Cover for the Sacred World Oracle

Lammas Tarot Blog Hop 2013

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Cover for the Sacred World Oracle

The Lammas Tarot Blog Hop theme is: We are delighted to share our new home on the web as well as a peek at a brand-new, 44 card, oracle deck.

SacredWorld_FrogYou may have hopped in from Louise or back from Jordan. However you got here, we are glad you came. We hope you will leave a comment so we know you were here! If you get lost, there’s a master list available too.

Sacred World Oracle Peacock

This was an easy choice for the staff at U.S. Games with a brand new offering from Kris Waldherr.

SacredWorld_DoveWith stunning artwork by renowned artist Kris Waldherr, The Sacred World Oracle celebrates the beauty of the earth and the diversity of its creatures. Drawing from mythology, folklore, and nature this deck offers gentle guidance and practical wisdom for all of life’s challenges.

Sacred World Oracle ElephantThe Sacred World Oracle is comprised of 44 oracle cards organized into four quadrants representing the four elements: earth, air, water, and fire. Each color-coded quadrant is associated with ten different animals. The 48-page booklet presents keywords and a narrative description of the mythological significance of each card.

Sacred World Oracle Dragonfly

Kris Waldherr is the acclaimed author and artist of Lover’s Path Tarot, The Goddess Tarot book and deck, Ask the Queens Advice Card Deck, and Doomed Queens Royal Playing Cards.


Thanks for including us in your journey around the web today. Remember to let us know you were here!

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14 thoughts on “Lammas Tarot Blog Hop 2013

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  2. Alison Cross

    wow! this looks gorgeous!! Wonderful artwork and really interesting concept – can’t wait to get my paws on a copy! Thank you for showing it to us 😀

    Ali x

  3. Vivianne

    Lovely art on that deck, and I think the colors give more variety and depth than her Goddess deck, although I like that too 🙂

  4. Joy Vernon

    I love Kris Waldherr’s artwork! I’m usually not too interested in oracle decks, but hers are lovely and I feel like they give me something solid to work with. I like that the cards reflect religious and mythological symbolism. Thanks for sharing the images!

  5. Chloe

    Kris’ artwork is just gorgeous, and this deck sounds fascinating, thank you for sharing it with us. And I’m glad to see US Games have updated their web presence, used to be a royal pain to search the site. Looking good now 🙂

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