streams, the fragrant smell of the flowers and the whispers of the trees as the wind blows through their branches. The Sacred World Oracle by Kris Waldherr. This deck celebrates the beauty of the earth and the diversity of its creatures. Drawing from mythology, folklore, and nature this deck offers gentle guidance and practical wisdom for all of life’s challenges.

Raven Oracle Growing

Raven Oracle

Oracle Of Dragonfae Wu-Wang

Oracle Of Dragonfae

Raven Cards Oracle Deck by Gabi Bucker. The raven has always played a guiding role in myth and legend. The Raven Cards reveal insightful messages for confronting today’s choices. Oracle of the Dragonfae from Lucy Cavendish and seven talented artists. The gallery of magickal beings presented in this beautiful oracle set reveal mystical information through readings and meditation to assist our journeys of change.

Come join us on Pinterest. Let us know which board is your favorite.

Oracle of the Angels 9 Health

Angels, Angels All Around

Angels are everywhere. We wanted to share some images from our angelic decks. Did you know we have a Pinterest board dedicated to angels? Come join us in the fun.

First up, our new Angel Inspiration deck by Kim Dreyer. This luminous 44-card deck includes 8 Archangel Cards, 8 Spiritual Strength Cards, 16 Action Cards, and 12 Traits. Each uplifting message includes keywords, meanings, advice and affirmations to help strengthen your connection to the energy of each Angel. Select a card and trust your angels to deliver the best guidance for you.

Angel Inspiration
Angel Inspiration


Angel Inspiration

Angels Gods Goddesses Self Worth

Angels Gods Goddesses

Ask An Angel Archangel Raziel Hidden Worlds

Ask An Angel

Angels, Gods, & Goddesses by Toni Carmine Salerno. This luminous oracle deck presents archetypal energies of guiding forces to help you clarify specific issues in your life. Ask An Angel is also by Toni Carmine Salerno. Learn to communicate with angels with these illuminating oracle cards. Includes 42 cards in pouch and 116-page illustrated guidebook.

Healing Angel Cards Imagine

Healing Angel Cards

Guardian Angel Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno. Brings protection from the messengers of light to protect and guide you. Includes 46 heart-shaped cards. Healing Angel Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno. The gentle healing messages may be used for daily inspiration, meditation, or for insight into dealing with specific concerns in all areas of your life. To receive loving guidance, close your eyes and think of a question or situation for which you would like some insight.

Oracle of the Angels 22 Inner Child

Oracle of the Angels

Oracle of the Angels 9 Health

Oracle of the Angels

Oracle of the Angels by Mario Duguay. This deck is an essential and rewarding tool for communicating with the angelic realm and obtaining powerful messages of guidance and love. Its words and images will open your heart to unconditional love and divine wisdom. More from the lovely Oracle of the Angels

So which is your favorite deck from the ones displayed here?

Proudly Announcing COVR 2015 Winners

905110647003.copyWe are delighted to announce our Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) winners.

Winning the Best in Tarot category: The Chrysalis Tarot

Chrysalis TarotWinning the Best in Divination Category: The Celtic Lenormand

Celtic LenormandWinning the Best in Inspirational category: Vintage Wisdom Oracle

Vintage Wisdom Oracle Congratulations to everyone from the authors and artists to the production team et al. We are so proud of our winners. The winners were announced at the INATS Awards Banquet June 27, 2015 in Denver, Colorado.

2015 COVR Finalists

2015 COVR Award Finalists

2015 COVR FinalistsWe are delighted to announce that four of our decks have been selected as Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) finalists.

The four decks are:

Chrysalis TarotThe Chrysalis Tarot — Tarot Category finalist

Celtic LenormandThe Celtic Lenormand — Divination Category finalist

Art Through the StarstreamArt Through The Starstream Oracle — Inspirational Category Finalist

Vintage Wisdom OracleVintage Wisdom Oracle — Inspirational Category Finalist

Thank you for all your support. The winners will be announced at the INATS Awards Banquet tonight, Saturday, June 27, 2015 in Denver, Colorado.

Goddess Tarot 21 World

TarotBlogHop: Summer 2015


Welcome to the last stop on the Tarot Blog Hop…if you are going from 0 to 21. You may have started somewhere else so you will continue on. Perhaps you are one of our Discordian friends.. Welcome to the beginning in that case.

The topic this hop is to each pick one of the Major Arcana. We chose the World. Why?

Well, Tarot is our world. We love bringing you all the different types of Tarot– from Marseilles to Thoth to the Rider Waite style. Then there’s the Kipper cards, the Lenormands, the Oracles from Angels to Mermaids to Tea Leaves.

Want to browse our world a bit? Our catalog is now available online for your enjoyment.

We hope you enjoyed these images of the World from just a few of our decks. Remember to leave a comment before you go. We love knowing you were here.


TarotBlogHop: May 2015


Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop. We are joining in a circle of twenty one blogs today to celebrate the community of Tarot. Please enjoy our post then click next to move to our neighbor who just happens to be our own Celtic Lenormand deck. Or if you prefer going backwards, choose previous to visit with Vivianne. If you get lost, please click on the Master list link to find your way to another post.

“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet;”

Chrysalis_13DeathOr so Juliet would have us believe. But in Tarot, there are some cards that seem destined for other names.

Why are we discussing Shakespeare on a Tarot blog? Well, it’s all Morgan Drake Eckstein’s fault. You see, he has posed this question for the May 2015 Tarot Blog hop.

For the May 1st Tarot Blog Hop, we are going to be talking about the “distasteful” cards—the cards that evoke a strong negative reaction, and quite often signal that something is about to go Boom! (ex. Tower).

TotOP_13DeathThe first card that comes to mind is Death. It’s been named and renamed by so many artists and authors; it’s a wonder the card doesn’t have a personality disorder. From Ariadne in the Chrysalis to The Close in the Tarot of the Old Path, Death is one card that seems to have an unpleasant, or distasteful, name.

We could assume that’s because most of us view Death as something to be avoided. But how is renaming it changing the card itself? It’s still about painful change whether it’s a maiden with a ball of thread, a shadowy figure or even a skeleton dancing in the riggings. It doesn’t matter if it is La Morte or Santa De La Muerta either. Language doesn’t soften the blow of this card.

Thoth_13DeathSo how do you react when the Death card shows up in your readings? Do you flinch? Do you try to soften that message?

Tell us in the comments. What would you name the Death card if not Death?


Celtic Lenormand Review Round Up

The Celtic Lenormand has been getting some great reviews. Here are just a few! If you’ve reviewed this deck, please let us know in the comments.

Celtic Lenormand Review Round Up


Beth Henry of Divinationery Video Review: www.youtube.com/watch?v=hW_FoWovN_k

Bonnie Cehovet purpose and intent for this theme does not disappoint!”

Zanna Star of Tarot Notes “delivers much more … than I could have imagined.”

CelticLenormand_12Birds3001Attune Magazine “I recommend this deck”

Bridgett of The Blessed Pagan “a favorite deck”

Koneta Bailey of New Paths Tarot “quickly falling in love the Celtic Lenormand”

CelticLenormand_3CardsLilith Parthenos “the art and words of this deck resonate better for me”

Amazon reviews “creative and beautifully illustrated” “This deck was very well thought out by its creators”

Review Roundup: Japaridze Tarot

Japaridze_8CoinsGardens Japaridze_3Wands

A review roundup for the Japaridze Tarot. If you have done a review that you don’t see here, please send that link to us.

Japaridze_5HierophantTarotically Speaking “a deck you want to explore slowly, thoroughly and deeply”

Japaridze_17StarChristiana Gaudet “one of the most exciting, interesting and important tarot decks of the year”

Japaridze_18MoonDivinationery compares the RWS with the Japaridze in an engaging video.

Japaridze_3Cards003Darkwing Tarot “Sublime. Surreal. Nonpareil….”

JaparidzeTarot_9CupsTides JaparidzeTarot_21World JaparidzeTarot_8CupsTides

American Tarot Association’s Reflections “embrace unique beauty and chaos”

Ask for your own copy at your local store or here.

Golden Moments with Golden Tarot

By Christiana Gaudet

GoldenTarot_BoxOne of my favorite tasks as a tarot instructor is to play matchmaker between tarot students and tarot decks. It takes a particular skill to match the right deck with the right student. There are so many decks available, it’s always possible to get a good fit.

I like to have a variety of decks in use during class. Comparing decks encourages students to interact with each other, and with the cards. When we can see an assortment of decks in class we are able to learn from the different images and traditions. We find the common ground that becomes the essence of our understanding of each card.

GoldenTarot_1MagicianSeeing a new tarot student respond to a great new deck is like watching a new love affair in progress. Even advanced students sometimes need a nudge to try a new deck once in a while; it helps them fall in love with tarot all over again.

One of the best new-student-tarot-deck matches I ever made was Reya and Kat Black’s Golden Tarot.

I didn’t know Reya before her diagnosis. By the time she started coming to monthly Tarot Circle meetings she had been a cancer survivor for ten years. Surgeries and treatments had not been successful; there was nothing more medical science could do. Even then, she was beautiful, and so full of life it was hard to remember she was dying.

GoldenTarot_4SwordsI didn’t know she was sick when I first met her. I pointed her toward Golden Tarot because of its grace and clarity. Reya seemed like a person who honored history but wouldn’t be patient with non-illustrated pips or nebulous card interpretations. Reya clearly cared about aesthetics; she had been a professional dancer. Golden Tarot offered her clear illustrations, an easy-to-understand book and classically beautiful historic art.

Each month Reya would come to Tarot Circle with her Golden Tarot. Like the rest of us, she talked about her dreams for the future.

Within three years of the day I met her, and after more than a month in hospice, Reya crossed over.

I went to visit Reya’s mother a few weeks later. There, in the living room, proudly on the coffee table, was Reya’s Golden Tarot. I had known that Reya had loved her deck, and that she had found comfort with it. I hadn’t known the rest of the story.

GoldenTarot_0FoolReya’s mother asked me to sit on the couch. She sat next to me, and held the Golden Tarot box in her lap. “Reya loved these cards,” she said. “When Reya was away she would call me every day and pull a card while we were on the phone. She would describe the image and read from the book. Then we would discuss it. It gave us a way to talk about the hard things, and to feel connected with each other.”

Reya’s mom continued. “When Reya was in hospice we continued to pull a card each time I visited. The cards helped Reya accept her situation; to understand that she was exactly where she needed to be, and that everything was unfolding as it should. The cards helped me understand that, too.”

She wiped away a tear. “Now that Reya is in heaven I still pull a card a day. That keeps me connected to her. I believe she speaks to me through the cards. Every day, we connect with each other, using these cards.”

GoldenTarot_1CoinsIn the time Reya and her mother worked with tarot, I don’t think they ever did anything more complex than a one-card pull. Golden Tarot’s box lends itself to simply removing the cover and pulling a card.

The Golden Tarot images were perfect for Reya and her mom; a reminder that even in the harshest times, beauty is everywhere.

People sometimes fear dire predictions from tarot. The benign Death card rushes us to reassure our clients it’s not the harbinger of doom it seems to be. By contrast, Reya and her mom used tarot as a way to endure a grim situation. They used Golden Tarot as a guide for Reya’s journey to the other side, and as a way to keep a connection between the worlds.

Visit Christiana Gaudet’s website for more of her writing.