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#Tarot Client: ISO Love

One of the most common questions readers get is "Will I ever find love." Also heard are variations on the theme of "Will she come back to me?"

Agent Reader had one of those last night that was a bit more unusual. This was a Count by the name of Vlad who said he was having trouble hanging on to love. Seems they all complained he had a very draining personality.

So he asked where he might look for love this time and if he could expect that love to stay. Based on these three cards, what advice would you give our lovesick Count?


(click to see larger image)

Vampire Tarot, Nathalie Hertz, U.S. Games Systems Inc, 2000

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Ask A Reader 3 #Tarot

Today's Ask A Reader comes from X who has two possible apartments to move to. We drew from the Joie de Vivre Tarot. I want to point out that I drew blind and put them on the scanner without looking at them first. I was suprised by the cards! Seems like a clear cut case, but is it?

First apartment Pro/Con

USGS_JdVplace1 (1024x779)

Second apartment Pro/Con

USGS_JdVplace2 (1024x766)

So what advice can you offer X today? Which living situation seems to be the better of the two?

Two #Tarot Card Spreads

Two card spreads are fun to do because they are fast, but do they give you enough information? I think that they do if you consider that you can eliminate the situation card and just ask two questions about it.

Here are just a few ways to do that.

"Should I Stay Or Should I Go" This lyrical two question spread can be applied to many situation including a relationship, a job or even a housing situation.

"Hold On or Let Go" will answer whether or not you need to try harder or just step back from a situation.

"Fold 'Em or Hold 'Em" is a poker version of whether you should commit to something or bow out.

"Step Up or Step Back" would be whether or not to volunteer your time and energy.

So let's try one, shall we? Your client wants to know if they should volunteer to be a chaperone for their child's field trip to the museum. You draw the Tower for the Step Up card and the 2 of Coins for the Step Back card.


What is your advice to your client based on these two cards from the African Tarot?

What are some other two card spreads you can think of?

The vibrant imagery draws largely on the African experience, depicted in a primitive art style. Evoking universal childhood emotions, African Tarot can help you explore your true inner nature. Review by Lizzie of Lizzie's Logic

13 means Death?

So today is one of those days that holds a lot of fear for some folks. Friday the 13th! I mean there's even an seemingly-never-ending horror movie series, right? And let's not even talk about covens and black cats and ladders.

But what about the thirteenth card in the Tarot deck? What does it mean when you get this in a reading? Should you hide under the bed? Leave town? Pretend it didn't happen?

Not really. Death traditionally means change. In some decks like the Sun And Moon Tarot, it's been given the additional title of Rebirth to show what happens after the change. Or Transformation in the Joie de Vivre Tarot.


Think of the Death card as unavoidable endings that lead to new ways of being. And isn't this last Death a happy fellow from the Halloween Tarot?


So, what do you see the Death card as? How would you read it in a reading about a job? What about love? How does this card make you feel? Any funny stories to share about this thirteenth card of the Tarot?

Death (sometimes riding a pale horse), in order of appearance:

  1. Cary-Yale Visconti Tarot
  2. Rider-Waite Tarot
  3. Crystal Visions Tarot
  4. Joie de Vivre Tarot
  5. Halloween Tarot

Ask The Readers

You are the reader today. I had the following question so we are going to throw this open to all our blog readers. This is now your client. The question is: 

What do I need to do to grow my business exponentially?

What would you tell this client? I drew the following three cards for the Situation, the Action and the Outcome? See the bottom of this post for how you can be the next one we all read for.

Situation: Ace of Coins

Action: 9 of Coins


Outcome: Princess of Coins

Thanks for your assistance. And if you have a question you would like answered, please send it to Stella with the subject line, "Ask The Readers". We will pull three cards and ask our blog readers for their interpretations.

"Fantasy artist Galasso has transformed classic tarot imagery into a vibrant tour, through a crystal ball, into a magical world filled with fairies, fantastical creatures, and exotic flowers. Color creates the backdrop against which the story of each card is told. Lyrical and mysterious, the illustrations almost sing." — Anna Jedrziewski, Retailing Insight Magazine

#Tarot Riddle: What Deck Am I?

Riddle me this:


I was first published 31 years ago. I've remained a perennial favorite even though I may not bloom as brightly as some other decks. Some say that the Byzantine empire had a hand in my creation. You may not know it, but my artist was chosen because of a business card. It is said that I am a deck for anyone but you can go deep into my Qabalah meanings if you dare.

Do you know who I am?

#Tarot Dilemna: Help Me Out 2

It's a Tarot dilemna! We've lost the LWB (Little White Book) so we don't know what the cards mean. Can you help us out by telling us what each card says to you? And what you would think they meant if you got them in a reading about your own job hunt?


Images from Cat's Eye Tarot by Debra M. Givin published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc 2011.

It’s a #Tarot Mystery Again!

Our operative, Agent Reader, had a strange client today. She came in asking about a man she was interested in.

This client is the heroine of a well-known book, but once again, Agent Reader can't remember the title.

Seems her mother is the Queen of Coins Rx and is pushing her daughter towards marrying a man who seems to be a bit of a Knight of Coins. Our querent has two sisters who are also running about town flirting and causing problems. They are the Three of Cups.

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Answer For Tarot Impossible Wednesday

Whimsical-fool The answer to "Tarot Impossible: What Movie is This" is "Despicable Me". Congratulations to Lynn Merrit for her correct guess. Here is a brief synopsis of the plot and how those cards were chosen.

The movie begins with the Devil who would be the main character,Gru (Devil). He goes to the Bank of Evil but is denied (King of Coins Rx).

He decides to fake adopt three little girls (Three of Cups) who show him how to do foolish things and have fun (The Fool).

His mother (Empress Rx) shows up in flash backs and he realizes that he is being deceived by someone (Moon).

He has to fight off the other evil villain (Knight of Swords Rx). He learns from children how to live happily ever-after (6 of Cups).

Try this as a Tarot exercise. Pick a book or movie that you know very well — Wizard of Oz for instance. Now assign cards (no more than eight) to tell the story as you know it. If you have a Tarot study group, you might try this as a discussion.

I'm interested in what you come up with so please share.

Whimsical Tarot Fool

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Tarot Impossible: What Movie Is This?

Hello again, Agent Reader. Agent Tarot is asking for help again. She was approached by a fictional young man who wanted a reading done. She chose to do a spread that lays out two cards for each stage of life plus a final outcome card. The young man was amazed. According to him, the cards matched his life perfectly.

During the consultation, he mentioned that a movie had been made in the last ten years about his life. Even though he told Agent Tarot that the movie had been an unexpectedly huge hit, she forgot to ask him the title. So now she's turning to us for help.

Based on the reading, can you name that movie?

Early Childhood was the 5 of Pentacles and the 7 of Swords


Teen years was the 8 of Wands and the Lovers Rx


Early Adulthood was the Wheel of Fortune and the 10 of Swords

Final outcome was The World


Who is our fictional hero and what is the name of his movie?

Images are from the Tell-Me Tarot. You can click on them to open them in a larger viewing format.

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