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#Tarot Game: What Book Is This?

Agent Reader has done it again! She had a client who wanted to do a reading. During the reading the client mentioned a book she thought Agent Reader would enjoy but of course, Agent Reader forgot to write down the title. HELP!

Here's what she knows.

Death figures heavily in this book. The hero seems to be a time-traveler at times. He's definitely the King and Knight of Swords although he starts out as the Page of Swords.

The Eight of Wands figures heavily in this story but the Eight of swords shows up as well as Justice Rx.


The end of the book was a Six of Swords with a Twp of Cups twist.

What was this book that also was made into a movie?


Cards featured: Sun And Moon Tarot, Cat's Eye Tarot, Crystal Visions Tarot

#Tarot Riddle: What Deck Am I?

Riddle me this:


I was first published 31 years ago. I've remained a perennial favorite even though I may not bloom as brightly as some other decks. Some say that the Byzantine empire had a hand in my creation. You may not know it, but my artist was chosen because of a business card. It is said that I am a deck for anyone but you can go deep into my Qabalah meanings if you dare.

Do you know who I am?

#Tarot Dilemna: Help Me Out 2

It's a Tarot dilemna! We've lost the LWB (Little White Book) so we don't know what the cards mean. Can you help us out by telling us what each card says to you? And what you would think they meant if you got them in a reading about your own job hunt?


Images from Cat's Eye Tarot by Debra M. Givin published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc 2011.

It’s a #Tarot Mystery Again!

Our operative, Agent Reader, had a strange client today. She came in asking about a man she was interested in.

This client is the heroine of a well-known book, but once again, Agent Reader can't remember the title.

Seems her mother is the Queen of Coins Rx and is pushing her daughter towards marrying a man who seems to be a bit of a Knight of Coins. Our querent has two sisters who are also running about town flirting and causing problems. They are the Three of Cups.

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60+ #Tarot Readers Speak To New Readers

On our Facebook page, we do a Question of the Day. One series we've been doing is to take one card and list three good things and three bad things about the card. This has sparked an interesting side discussion about the subject of good and bad.

Several have weighed in on how they felt about the word "bad" when applied to the Tarot. Then I saw the following on Mary K. Greer's blog. The title says it all–"What Every Newbie Tarot Reader Should Know".  I think it applies to the discussion of "good" or "bad" cards.

Mary-profile Without further ado, here is that article in its entirety.

Over 60 experienced tarot readers offer their best advice for what every Newbie Tarot Reader should know. Not everyone will agree with everything. Add ideas you think belong, in the Comments. Feel free to post this anywhere, so long as you include the source and contributors (listed at the end).

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Tarot Impossible: What Movie Is This?

Lynn Merritt gave us this puzzle.

Agent Reader, you've done very well so far with the Tarot Impossible game. Agent Tarot has come to us again with another query. She did a reading for a character who gave this clue, "It's 2011 now, but in 2010 I did an impossible mission. What will my life be like now I am a free agent?" She did the reading but forgot to ask what the movie was. She wanted to see it if she could.

Here are the cards for this reading.

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Mystery Deck: What deck am I?

Time for a round of "guess that deck" .

Here are the images. Let's hear your guesses!



If you use an image locater (you know who you are! lol), please don't post your answer for at least 8 hours to give others a chance to guess. 🙂

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