HoHoHo #Tarot 4

This is the fourth of six posts about our NEW Tarot Magnets. All those who follow this blog will have their name entered into a drawing. Names will be drawn randomly and Prizes will be awarded. Six winners will have their choice from the six magnet sets along with a note from Stuart Kaplan himself to stick to your fridge. Comment to let us know you are following this blog even if you already follow. Winners will be announced 12/4/2012.

U.S. Games is excited to announce how attracted we are to Tarot. So attracted that you might call it…magnetic!


Available December 2012. Each set contains six different versions of a Major Arcana Card. What do you think of the Strength? Did your favorite deck make it?

Remember, to win, you have to follow this blog and comment. Whose stocking would you stuff with this fun Tarot gift?

3 thoughts on “HoHoHo #Tarot 4

  1. Aphrodisiastes

    I love the Strength card. So powerful. It always reminds of the Wild Woman (Wild Men, in the case of men) inside us. I love the book “Women Who Run With Wolves” and the Strength card is a perfect example of a Woman Who Run With Lions. 🙂 (Following)

  2. Toni Walker

    In the past you had a lot of inspiration, a lot of projects that gave you a bit of a trail which left you a bit haggard, but you still succeeded. Now you are benefiting from that hard work from the past and are having prosperity. As a result of hard work and prosperity you come into the future stronger than ever.

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