Mystery Deck: Reveal

Were you one of the ones who knew me right away? Did it take you a few clues? I tried to make myself hard to guess. Let me know how I did.


I am the Mystical Lenormand U.S. Games Systems Inc. ISBN 1572815345 by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter & Urban Trosch.

CLUE 1:The first thing most reviewers and users comment on is the gorgeous artwork.


CLUE 2: Each border of my cards is different.


CLUE 3: Urban is the so-called "city boy" in English speaking countries.


CLUE 4: I am considered a Petit Lenormand since I am only 36 cards. My 52 card cousin is the Grand Lenormand.

CLUE 5: The snippet show yesterday is from the front of my box as well as being the Stars card.

 The winner will be announced on Monday.

 Here are some of my images for you to enjoy. Click to see the larger image. Leave a comment here if you want to be included in the drawing for Monday.


2 thoughts on “Mystery Deck: Reveal

  1. Niall O Connell

    Mystical Lenormand Urban Trosch. I would have guessed everyday but I only saw the link yesterday.

  2. Peej

    This deck has been on my wishlist for quite awhile now! I’m more of a tarot/oracle girl – but this particular Lenormand deck has been on my radar. I’ve seen images on the web and read reviews – and know that this is probably one of the only Lenormands I could work with – that and the Blue Owl deck!

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