Interpreting Body Language and Facial Expressions in the #Tarot pt 2

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Confidence and Determination


As strong stance – whether sitting or standing – can convey a sense of confidence, determination, will power, and determination. In the four cards above, notice how each figure is sitting squarely and facing front. There’s a sense of confidence and authority, and a seeming determination to stand firm on whatever situation is before them. Now note how each face is staring straight at you, eyes fixed, with no apparent emotion; none of them will tell you any of their secrets and will not divulge any more information than what they think you need to know.

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Interpreting Body Language and Facial Expressions in the #Tarot

By Mike Hernandez, Tarot Reader

Hernandeztarot Isn’t it amazing how much body language and facial expressions play a part in numerous aspects of our daily lives? I thought about that at the mall the other day, while I was walking around just watching people and meandering in and out of various stores. At one point I realized this is also true of people that appear in the Tarot. It made immediate sense to me, given that the cards reflect all the aspects of our lives.

In this article I’ll demonstrate how body language and facial expressions of the people in the cards expose nuances and subtleties that can add an extra layer of meaning to your readings.

Exposing your true self

Body language can say a lot about your true state of being at any given moment. Although you may think you’re portraying yourself in a positive (or, perhaps, even neutral) manner, your body might be indicating otherwise. Have you ever been in a situation where you say something to someone or some group of people, they take what you say at face value, and then begin doubting what you’ve said soon after for some unknown reason? It could most likely be your body language.

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Fancy A Game Of #Tarot, Anyone?

On Monday, James Wells shared his Tarot Circle games with us. It made me wonder about the actual card game of Tarot.

Frenchtarotlogo Did you know that the game of Tarot is still played? There is an entire group of games for the 78 card deck. Many people refer to them as Tarock games. Tarot or jeu de tarot is a game similar to other trump-style games where you take tricks.

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by James Wells © 2011

For several months, I've been designing a series of tarot circle games and playing them with friends and my significant other. These games are designed to invite authentic engagement between people. They're non-competitive; no one wins at the expense of another. Tarot circle games foster rich conversation and a sense of connection with one another. They surprise us with insights into ourselves and they sometimes spur us to constructive action.

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CONTEST: New Ways of Working with the King Solomon Oracle Cards


The following methods were developed by Liz Hazel and Orna Ben-Shoshan during their video conference. You can win your own set of the King Solomon Oracle Cards. Just leave a comment on this post by midnight Sunday June 26, 2011. The winner will be announced Friday July 1, 2011. Good luck!

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Interview with Orna Ben Shoshan

KSOC32 Elizabeth Hazel: Greetings, Orna! I’d like to start by offering my congratulations on your new deck, the King Solomon Oracle Cards, created with kabbalist master Itzhak Mizrahi. Readers – if you haven’t seen this deck yet, take a look at the sample cards. They’re extraordinary! You’ve also produced the 72 Names Cards, based on the Shem ha-Memphorash. This is a lot of artwork! You must be going through an extremely prolific period, a one-woman artistic avalanche.

Orna Ben Shoshan: Thank You! Indeed, all my self-guidance products are based on my artwork. I have been creating this large collection of paintings for many years. The paintings are metaphysical and lead the viewer to visit other realms of existence. Each painting has a message of itself, and the viewer can connect to their visual aspects as well as the underlying metaphors they carry. In fact, many people connect to the images on a sub-conscious level: they love what they see and it makes them happy and optimistic, though they don’t really understand why… Regarding my ongoing inspiration – I summon them into my vision, and they arrive to me through channeling.

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Bring It On!

Bring it on – the journey, the experiences, and the empowerment – bring it on! Bring what on? Bring the Tarot on! Bring on the archetypes! Bring on the Minors! Bring on the Court Cards! Bring them all on! Understand that the Tarot works in many ways – through the use of spreads, meditation, visualization, ritual, journaling, story telling – the ways in which Tarot works are endless! The key is to reach out, pick up a deck (or several decks) and use it!

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#Tarot Art History Tour of Italy in a Nutshell

In cosmopolitan Milan, we'll visit the awe inspiring Renaissance fortress of the Castello Sforzesco, where the ancient Visconti Tarot cards were discovered in an abandoned well. We’ll bask in the beauty of frescoes by Leonardo da Vinci and by Bonifacio Bembo, the creator of the earliest known Tarot deck. We'll visit living Italian artists, publishers and scholars who are among the most prolific in the field. We'll enjoy inspirational art showing how the richness of this culture fostered the Tarot. We’ll spend time with renowned Tarot artist and publisher, Osvaldo Menegazzi and be mesmerized in his shop Il Meneghello. And we’ll revel in the beauty of Milan itself, with its incredible Gothic Cathedral and famous piazza, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.

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12 Day Tarot Art and History Tour of Northern Italy, Autumn 2011

I appreciate the wonderful Tarot decks U.S. Games is donating to the Tarot Museum in Italy, as well as this opportunity to share about how it came to be that I find myself bringing a suitcase laden with decks and a merry band of Tarot travelers to bella Italia this fall…

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