Joy Magnet by Arwen Lynch

Magnetic Attraction Spell

This is a repost of Arwen Lynch’s post at Witches And Pagans. Arwen used our Tarot Magnets to demonstrate how she uses Tarot and magic.


Joy Magnet by Arwen LynchThis is day three of an ongoing week-long challenge to seek joy. The beginning can be found here. I am sharing day three here because it involves a very simple, often overlooked, type of magic. All you need are Tarot cards, paper, pen, a magnet and a fridge.

The challenge itself is very straight-forward. Just say, once a day, “I am a joy seeker. Joy finds me. I am a joy magnet.” Then report here to share your joy!

Do this out loud. Do this looking yourself in the mirror. If you are sight-impaired, speech-impaired, hearing-impaired, no worries. Adjust as suits you!

There’s an easy spell you can do to call joy to you. You don’t need to be artistically-inclined. Just write down what you are then place it on a metal surface (like your fridge!) with a magnet. I love using my Tarot magnets from U.S. Games Systems Inc. for this.

Today I am a joy magnet so I put that on my white board. I wrote it out on the board. then on a piece of paper that I stuck to the white board with a Wheel of Fortune magnet.

Magnets attract so I am empowering this magnet to attract joy.

Magnet magic is one of the simplest things you can do. I think it is also one of the types of magic that we tend to overlook because it is such an easy working.

I’d love to see your own magnet magic if you try this out. U.S. Games offers the Fool, the Magician, the Lovers, Strength, the Wheel of Fortune, and the Moon. Each set has six of the same card but from various U.S. Games decks.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.


Here are links to each set: