CONTEST: Calling All Would-Be Sleuths!

Calling All Would-Be Sleuths!

We like games here at US Games Systems, Inc. So let's play one. It's a scavenger hunt! What will you win? Your very own copy of the Doomed Queens: Royal Playing Cards deck, that's what. You can play Rummy with your friends and wow them with the Doomed Queens of Kris Waldherr. 

DQ54_1 So what you have to do to enter is answer the following ten questions. All answers can be found on the U.S. Games Systems, Inc site and on this blog but you will have to hunt for them. So grab your pipe and magnifying glass, all you would-be Sherlock Holmes types. Let the search begin!


1. U.S.  Games Systems, Inc. publishes award-winning card games. Name one.

2. If you want to be informed of the specials for registered customers only, what should you do?

3. Why was Waite's choice of Pamela Colman Smith such a good thing?

4. What was the first product giveaway on the U.S. Games Systems blog?

5. What are three types of Rider-Waite Tarot that we publish?

6. Find at least 2 products with the word "dog" in the title.

7. What year was US Games started?

8. Name three titles in the Natural World Playing Card series.

9. What is the tiniest deck published by U.S. Games?

10. How many pages are there in Volume II of the Encyclopedia of Tarot?

Sherlock Don't put your answer in the comments! You don't want to make it easy for your competition. Email your answers to our Watson ( by Sunday November 21, 2010. The winner will be drawn from all the correct answers. Look for that name to be announced on this blog on Monday November 22.

So what you have to do to enter is answer those ten questions. The game is afoot!

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  1. USGS Staff

    I know we are getting entries already. To confirm, this is open to all so grab your detective shoes and let’s go.
    Leave a comment if you have entered. Would love to see everyone here. Good luck to you all.

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