Reversals: Turning the #Tarot Upside Down

How do you read reversals? Let's take some cards and see what some meanings might be.  From Monday's Guess The Deck, here is the 2 of Ghosts reversed. You may see this referred to as Rx or Rev.


Some ways to view a reversal are:


  • The opposite of the meaning of the card
  • A lessening of the meaning of the card
  • A shadow side of the meaning of the card

In this deck, the suit of Ghosts is the suit of Cups. So this is the card of partnership and love.

Opposite meaning: A break up

Lessening of the meaning: He's not that into you

Shadow side: There's another person in between you and she

What are some of your ways to read a reversal? What would you say if this card came up in your reading?   Does it matter where the snakes and cat are in this reversal?

Haindl #Tarot Winners Announced

Haindl_AceStonesWest Last week we ran three videos about Hermann Haindl. Every comment was put into a hat. Those of you who follow us on Twitter got a chance for another entry just by retweeting.

Well, we had a great turn out for this prize so we drew two names instead of one. Every one who commented or retweeted the link on Twitter were in the drawing.


I'm pleased to announce that Linda in Holland (Subrosa on Twitter) and Carolyn Cushing are our winners!

Ladies, we will be emailing you for your mailing information. Congratulations!

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A film about Hermann Haindl – #Tarot part 3

Have you enjoyed the first two videos? Here is the third. I liked seeing how he sat back from the images then took photos of various parts.
Imagine you were going to create a deck. What colors would you use? What would your suits be? Would you go for the traditional or delve into something else?
Leave a comment about your thoughts.

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The winner will be announced next week!

A film about Hermann Haindl – #Tarot part 2

On Monday I shared a YouTube video from a film about Hermann Haindl. Here is the second part. What do you think of the imagery of this deck?
Do you have a favorite card from the Haindl Tarot? Leave a comment with your favorite card and why it is your pick.
Part two:

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A film about Hermann Haindl – #Tarot part 1

Here is the first of three videos about Hermann Haindl. It is in German so if you speak the language and could translate, we non-German speakers would appreciate it.

The Haindl Tarot was published by U.S. Games in 1990.

I’ll post the next two this week. Part 2 will be here on Wednesday and part 3 will appear on Friday.

Do you use the Haindl Tarot? What is your favorite part of this video?


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It’s a #Tarot Mystery Again!

Our operative, Agent Reader, had a strange client today. She came in asking about a man she was interested in.

This client is the heroine of a well-known book, but once again, Agent Reader can't remember the title.

Seems her mother is the Queen of Coins Rx and is pushing her daughter towards marrying a man who seems to be a bit of a Knight of Coins. Our querent has two sisters who are also running about town flirting and causing problems. They are the Three of Cups.

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60+ #Tarot Readers Speak To New Readers

On our Facebook page, we do a Question of the Day. One series we've been doing is to take one card and list three good things and three bad things about the card. This has sparked an interesting side discussion about the subject of good and bad.

Several have weighed in on how they felt about the word "bad" when applied to the Tarot. Then I saw the following on Mary K. Greer's blog. The title says it all–"What Every Newbie Tarot Reader Should Know".  I think it applies to the discussion of "good" or "bad" cards.

Mary-profile Without further ado, here is that article in its entirety.

Over 60 experienced tarot readers offer their best advice for what every Newbie Tarot Reader should know. Not everyone will agree with everything. Add ideas you think belong, in the Comments. Feel free to post this anywhere, so long as you include the source and contributors (listed at the end).

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#TAROT SPREAD: Position Is Everything

MG Queen of Pentacles_NEW Last week, US Games shared a two-part article by Mike Hernandez on interpreting body language and facial expression in the Tarot. I really enjoyed that article and developed a spread based on it.

This spread is for interpersonal relationships like between you and your boss or you and a friend.

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