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Our wrangler is Joanne Sprott. She wants us to discuss this topic” …give us your take on the influence of the Sun and/or Mercury in the Tarot or your favorite oracle deck. Pick a specific themed deck or go for one of the basics, talk astrology, or not, your choice. Tell us about a card or a spread that illustrates the properties associated with these celestial objects.”

We thought about sharing a collection of Sun cards from some of our amazing Tarot decks. But then it occurred to us that we have neglected to show off our Lenormand decks.

In the Lenormand system, the sun stands for things that are hot. It can mean summer. It has the attributes of charisma, popularity and success. In general, it’s a good card. Lenormand is a more cut-and-dried type of system than Tarot.

So here are our decks represented by their Sun cards.

Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling CardsGypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards

Prima Lenormand_31SunPrimal Lenormand – The Game of Hope

BlueOwlLenormand_31SunMlle Blue Owl Lenormand

MysticalLenormand_31SunMystical Lenormand

GildedReverie_31SunGilded Reverie Lenormand

UnderTheRoses_31SunUnder the Roses Lenormand

CelticLenormand_31SunCeltic Lenormand

Now on to the next blog in the hop. Don’t forget to leave a comment so we know you were here. Which one was your favorite sun?

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