Interview with Kim Dreyer by Tarot Dactyl

Enjoy this interview with Kim Dreyer, creator of the Conscious Spirit Oracle with interview questions by Mary McIntyre Brown (aka Tarot Dactyl).

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KimdreyerMB: This is your first oracle deck, what inspired you to create it?

KD: Yes, this is my first deck.  For many years friends and family suggested I do a deck, but the time didn't feel right and I wasn't sure of a theme for it.  As my own personal inner journey to self unfolded, the contents of a deck became more and more clear.  My own journey was inspiration – I felt I could help guide others to find their own paths, their own inner light. Show them it was possible.  For months it sat evolving, germinating in my mind and heart, then one day I simply woke up and knew the time had come for me to physically start working on it. …. and so it grew from there.


MB: What did you learn from creating this deck?

KD: That it's one hell of a lot of work!!  And that one has to trust one's instincts, trust your guides and the Universe.  When you are working from a place of love, your bliss state, everything flows and falls into place.  You simply have to show up and allow. 


MB: What challenges did you encounter in the process and how did you overcome them?

CSO44_boxKD: Time was one of my biggest challenges.  I had set a rather hectic pace for myself, especially towards the end.  And though physically, I seemed to find an almost inhuman energy and perseverance, when the last brush stroke was done; the final word typed and the whole package sent off to U.S. Games…. I crashed.  Physically and mentally I was exhausted.  It took me a whole month before I could get back to any normal creative routine.  My job was done, it was time to rest.

My second biggest challenge was my ego, second-guessing me.  'Was I qualified enough to take on this challenge; Was my art good enough? (The normal things that an artist is always asking herself) But I kept ignoring it and finally it went away.  And I was left in peace to continue creating.


MB: You wrote and illustrated the deck. Creating 44 beautiful images seems like a huge task in itself, what about finding the right words to illuminate the meaning of the cards? Did that come easily to you, anything surprise you during the process?

KD: Yes, it is a huge task to do both.  But since a young child I have always been happier when I am able to loose myself 110% in a large, challenging, creative project.  I find it stimulating and motivating.  As for finding the right words – they flowed fairly easily as I have always found the wee hours of the morning the time when spirit talks to me.  Many, many weeks and months of quietly getting out of bed to go sit in a quiet spot in the house to write down words which seemed to flow of their own accord onto the page, was how the insights came to me.  Surprising, not really.

Each insight almost seemed to be a lesson or a confirmation of a lesson learned.  And even though the work is complete I still find new insights coming through when I look at the artwork. And this is how I hope others will connect with the deck.  Find their own insights through the images.  For my insights are only guides and each of their journeys is unique.


CSO44_1MB: The deck includes Angels, Spirit Guides and Chakras, things and ideas that aren't always seen in everyday life, what did you draw upon in order to create them?

KD: I grew up in a home where the supernatural, esoteric and unexplained were part of our everyday life.  As I got older I was drawn to certain aspects of this more than others.  I also used to own and run an esoteric gift shop for many years and have always been interested and passionate about these subjects.  My own experiences I've had through life with Angels, Guides and Chakras helped give me a better understanding in creating the artworks.

Whenever I create an artwork, I go into a very deep meditative state where I can feel the energy and presence of the subject I am painting.  It's as if I am physically present painting, but mentally and spiritually somewhere else.


MB: Nature is also one of the themes of your deck, in what ways did the natural landscape of where you live in South Africa influence the Conscious Spirit Oracle?

KD: I have always loved every aspect of Nature and felt connected to it – I am an Earth sign of course.  The small village where I live is surrounded by mountains and rivers and has an energy that touches everyone who lives here or visits.  I tap into that energy daily for my inspiration from Gaia and the Elementals.


MB: How do you feel the deck can be best utilized?

KD: I feel that the best way (as with any deck) is to trust one's intuition when using it and allow spirit to talk to you through the images.  My hope is that the guidance and wisdom I gained through my own personal soul journey of finding the authentic me, will flow through the cards and illuminate their own paths to finding their true selves.


CSO44_4 MB: You've said the purpose of these cards is also to awaken others to their own beauty and uniqueness and to remind them that they have valuable gifts and lessons to share — why is that important to you?

KD: I strongly believe that one can only find personal peace if one can see these things within oneself.  And if one has inner peace, that is what will be reflected in their outside world.  Imagine a world where we are all at peace with ourselves and others?  THAT will be heaven on earth.  I am blessed to be able to wake up every day and do what I love.  I want that for all of humanity!


MB: What's next for you? Any more decks on the horizon?

KD: ssshh, secret………. yes.  I am currently working on two decks.  Another Oracle deck (but I am keeping its theme a secret for now) and for a much longer term project – a Tarot deck has been in the process of evolving since October last year.

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  1. Tina Priester

    I have been watching this deck progress from mid-last year and I am simply amazed at the amount of creativity and symbolism in these cards!

  2. amy edie

    I’m so excited to see what your new ‘secret’ second deck will be!! It’s like reading a book series and having to wait for the next one to come out! Frustration and Anticipation…How fun!!!!

  3. Elizabeth

    The deck looks amazing! All of the hard work, time and energy devoted to the project really shines through. I’m excited about the other decks too!

  4. Zannastarr

    Shared on Facebook… All I can say is Wow. I admire anyone who is both an artist and a writer, and I love this art. Just beautiful! I would love to review this on my blog.

  5. Sunset Dawn

    I have the same question as Amy…how do I link a share from Facebook??
    I did share on Facebook. Here is my comment:
    “I’d love to have this beautiful, inspiring oracle deck. Thank you for your hard work, Kim Dreyer!”

  6. shannon smith

    Liked and shared love this deck can’t wait to have one all going to plan with payments etc from new zealand as our country is beautiful just like this deck amasing and inspiring like it alot

  7. Heather Bird

    I love these cards they are so beautiful.You are truly amazing very beautiful woman. Cant wait to see the next ones

  8. LeahG

    shared on facebook! 😀 Beautiful deck. I would be honored to use it. Breath taking imagery!! <3

  9. Alexandrea Ward

    I randomly saw a card from this deck and felt that I had to find it. It is so different than what is already out there and it just called to me. I love the incorporation of the angels, spirit guides, etc because I love all of these things. I think that this combination is something that I’d love to look at regularly. I hope to win a deck :).

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