HoHoHo #Tarot 1

This is the first of six posts about our NEW Tarot Magnets. All those who follow this blog will have their name entered into a drawing. Names will be drawn randomly and Prizes will be awarded. Six winners will have their choice from the six magnet sets  along with a note from Stuart Kaplan himself to stick to your fridge. Comment to let us know you are following this blog even if you already follow. Winners will be announced 12/4/2012.

U.S. Games is excited to announce how attracted we are to Tarot. So attracted that you might call it…magnetic!

FLM6_setAvailable December 2012. Each set contains six different versions of a Major Arcana Card. What do you think of the Fool? Did your favorite deck make it?

Remember, to win, you have to follow this blog and comment. Whose stocking would you stuff with this fun Tarot gift? 


7 thoughts on “HoHoHo #Tarot 1

  1. Aphrodisiastes

    Following. My mom would love to have her stocking stuffed with these wonderful magnetics. (The fridge is hers) So I would share the prize with her since I will have my own fridge one day. And my fridge is going to be a fabulous magnetic tarot reader. 🙂

  2. Val

    Following the blog. My favorite deck is the Rider Waite, but the Universal Waite is close enough! I love the adventurous Fool. He seems to have a “I’m gonna do this just to see what happens” kind of attitude and doesn’t look back. With his airy quality, I consider him to have an insatiable curiosity.
    As far as whose stocking…Mine!

  3. Cynthia

    I use Rider Waite…….always great results……love the artwork on many other decks but somehow the RW speaks to me. I would love to have a magnet…….I’ll gladly follow the blog. Good luck!

  4. Sophie

    Following the blog. Love the Fool, but have a hard time choosing a favorite deck as there are some really nice ones. Waiting to see what’s posted next!

  5. Amanda Hilbrecht

    I not only follow this blog, but it is in my blog roll, so I share with all my readers. Magnets are essential in our house, so I am looking forward to having some with my favorite theme, tarot. I also think it is funny that the Fool is “stuck” and can’t fall off the fridge, or memo board.
    (PS- I don’t know what TypePad refuses to acknowledge my marriage, I am Amanda Donnelly now.)

  6. Kristen

    Following! Love the Fool – it’s one of the cards I measure a prospective deck by, though I have decks that I love with really different takes on this card.

  7. Toni Walker

    Lots of great images of the fools in there. Lovely. If I had to give it to anyone, I’d be sneaking this sucker into my own Santa stocking. He He He. I love the Universal Waite deck. And I have all those decks except the Old English Tarot.

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