Interview: Lisa Hunt and the Ghosts and Spirits Tarot

Lisa_FairyTale_author2Lisa Hunt, artist and author of the soon-to-be-released Ghosts and Spirits Tarot, took some time out of her busy schedule to indulge us in an interview. Lisa is an internationally known tarot artist whose work includes many bestselling decks including Fantastical Creatures Tarot (US Games 2007) She was nominated for a 2008 Chesley Award and voted a top-10 tarot deck for 2007 by Aeclectic Tarot as well as a 2006 COVR Visionary Award. You can follow her blog here.

USGAMES: Who or what first interested you in the Tarot or in Oracle cards?

Lisa: I feel as though I've always known about

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#Tarot Thoughts On A February Full Moon 2012

FullmoontreeTomorrow, February 7th brings us a Full Moon in the sign of Leo. Native American tribes refer to it as the Full Snow Moon, the Little Famine Moon, or the Full Hunger Moon, referencing the time of year, weather conditions, and how the tribes were affected. Leo brings in the energy of an increased sense of purpose, and how we creatively express that purpose.

The Full Moon itself is viewed by many as a time for bringing to fruition the seeds that were sown during the New Moon, and releasing those things that are no longer working for  us. While I do hold that to be true, I also believe that the full energy of the Moon can be used to begin new projects. The choice of releasing the old, bringing in the new, or doing a combination of both is up to each individual.

We will be looking at our individual freedom (which is rapidly changing as the structures that make up our society change), as well as our responsibility to community (local and global). We need to take care of ourselves – to create personal time, to take the time to meditate, ground ourselves, and connect with whatever we accept as Spirit. A new paradigm is coming into being – as we adjust to it, we need to find our sense of balance in life – personal/professional, work/play, family/self … the list goes on.

Leo is all about spontaneity and freedom of expression. It is also good to remember that Leo is a Fire sign – it wants to be out and about and doing things! It is time to share stories, and to allow ourselves to grow from both sharing our own stories, and listening to other people’s stories.

Leo also asks us to express our dreams and hopes for the future. To do this, we need to be grounded in the present. Other energies to keep in mind as we navigate the Leo Full Moon are those of the Hierophant (2012 is a number five year, relating to the Hierophant in the Tarot), and the Dragon (from the Chinese New Year, which started January 23rd).

The Leo Full Moon has a partner in all this – the Aquarius Sun. While the Leo Full Moon is more about individual self-expression, the Aquarius Sun brings our energy and focus to the common good, towards helping humanity as a whole. It is all about community, groups, and social causes. Push/Pull between individual good and common good.

One way to share our stories is through divinatory readings. I am going to add the small thought here that these readings can be done as individuals, or they can be done within a group setting. Or we can read as individuals with a focus on global issues/connections. Do what feels right for you.

This is my offering for the Leo Full Moon. Cards were drawn from Patrick Valenza’s “Deviant Moon Tarot” .

My Story

DM Knight of Cups_NEWDM Page of Cups_NEWDM Queen of Swords_NEW

DM Magician_NEWDM Knight of Wands_NEW
DM Empress_NEWDM Five of Swords_NEWDM The Hermit_NEW
DM The World_NEWDM Ace of Pentacles_NEW

  1. What am I conscious of on this Full Moon? Knight of  Cups
  2. What am I not conscious of on this Full Moon? Page of Cups
  3. What is coming into my consciousness on this Full Moon? Queen of Swords
  4. What do I need to release? The Magician
  5. What do I need to bring in? Knight of Wands
  6. How can I access my creative self? The Empress
  7. How can I best express my creative self as an individual? Five of Swords
  8. How can I best express my creative self within community? The Hermit
  9. What new goals am I forming? The World
  10.  Where are these new goals taking me? Ace of Pentacles

The Seeker is conscious of new information coming into a situation, and, on a more personal level, of the influences that a possible romantic interest is bringing into their life. It can well be that the new insights, and new opportunities, are opening up because they are opening themselves up to another person. 

The Seeker is not yet conscious of the fact that they are accessing their imagination, and their creative/emotional self. They are beginning to experience and express a greater degree of compassion in their life.

What is coming into the consciousness of the Seeker is a need to get to the truth of things – in their own life, and in the world around them. During this time, the Seeker will be walking alone.

The Seeker literally needs to release their need to control everything, and to be the one that makes things happen in their life. They need to step back, take a time out, and learn to flow with life, to allow Spirit to do its work.

What the Seeker needs to bring in is the ability to make decisions on the fly (sometimes pondering too much is not a good thing!), to allow themselves to be impulsive from time to time, and to go on a journey that may come to them in a very sudden manner.

The Seeker can access their creative self by being willing to nurture themselves, to give themselves time and attention. They also need to open themselves up to the feminine mysteries. The Seeker needs to be willing to birth their own ideas.

The Seeker can best express themselves in a creative way as an individual by living their life in harmony with those around them, by not creating or adding to conflict.

The Seeker can best express themselves in a creative way in community by going within themselves, recognizing the answers they will find there, and sharing the strength of that wisdom with others.

The new goals that the Seeker is forming are coming out of the previous cycle of their life – they are at a point where their life is coming together on all levels. They need to take the time to enjoy being “whole”, they need to enjoy their sense of “victory”, before they move on to the next level. The goals that percolate during their time of celebration will be the ones they take into the next cycle of their life.

The new goals are taking the Seeker into the land of opportunity, into a time of success, prosperity and abundance in the physical world, but also into a sense of balance between their physical and spiritual worlds.

I would love to see comments on this interpretation – to see how others interpret this spread!  

Scans were taken from the “Deviant Moon Tarot”, Patrick Valenza, U.S. Games Systems., Inc, 2008.

© January 2012 Bonnie Cehovet

The 2012 Tarot Tool Kit

By Lisa Frideborg Lloyd

MayanVery few people are completely unaware of the prophecies concerning the date of the ending of the Mayan long count calendar these days. But the knowledge of the information contained in these prophecies is vague – even the ‘experts’ on the Mayan prophecies can’t seem to agree and there are rumours flying about that the end of the world might be nigh.

So is the world going to end? Nah. I blogged about this not long ago on my own website in the article Will The World End In 2012? – Asking The Tarot. The tarot cards are in complete accord with scientific data: The world will not end in 2012. However, great changes are afoot.

Today, I thought we would take a look at how to embrace the unknown and clear the way for these changes on a basic, elemental level, using our own bodies, a deck of tarot cards and a notebook.

We are in a Hierophant year in 2012. 2+0+1+2=5, The Hierophant. The Hierophant, corresponding astrologically to Taurean energies, is all about grounding spirituality into reality. Any energy that remains ‘free-floating’ will contribute to general increased anxiety levels in one of two ways: Some people will go into denial about the environmental problems we should be dealing with globally and hope that everything will sort itself out as if by magic on the 21st of December. Others will slide into depression and take a defeatist stance.

So what is the grounded spiritual approach that would be most helpful in the year ahead? The Tarot can help us embrace the necessary changes and welcome the new energy that is emerging in 2012. Personally, I believe we have already set this emergence into process with our own thoughts and desire for change. Yes, the 21st of December will still be an important date but change has already begun. Our task this year is to simply allow it – in awareness.

The Aces are symbols of new, emerging Elemental energy. We will use them to look at how we can clear our channels to embrace change and let go of what is holding us back on an individual level. Then we will use our own bodies to invoke the spirit of the Hierophant.


Begin by separating the Aces and The Hierophant out from the rest of the cards. Place the Ace of Swords in the East, the Ace of Wands in the South, the Ace of Cups in West and the Ace of Pentacles in the North. You will use the Aces to outline a circle wide enough for you and the Hierophant card to fit inside, at the centre.

Cats_PentaclesAceTurning to the East, invoke the Element of Air and ask for guidance on how to clear any blocks to new forms of problem solving and communication. Pull a card and cross the Ace of Air with it. This card is the key to welcoming what is emerging in the East.


Turn to the South and invoke the Element of Fire and ask for guidance on how to clear blocks to creativity, vitality and visionary ability. Randomly pull another card and cross the Ace of Wands with it to gain insight into the challenge of releasing blocks to what is now emerging in the South.

Proceed to the West, invoking the Element of Water. Ask to receive insights about possible blocks to relating and communion. Pull a card from anywhere in the deck and place it across the Ace of Wands. In this card lies the solution to meeting any challenges to right relating.

MG Ace of Rods_0002_NEW

Finally, turn to the North. Invoke the Element of Earth and ask for guidance about blocks to creating ways to move in harmony with Nature. This card is the key to grounding your spiritual energy into reality. Think of one thing that it reminds you of. It needs to be something you can carry with you throughout the year, so find a miniature version of it if it’s something big and bulky.

Next, think of an action you can take to create the necessary changes and grounding the energy. Write it down. Set yourself a long-term goal and also short-term goals.

Mystic Sea Hierophant_NEW

Return to the centre of the circle. Invoke the Hierophant while gazing on the Hierophant card. Feel your limbs get more solid as his presence fills you. Pull a final card for guidance on how to release any fear you may have. Look at this card through the eyes of the Hierophant who loves order, tradition and stability. He is here to show you how you can retain a sense of calm, stability and harmony through the global transition that is now taking place.

Now feel the card energy. Where in your body does it land? Is there any tension in the spot where the card energy sits? Are you getting any visual or auditory impressions? Gently breathe any tension away on the outbreath. Sit in complete stillness for a while. Feel how solid and grounded you are. Feel how much you belong on the earth plane.

Complete the meditation by writing your impressions down. Counter clockwise, starting in the North, release and give thanks to the Elements for their guidance. Finally, release the Hierophant and give thanks.


Step into the wonderful and magical time-space matrix that is planet earth in 2012 with confidence!

Cards (in order) Sun and Moon Hierophant, Cat's Eye Ace of Pentacles, Joie de Vivre Ace of Cups,Thoth Ace of Swords, Morgan Greer Ace of Rods,Navigators of the Mystic Sea Hierophant, Crystal Visions Unknown

3Jane’s Astral Pyramid Reading

3Jane requested that her Astral Pyramid reading use the Happiness house.


Click on image to enlarge

In row two (which actually starts with row one the Astral House card of Happiness), she got the Crown and the Ladder. The next two weeks will see her getting a lot of attention at work. She will not have to work too hard to be noticed. There may even be a promotion in the works. If she has any projects out, I think this indicates a lot of good news for her.


Click on image to enlarge

Row two, the three week (or day or month…I'm just sticking to week for now) shows the Eagle, the Star and the Knot. So this is a two-against-one week. Two cards indicate triumph and one failure. I am going to say that 3Jane's happiness may take a blow but it will all work out. And for the better in the long run. This feels like one of those arguments that brings out old issues that will finally get fully worked out. Good week. Hard discussions that lead to more commitment. When I look at these I also see that 3Jane will need to avoid tying herself into knots over little things.


Click on image to enlarge

Row four is a bit of a mixed bag. Looks like 3Jane will need to be careful not to overdo it with the partying otherwise, she may need bail money! She's going to have to stay strong though to overcome any blocks to her personal happiness.

So that's my first Astral Pyramid reading. I did not use the book. I wanted to show you how easy this deck is to read with even without the detailed write-ups in the book for each card.

3Jane, what do you think?

#Tarot Game: What Movie Is This?

Agent Reader had another movie star come through. This gentleman has been in numerous movies but the one he told our forgetful Agent Reader about sounded like a movie she would enjoy.

Because she has to attach Tarot cards to everything, here's what she remembers about this flick. Can you help her figure out which movie the actor was talking about with her.

He said it opens up with the Lovers Rx followed by a Tower moment but the Hierophant shows up to pull the characters together.

Herbal_DevilThen the Devil tries to shake them loose. All heck breaks loose as the King of Cups has to bring out his King of Swords side to break the Devil's hold on the Page of Cups Rx.

A Queen of Coins is the love interest but she has to compete with the injured Page of Cups Rx. That poor Page of Cups Rx just wants her Knight of Swords but he's also Rx. So when he meets her King of Cups/King of Swords, it's a very tense moment.Herbal_PentaclesQueen

 But our Page of Cups Rx learns that she can be the 8 of Swords Rx and takes control of her own life in a very emotional showdown with her own Queen of Cups Rx. That leads her and her Knight of Swords Rx to a 4 of Wands moment. She and he as well as the Queen of Coins and the King of Cups all have their own Lovers ending.

 What could this 2006 movie be? A clue is that the King of Cups is not the musician in real life that the Knight of Swords Rx actor is.

Cards featured are from the 1988 U.S. Games Herbal Tarot.


We had 33 comments on last week’s Tea Leaf Oracle highlight here on our blog. Thanks to everyone who commented and to Rae Hepburn for showing up to answer as well. We love our creative people.

The winner of the Tea Leaf Oracle reading is 3Jane.

3Jane, email Stella and tell her what Astral card to use for your pyramid reading. If you include your date of birth, that would be helpful.

Tea Leaf Fortune Cards: Focus On The Cards part 3 of 3

In Rae Hepburn's Tea Leaf Oracle, there are a total of  cards with 182 of those being the symbols that you might see if you sat down with your own cup of tea leaves. Rae went through the exhaustive process of culling over 500 images down to 182 to make this deck manageable.

For the past two days, you have seen the back of the Tea Leaf cards as well as the bowl, the butterfly, the wheel, the ladder, the needle and thread. Now here are the last three that we are highlighting.


How do you compare these cards and their meanings with Tarot cards? What card or cards would the Goldfish make you think of? What about the Horseshoe? And the Feather?

Remember that all comments on this week's Tea Lead Fortune series will be in the running for a reading by Stella T'arot using this deck.  Don't miss the previous posts that include the Astral cards, the Month cards and a video showing Rae Hepburn herself reading with this unique deck. Your comment on every post will count as a separate entry.

The winner will be drawn Monday and announced Tuesday on this blog, Twitter and Facebook.