Tarot Impossible: What Was The Question?

Agentphelps Hello Agent Reader.  We've experienced some difficulty with Agent Tarot. She was in the middle of a Tarot reading when some nefarious mad scientist abducted her. We've dispatched Agents Collier and Carter to rescue her. Your job, should you choose to accept, is to determine what the question might have been.

Africantarotcover Here is what we know. She was using the African Tarot deck. This colorful, simply drawn deck is often overlooked but has a lot to offer someone looking for a bright and amusing Tarot deck. We know that Agent Tarot was reading for Miss Lulu Lovelorn. Miss Lovelorn is also missing.

The cards are the Queen of Pentacles, the Ace of Swords and the Page of Wands. Can you apply your skills at backward Tarot reading to deduce what the question might have been? Once we know that, we can determine why these two were abducted and for what nefarious evil plot.


 Africantarotqueenpentacles Africantarotaceswords Africantarotpagewands

This blog post will not self-destruct in thirty seconds. Do post your thoughts. The world is depending on you, Agent Reader.

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13 thoughts on “Tarot Impossible: What Was The Question?

  1. Cheri Gaudet

    The question could be, “I really want to settle down. I just met a new guy, and he tells me he can’t stop thinking about me, but he’s not ready to commit yet. I’m tired of dating. Is it worth pursuing?”

  2. Joseph Molina

    The Queen of Pentacles has some information that is truthful, to the point and will clear the air. It may have to deal with a child or the start of a new way of life. Actually, she is quite fulfilled with her material world, surroundings, and living in her body. Her thoughts are clear and she can see ahead of herself. If there has been a struggle prior to now, it should be subsiding. A new direction is most certainly opening up, as the Ace leads us into the Page of Wands, fire and air can work together, especially when grounded in the earth of the Queen of Pentacles. I bet she is happy and wants to start a fresh new life, that could also include a youth but may mean leaving behind the reason the double edge sword of life and death, heralds the new beginning.

  3. Jessica

    I think the question has to do with a dating in the workplace. Could be something along the lines of; “I work with this person but I have a romantic interest in him/her. What do I need to know about the situation at work concerning our relationship?” To me, the Queen of Pentacles is about tough love, making sure the job gets done, so in terms of the question, she means ‘focus on the job at hand for now’. Next, the Ace of Swords is about beginning something logical. In the context of the question, I think it means ‘consider carefully the facts of the situation, i.e. you both like each other and can handle things professionally, discreetly.’ Lastly, the Page of Wands is about being ambitious, running so fast your feet can’t keep up with you, and even a bit of naivety (sp?); so, after you’ve approached things logically, go a little crazy with fun.
    …Just a shot in the dark here 🙂 cool concept!!

  4. Raven

    Te original question was: should I date the younger guy who’s with my Mom? But then reader & client fell in love and ran off together when the Mom found out.

  5. Joseph Molina

    Just had to come back, thinking about this for hours. Truly, I see the layers of situations and events in every reading. If you do not use reversals and these cards orientations have been changed, one must consider the dignified and ill-dignified stream of information. That said, I would like to take another crack at it. I keep thinking about the Queen of Pentacles and her body. Health is always a concern and when you find a card like the Root of the Powers of Air right next her, I like to think she is taking the gauntlet and using the truth stick, telling others how she feels and being upfront and honest about it. I would say, if she needs to go see a doctor, she needs to go. She needs to be honest and truthful, with herself as well as others. The Throne of the Powers of Fire certainly does suggest an invitation, so someone my ask her out for an nice date or party but first she must be true to herself and say what she feels honestly. Also, she may find something out about her body that will be the truth of the matter, it will probably be good news. That was just eating at me. 😉

  6. USGS Staff

    The question was….
    Should I elope?
    So many of you were really close. Theresa was close with the concept of pursuit as was Raven with the idea that the client and reader ran off together. Joseph got the idea of the invitation as well.
    Y’all did marvelously with this. Turns out there was no nefarious plot to overthrow the world. Just two young lovers.
    We’ll do this again. Thanks to everyone who participated. Tomorrow’s blog post is a guessing game as well. Come back then.

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