Deviant Moon Tarot Companion Book: Sample Page King of Coins

Here is the King of Pentacles sample page from the Deviant Moon Tarot companion book.


King of Pentacles


The stout King of Pentacles proudly displays the silvery emblem of his industrial dynasty. He is a powerful individual, who has worked diligently through the years to attain his status. Unlike other kings, he does not rest on his riches. He involves himself in every aspect of his kingdom, from major to menial tasks. Being a perfectionist, he often toils inside the factories alongside common laborers, making sure each product meets his strict specifications.

The king's impressive crown of smokestacks shows that business is always foremost on his mind. Unfortunately, this preoccupation leaves little room for spirituality. The pressure gauge fixed in the crown’s center signifies mental stress, which is inherent to his position as an executive. When the meter gets too high, the king releases steam and converts his tension into useful energy.

The king’s mighty suit of armor conveys his steely determination to succeed. He has fought hard to build his empire, and he will do anything necessary to maintain it. However, underneath that worn exterior, there may be a woman dying to break free! Such femininities include a studded kilt, high-heeled shoes, earrings, polished fingernails, and the dainty way in which his pinky sticks up. These attributes subtly express his soft caring nature, which he often has to hide when dealing with ruthless business competitors. One might also interpret the king as a female who has assumed masculine qualities in order to compete in a male dominated world.


Upright meanings:


The King of Pentacles signifies an enterprising figure that will likely become wealthy through his business ventures. This captain of industry is not only a strong administrator, but he is also an authority in his field. He is a wise investor and is proficient in all types of financial matters. Learn all you can from this shrewd character! Always look for ways to capitalize on unique opportunities. Be sure to set high standards and demand nothing short of excellence from yourself and others. By practicing self-discipline and control, you will be successful in everything you do.

The card may also represent an organization that prospers because of skilled management. In a well-ordered establishment such as this, supervisors lead with integrity and strive to bring out the best in their workers.



Reversed meanings:

When reversed, the King of Pentacles often represents a materialistic person fueled by greed. Beware! This crook may try to swindle you out of your hard-earned money. He might disguise himself as an honest financial consultant or a sincere investor. In this position, the card could also signify a supervisor who exploits his underlings for profit.

Perhaps you are the corrupt one! If so, you must realize that you are only cheating yourself! It is time to turn your dishonest values around, for your lust for gain will only cause you to lose your soul in the end!

In this position, the king might also symbolize business mismanagement. A once promising venture will fail because of inefficiency, fraud, or unethical practices.



I originally intended to use coins for this suit rather than pentacles. The borders of the cards were to be royal purple, and the images would have pictured wealthy citizens dressed in 18th century fashions. However, by the time I began working on them, I realized that the opulent theme I had planned, as well as the color palette, would have been similar to what I already created in the Suit of Cups. At that point, a dark, gritty, industrialized premise seized my imagination. Decaying factories replaced Arabic style palaces, and a blackened color theme absorbed the jeweled colors in darkness.

Deviant Moon #Tarot Companion Book: Sample Page 3 of Wands

We are pleased to share with you some sample pages from Patrick Valenza's upcoming Deviant Moon Tarot companion book. A long awaited treat, this book expands upon Valenza's vision of his celebrated deck. We know you will enjoy seeing some of the early sketches of this terrific deck.


Three of Wands


Upon a grassy hill, an expectant mother anxiously awaits
the blooming of three wands. A chunk of orange amber glows hot on her belt,
signaling that birth is eminent. Having committed massive energy into the
growth of this new life, she reflects on the journey that has brought her to
this moment. Although she is hopeful for success, the number three represents
unpredictability and the chance that things may not develop as imagined.

A vine-like umbilical cord connects the young mother’s
swollen belly to the wands. Her warm blood streams through this vital link,
which nourishes the blooms and keeps them alive. Her exposed breast shows her
readiness to foster the plants after they flower; however, she keeps her other
breast tucked under her arm in a guarded fashion. This might imply that she has
mixed feelings about the perpetual responsibilities that lie ahead.

In the days before raising these wands from seed, the
young mother was immature and wild. Nurturing something greater than herself
taught her to focus on creation instead of destruction. She has flipped her
fierce warrior mask around to the back like a cloak, revealing the caring side
of her personality.

From afar, the deviant moon imparts its spirit upon the
buds with its silver breath. The young mother has done her part, and now the
universe will complete this unique creation.


Upright meanings:


The Three of
Wands represents the circulation of creativity from one form to another. Like a
mother with child, your life force flows into your creations and sustains them
until they can survive on their own. You have given so much to bring your ideas
into existence, and they are flourishing brilliantly. Although this should be
an exciting time for you, vicious thoughts of self-doubt run in the back of
your mind. As you contemplate your efforts, you may be wondering if you planned
well enough to ensure favorable results. Stop worrying and let your remarkable conceptions
unfold naturally.



Upside down, the Three of Wands says that a creative endeavor will go wrong
despite your best attempts. While you meant well and tried to think of
everything, the little mistakes you made along the way will compound into a
tremendous failure. Regardless of any setback, you must remember that you did
not waste your time. Learn from your errors, conceive a better plan, and try

Perhaps the negative aspects of your character are getting the best of you,
making it hard to concentrate on projects or see them to fruition. Realize that
neglect or a lack of dedication may also lead to your creations demise.

Unfortunately, this reversed card might predict a miscarriage or premature



of Wands” -Rough Sketch-2007

In this early variation, three
impaled skulls mark the boundary between a pristine environment and a polluted
industrial zone. Deadly toxins leached from the factories contaminate the water
and encroach upon the countryside.



Lammas Blog Hop: Pentacles : The Fruits of Harvest

‘’Pentacles : The Fruits of Harvest’’

That's our theme for this blog hop. You probably got here from Gary's page. See the master list here. The next hop will be at the bottom.

We thought we would share some of the fruits of our harvest in Tarot cards in 2011 and so far in 2012. Meet the King and Queen of the Earth suit from those decks.



The brown tabbies rule this suit in the Cat's Eye Tarot.

Meet Paulina Cassidy's whimsical twosome from the Joie de Vivre Tarot.

The Art of Life features quotes matched with famous paintings.


An unusual pairing for the Hobbit Tarot's Queen and King of Coins.


The royal duo from the Stevie Nicks inspired Crystal Visions Tarot.

And finally the spectral rulers from Lisa Hunt's Ghosts & Spirits Tarot.

We hope you've enjoyed these fruits from our harvest. Which ones are on your wish list? Which ones do you already have?

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Multiple #Tarot Decks?

There are many great blogs on the web. A favorite of ours is the Tarot-ically Speaking by Madhavi Ghare. Last week she shared an experience about reading with two (or more) Tarot decks.

Madhavi shared, "Doing a Tarot reading with two or more Tarot decks was one of the most fascinating experiences I have had in my entire career as a professional Tarot card reader. Not only was it more illuminating, but it was also challenging and interesting for the client. Normally, most Tarot card readers end up using a…Click here to see the full blog.

Enjoy! Share some of your favorite blogs in the comments here. Let's make it about others so share someone else's blog instead of yours!

#Tarot Blog Hop: Ghosts & Spirits & Sun Rise?

Hopefully you hopped here from Jaymi Elford’s site. If you didn’t, or a link is broken, check out the master list here. This Tarot Blog Hop’s theme is “Celebrate The Sunrise” which we are doing by sharing the Ghosts & Spirits Tarot by Lisa Hunt (2012). Even ghosts like the new day.

Ghosts and Spirits Tarot
explores the fascinating subject of ghosts, surveying supernatural lore and legend from around the world. This luminous presents 79 ethereal beings, some frightening, and some friendly. Through the symbolism of tarot, they deliver their messages from beyond, shedding light on human experiences.

  • Includes:
  • Special Bonus card
  • Booklet with divinatory meanings
  • Five-card Realm of the Spirit spread

This is a very special deck, that could easily be used by anyone, from any background. Bonnie Cehovet

GS_SwordsKnightaThe amount of research and work it took to put together this deck, not to mention all of the illustrations, boggles the mind. Within these 78 works of art you are introduced to a myriad of ghosts and spirits from all around the world, down through time from many different cultures and traditions. Koneta Bailey

I am stunned by the possibilities. Christiana Gaudet

This deck is simply too amazing and powerful that just descriptions alone do not come close to the wonder of holding this treasure in your hands and letting the Ghosts and Spirits speak to you in there own unique voice. Lizzie of Lizzie’s Logic

Lisa has gone above and beyond by including the individual spirit/ghost that is depicted in each card and has given brief background for each one. Misha

Lisa has made it thought provoking instead of dark and scary. Mary Nale


Perhaps you too will hear the siren’s song of spirit and come not to investigate, but to learn what moves, motivates and perhaps what manifests itself to you, the reader. Barbara Oliver Tarot’s Voice

“[T]his will be a “go to” deck for special readings that require something different.” Michael on

“[I]t can easily be considered a portable illustrated encyclopedia of ghost and spirits.” W Neko-san on

Now hop on over to Chloe’s Inner Whispers blog.

Ask A Reader 4 #Tarot: Hate Speech & Political Discourse

A Facebook follower, Dan P. asked “Why do folks think that hate speech is political discourse?”.

So I pulled three cards.

What do you think the following cards mean for this question? I drew them with no positions. This is simply the three cards I got in response to the question.


These cards are from the Art Of Life Tarot new from U.S. Games, 2012.

All comments will be in a drawing to win either the Hobbit Tarot or the Art of Life Tarot. Watch for other blog posts where you can participate and be entered into this month's giveaway.

Beltane Tarot Blog Hop

The blog before us was Amanda Donnelly's 78 Whispers.

We are very excited to be the kick-off blog for the Beltane Tarot Blog Hop. It was a lot of fun to share pictures from various decks last time so we thought we would do that again for you.

This round's topic is "Fire Tends To All". We thought we would turn to the Sun card to show you different ways this card has been interpreted.


One of the first deck U.S. Games published was the iconic IJJ Swiss in 1970. This deck represents an older style of Tarot. It is considered a Marseilles variant. With a woodcut design, these cards feature very basic colors of black, red, blue, green and yellow. 1JJ Swiss Tarot Deck, © 1970 U.S.Games Systems, Inc.


From the same year, the Aquarian Tarot's Sun has a very different look. Some might call it a bit creepy but others love the smiling sun. Aquarian Tarot Deck, © 1970 U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


From the Rider-Waite deck, one of the most well known Sun depictions. Here we see the child on the white horse with the sun overhead. Rider-Waite Tarot Deck ® © 1971 U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


The Tarot of the Witches sun even has a star beauty patch. Tarot of the Witches, © 1974 U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


The very old school Pierpont Morgan-Bergamo Visconti-Sforza Tarocchi Deck from 1975 (reprinted in 1984) offers an unusual sunless sun. This is said to be a card that was added later. It's very rich and lush with the gold.


One of the earliest black and white decks, the Hermetic Tarot Deck offers an almost ArtDeco type sun. © 1979 U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Here we have the Lord of the Fire of the World.


The Morgan Greer, also a 1979 publication, offers two people staring at each other, but includes the sunflower and the wall from the Rider Waite.


The first of the round decks, the 1983 Motherpeace went far afield in its interpretation of this card. A zebra and a giraffe romp in this bright yellow card while a lot of happy folk frolic.


Moving into the 90's, we see the 1995 Rohrig Tarot's Sun shows a blazing white hot sun. It looks a bit like a fried egg, doesn't it.


Kris Waldherr's 1998 Goddess Tarot moves to an old folk tale to depict the Sun.


Fradella Adventure Tarot by Frank Fradella, (c) 2003 shows an uncle playing with his niece and nephew in a nod to the family focus of the Sun.


From 2008, the Deviant Moon by Patrick Valenza remains a top pick year after year due to the unusual imagery. Here two moon people seem to be engaged in a fiery tango.


Arnell Ando's Transformational Tarot shares a masculine, confident Sun.


The 2011 Crystal Visions Tarot has the white horse but the figure is a young woman standing with the sunflowers.


Another 2011 deck is the award-winning Cat's Eye Tarot. Here we see the Sun as a bright orange sun-loving cat with daisies.


Finally, releasing this month, Lisa Hunt's Ghosts and Spirits interprets the Sun as the spirit rising up.

So which of these decks are in your collection? We hope you have enjoyed this journey through just a few of the many Tarot decks published by U.S. Games. You can find us on Facebook where we post a Question Of The Day M-Sa.

The blog after us is Andrew McGregor's The Hermit's Lamp.

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Introducing the Art of Life #Tarot Deck

We here at US Games Systems Inc are excited about a new Tarot deck called Art of Life Tarot which will be releasing very soon. This unique deck combines masterpieces of art with masterpieces of words. Reviews are already rolling in.

Charlene says, "…by drawing inspiration from my background in art history and my lifelong passion for quotations, I could capture the essence of the meanings behind each card while simultaneously encouraging the reader to interpret its personal meaning."


 One thing we love is the box design. It is a heavy-duty weight with a stand-up lid that serves as an easel. You can slide in your card of the day to use it for your daily focus.

Donnaleigh de la Rose was moved to tears. She says, ""I sank into the cards, their quotes, and marveled at how closely I felt they interacted with my life." You can see her full review here.

Don't miss the review from Christiana Gaudet who had this to say. "Art of Life Tarot from U.S. Games is a truly unique and valuable deck. It easily teaches two important concepts with which tarot students often struggle." You can enjoy her review here.

Janet Boyer says, "I marveled at the Art of Life Tarot." Read the full review here.

Zanna Star remarked, "I am truly impressed and delighted with the choices of art and quotations chosen by Charlene Livingstone for the cards in Art of Life Tarot." You can read the full review here. ArtofLife_Wands3

See how Tarot blogger, Koneta Bailey, uses the Art of Life tarot in her daily draw here. She comments, "The quote on the card pretty much sums it up… Don’t you think?"

Have you reviewed a U.S. Games Tarot product? Let us know! Send Lynn your link so we can highlight it here and on Facebook and Twitter.

Want this deck? Ask your retailer to order it for you from U.S. Games today. It will be in your hands as soon as we have it.