Interview with Jody Bergsma Creator of Magical Times Empowerment Cards

Interview with Jody Bergsma, creator of Magical Times Empowerment Cards, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Thank you Mary Brown for these terrific interview questions!

Throughout your artistic career, you’ve created many exquisite paintings and inspirational quotes. What made this the right time for you to create your own deck? 

JB: Creating an inspired body of work all within a contained genre takes time.

I had not done “fantasy” until 2004 in my newer style so dedicated my time to making four a year to create enough art for this collection.

When I had enough the door opened through U.S. Games in the form of an invitation. I knew it was time.

As an aside; I like decks for my art better than books because it makes the images interactive and gives them a place to be viewed in the world of intuition from where they come.

What inspired you to create the “Magical Times Empowerment Cards”?

JB: In earlier years I had been given decks that delighted me. They provided guidance for growth and answers.  But good art was a must for me to enjoy them.

I used some of these early best decks for a path to follow in “Magical Times”.

What was your biggest challenge with this project and how did you overcome it?

JB: Finding the time to do both the writing and the layout inside an already busy schedule was the challenge.

My mantra for all daunting tasks is…”Step by step, that’s the way.” It keeps me moving forward even if the going is slow.

Thanks to the intriguing geometric design on the backs of the cards, they are reversible, which is something many people will be happy to see.  How do you feel about reversals and what’s the significance of the design?

JB: I feel that all decks are best used as tools to open to your own higher intuitive state and fall into a place of self-wisdom.

Reversals allow you to see the shadow if you need to. Reversals double the power of any deck.

The interlocking circles (Vesica Pisces) and the blending rainbow colors are symbols for “All Things are Connected.”

There is a wonderful mix of beings, earthly animals and mystical creatures, in your deck.  How did you go about choosing them for inclusion?

JB: I used a psychological tool that address all personality types called the Enneagram to make sure I delved into emotional scenarios I might otherwise miss.

After making what I believed to be a balanced list I started the process of picking creatures/animals that have a vibrational frequency to the word. 

Is there a difference when you are painting a mystical creature compared to an animal you may find in the wild?

JB: Yes. I believe they inhabit different planes of existence…but the jump is a short one.

This is a very colorful deck, beyond their intrinsic artistic value, do colors hold special symbolic meanings for you?

JB: Yes. Each color correlates to the chakra system and an insightful reader could add the color of the card to the knowledge they have about their own energy field as they read. I also used a lot of teal and aqua as these colors especially activate the healing systems of the body.

The messages on the cards resonate with a kind of deeper wisdom than one might expect from a deck of cards.  Were you surprised by this once the deck was complete… (and how did you get so smart)?

JB: I have spent a lifetime in quite contemplative painting. This has allowed me to learn to get into the vast infinite mind I call the vortex.

Only from there can one create art that will pull others into the same place.

That is the core purpose of my work. I admit that not all of my paintings are inspired, but I can feel when they are…and I think that others, when ready, can too.

How do you feel Empowerment Cards can best be utilized?

JB: “Traditional methods” are proven triggers for people to get inner clarity and to access the intuition.

Ask a simple question, pull a card and look at the one you intuitively choose. Answers are already waiting.

What do you find magical about the times we are currently experiencing? 

JB: The world is going through a frequency change. Consciousness is supported by this change and with it a better understanding of the oneness that we are. The plan is in place and many are here to help birth a new humanity.

Why is it important to you to empower others?

JB: The Golden rule applies here. As others are empowered so am I. As others find clarity so do I. The harbor of mindfulness is shared by all and when the time is right “all the boats will rise.”

What’s next for you? Are there any new decks on the horizon?

JB: I am sure the universe has plans. I am just here for the ride.:)

Interview questions by Mary McIntyre Brown for U.S. Games Systems, Inc.
This interview first appeared in Evolve Magazine.


21 thoughts on “Interview with Jody Bergsma Creator of Magical Times Empowerment Cards

  1. Peej Peejison

    I really enjoy it when US Games interviews their creators – the interviews give me insight as to how the deck came about. I find the information extremely valuable from a reader’s point of view!

    Thank you for this enlightening interview!

  2. Tam

    This deck looks so wonderful. I love how the backs are reversible. Thank you for giving us insights into how you created this deck. I love the idea of using Enneagram personality types!

  3. gayle stacher

    I enjoy finding out about the how & why of deck creation. I’m thrilled to find out that the colors of this deck correlate with the chakra system. That system offers a depth of understanding for the reader & querent.

  4. Leslie

    The Wheel of Fortune – implication that fortune is always good, but actually, the card shows one figure on the way up, and the other on the way down. Which is which? One reaching the other grasping? The Wheel of Fortune in a reading can be difficult, but I love a challenge.

  5. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement

    What a fantastic interview with a very talented artist! I quite enjoy the advice given by Jody along with her own personal journey to finish this deck.

    I’m definitely trying to implement the ‘one step at a time’ mantra into my own life at the moment!

  6. Sylvi Shayl

    I love this deck. I am especially intrigued by the idea of the colours being chakra specific. I’m interested in the use of colours for healing – as used by the artist. I would be very interested to see/ experience their effects in a reading.

  7. Lori Hahn

    This was a great interview. It’s always nice to hear about how artists work and how they become inspired.

    I’ve been looking at these beautiful cards for a while now and I know I’m going to get them – eventually 🙂

  8. Sharon Embry Tiahrt

    I love the art work of this deck. I am a collector of oracle and tarot decks and would be so happy to add this one to my collection.

  9. Mira

    I believe in Magical Creatures as well. I feel them in a parallel existence, sometimes I even see them manifest. This deck has been on my list since it came out and definitely will be purchased as soon as my Christmas bonus is in. Thank you for a lovely interview with Jody Bergsma!

  10. Holly Sierra

    Jody work is just stunning and I am so delighted to stumble across this deck, Magical Times ~ Empowerment Cards!
    I wasn’t aware of it until now! I shall order one, posthaste 🙂 to add to my Tarot Card Deck collection!

    Holly Sierra

  11. Holly Sierra

    Jody’s work is just stunning and I am so delighted to stumble across this deck, Magical Times ~ Empowerment Cards!
    I wasn’t aware of it until now! I shall order one, posthaste to add to my Tarot Card Deck collection!

    Holly Sierra

  12. Mr Roland juk wilson

    You re wonderful perfect work ,well don , every human has a gift inside of them,many don’t event know what they were created for ,but for you I bless the universe

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