Office Oracle: Paula Palmer

We love what we do here at USGames. It changes all the time plus we get to meet the most interesting people. So we wanted to return the favor and let you meet some of us. Here is our third Office Oracle featuring, Paula. She’s the mad scient…errr,Creative Director.

Stella asked: What’s the best thing about your job?

Paula answered: As Creative Director, I am fortunate to work with some amazingly talented people. Our artists and authors are so creative and passionate and they really inspire us to put out the best possible products we can. I love that USGS is a small company and allows us to be that way. We’re truly a family here and support each other, which I hope our artists and authors experience working with us.

Stella: What’s your favorite U.S. Games product?

Heartswitch_WitchClubPaula: That’s is not a fair question! On the games side, I’d have to go with Wizard or HeartSwitch even though I lose if I’m playing with my husband. On the tarot side, way too many to chose from. I’d have to go with Joie de Vivre, Ghosts and Spirits, and Deviant Moon (the borderless one is so cool!). Wait! Old English, too! and Pixie’s set! and a new surreal one that’s not out yet… UGH! See!?

Stella: What’s one thing you like to do when you are not at work?

Paula: Again with the hard choices! I’m indecisive so here are two: I love photography and try to shoot as often as I can, especially interesting textures and unusual points of view. I love to cook/bake as well and cupcakes are my favorite thing to make. Feeding friends and family makes me happy although I get nervous that someone may not like what I’ve made!

Stella: If you were a Tarot card, which one would you be?DeviantMoon_2HighPriestess

Paula: Hmm… all signs point to the High Priestess. I will take a secret to the grave with me; always try to follow my instincts and often regret when I don’t; and I always play devil’s advocate and try and point out all sides of an issue when there are decisions to be made.

Stella: What’s your favorite music?

Paula: Anything that moves me in some capacity. Whether it be toe-tapping blues or jazz, head-banging hard rock, or tear-inducing soul or classical music, if it causes me to react, I’ll love it. It’s amazing the effect music has over me and my crazy playlists often raise eyebrows!