#Tarot Game: What Movie Is This?

Agent Reader had another movie star come through. This gentleman has been in numerous movies but the one he told our forgetful Agent Reader about sounded like a movie she would enjoy.

Because she has to attach Tarot cards to everything, here's what she remembers about this flick. Can you help her figure out which movie the actor was talking about with her.

He said it opens up with the Lovers Rx followed by a Tower moment but the Hierophant shows up to pull the characters together.

Herbal_DevilThen the Devil tries to shake them loose. All heck breaks loose as the King of Cups has to bring out his King of Swords side to break the Devil's hold on the Page of Cups Rx.

A Queen of Coins is the love interest but she has to compete with the injured Page of Cups Rx. That poor Page of Cups Rx just wants her Knight of Swords but he's also Rx. So when he meets her King of Cups/King of Swords, it's a very tense moment.Herbal_PentaclesQueen

 But our Page of Cups Rx learns that she can be the 8 of Swords Rx and takes control of her own life in a very emotional showdown with her own Queen of Cups Rx. That leads her and her Knight of Swords Rx to a 4 of Wands moment. She and he as well as the Queen of Coins and the King of Cups all have their own Lovers ending.

 What could this 2006 movie be? A clue is that the King of Cups is not the musician in real life that the Knight of Swords Rx actor is.

Cards featured are from the 1988 U.S. Games Herbal Tarot.

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