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TarotBlogHop:The Joy Of Giving

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WE HAVE A WINNER! Congratulations to Laura Fletcher. Please check your email for how to claim your deck.

So Arwen is our blog wrangler this Tarot Blog Hop. She’s asked us to think about gifting. Here’s her challenge:

Yule, Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Solstice, Winter. Whatever you call this time of year, it is a season of gift giving, gift receiving and sharing with family and friends for a majority of the world. Whether Papa Noel brings you a candy cane or the Winter Witch brings you switches, it’s a time of anticipation. The anticipation of what I might be getting and what I am giving are equal joys for me. To that end, here is a spread for each of us to do.

We decided to use one of our newest Tarot decks to do this spread. We hope you enjoy our offering in the Yule Tarot Blog Hop. Since we love to gift, all comments will be entered into a drawing to win the Japaridze Tarot. In your comment tell us your favorite card from the Tarot. Or your favorite-right-now. Contest is now closed. Thank you.

Click on any picture to see a larger version.

The Joy Of Gifting

1. What gift would we give the world if we could?Japaridze_3Wands

The Three of Fire shows a hot air balloon full inflated and already up in the air. This is our passion of course. We want to bring our customers the very best in Tarot, Lenormand, Oracle and games. We search the world for amazing artists who can bring their vision to your world.

Our gift to you would be to take you along on our journey as we scour the planet. Wouldn’t that be fun if we could do it in a hot air balloon.

2. What gift would you want from the world?Japaridze_18Moon The Moon would be what we want because we want to know how you feel about our work. We love hearing from you so that gift of your emotional response is perfect.

The Moon as an eyeball looking up works for us because we need your eyes and hands on these deck. What good are we without the gift of you?




3. What gift have we gotten that has brought us joy?

Eight of GardensJaparidze_8CoinsGardens shows an inventor hard at work. And this does reflect the gift that has brought us so much joy. Our artists and authors who give us such amazing projects to work on. Our own joy in helping to guide and shape the decks that we bring to you.

The Eight of Gardens (Coins) is a card that emphasizes the hands-on part of creation. We can truly say that the gift of being involved in the world of games and decks is a true joy for us here at U.S. Games.



Japaridze_5Hierophant4. What gift have we given that has brought us joy?

Now the Hierophant is certainly an interesting answer, isn’t it? The bastion of standards and responsibility does make sense. He is the one who holds the keys to knowledge.

With all of the decks we get to work on, we do see a wealth of knowledge in our world. It’s a marvelous thing to see what decks you love the most and what decks are coming to you. We can tease you by saying if you loved 2014, you’ll go crazy for 2015.

Japaridze_17Star4. What is one last thing we would like to share about this season?

The Star couldn’t have been better if we’d chosen it intentionally. Just another example of the Tarot working! We see you as the stars in our world.

We know that this may all sound sappy but we really do appreciate you for the support over the years. We truly can’t do this without you.

So on behalf of all our artists, authors, staff and family, thank you. Happy holidays to all of you.

Don’t forget to leave a comment about your personal favorite card from the Tarot. You could win this deck.

Contest ends 12/26. Winner announced 12/29 on this blog.



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REPOST: Resurrection and Rebirth

We wanted to share this terrific use of the Art of Life Tarot. This pieces was originally posted March 20th, 2014 by Joy Vernon of Completely Joyous.

Thank you, Joy, for featuring the Art of Life Tarot. This deck was a Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) Award Finalist 2013. We are very proud to offer this unique deck.

Now enjoy Joy’s post.


Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop!

An international group of tarotists (check out the master list) are all writing on the same topic and then linking to each other so that the reader can hop from one blog to the next, seeing all the permutations and facets that the topic inspired in different writers.


Resurrection and Rebirth


Death from the Art of Life Tarot

I just finished the beginning tarot class that I teach once or twice a year. On the last day I usually have time set aside for students to do readings for each other (as we do in one or two other classes). But this group was insistent that they would get more out of seeing me do a reading. I was hesitant—I thought it was a faulty argument, in that practice is the only way to increase one’s skill. But they wanted to see my techniques in action. I finally said that I would, but only if they could provide me a deck I hadn’t used before—otherwise it would be too likely that I would not be using the skills from the beginning class but using built up associations from my familiarity with the cards. One student reached into her bag and pulled out an Art of Life Tarot. It’s one I haven’t read with, so I finally consented.

I taught them my favorite 7-card spread, the Split Hexagram, which I originally learned from Modern Magick by Donald Michael Kraig (RIP, 1951-2014).

We decided to do a general reading on how the students as a group would progress with their tarot studies. I’d like to share the reading with you.

Reading for Magician’s Tools Tarot Basics Class
Sunday, March 16, 2014
Split Hexagram Spread
Art of Life Tarot Deck

Question: How will the students in this group progress with their tarot studies?

Card 1. Spiritual Influence
9 of Pentacles

The 9 of Pentacles in the AoL deck shows a man in a black Edwardian tailcoat and black top hat standing on a balcony under a red and white striped canopy looking over the green leafy treetops of the boulevard below him while a long row of attached houses or apartments curves into the distance. There is a sense of solitude and nature in the midst of a crowded city.

This card wasn’t saying much to me as I started the reading for the group— it came to life when I moved to the second card and compared the two—which ironically is one of my teaching points: the cards are meaningless out of context, which has to be built through their relationship to the question, the querent, the spread positions, and the surrounding cards.

Card 2, Spiritual Influence (stronger)
The Star

The Star is portrayed by The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh. In stark contrast to the impressionist piece preceding it, this work seemed to embody more of the psychic energy of tarot reading with its swirling, heavy strokes and sharp contrasts of dark, inky blues with the bright yellows of the stars and moon. I felt that the black suit of the man in the first card, in some ways out of place in the otherwise bright card, was tied in to the darker colors of van Gogh’s nighttime scene. This led me to say that the intuition represented by the moon in the card and the spirituality represented by the church steeple were what was going on inside the man in the previous picture. Externally, he was alone looking out over the city, internally he was experiencing the heightened psychic energy of a deep spiritual connection.

Card 3, Spiritual Advice
Queen of Cups

Breakfast in Bed by Mary Cassatt

The Queen of Cups in the AoL Tarot is illustrated by Breakfast in Bed by Mary Cassatt. The image is of a woman lying in bed, her arms around a child sitting on the edge of the bed. The white of the bedclothes, her white nightgown, and the child’s white garments contrasted with the darkness of the previous card. The child, I thought, represented those who couldn’t understand what we were doing but who supported us anyway.

Putting the three cards together now, I said that the Spiritual Advice represented here in this card was to be able to easily move back and forth between a state of awareness of conscious reality, shown by the man on the balcony overlooking the boulevard, and the state of deep intuition, represented by The Starry Night. Just as one experiences the transition between the dreaming state and the waking state every day as we wake up, we needed to learn to consciously integrate the two states such that we could inhabit both at the same time.

Card 4, Material Influence
Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles shows a woman rehearsing on the violin, a stand with sheet music in front her, a couch strewn with books and perhaps more music behind her. The reds and browns in the card combined with the creativity of the music made me want to lean towards a more fiery interpretation, but I could see that clearly she was not performing but practicing, and ongoing dedication and commitment to a craft is a very earthy, Pentacles thing. To me, the card represented practice with an intention to eventually perform.

Card 5, Material Influence (stronger)
Page of Wands

The Page of Wands threw me off because the child was shown with a sword. A boy sits on a stone bench in a courtyard, holding a sword haphazardly in front of him, point to the ground, while a bearded man sits next to him. The child and man look at each other, perhaps the bearded man is instructing the boy.

What I liked about the combination of the material influences was that solitary practice was shown first, then instruction shown second. I told my students that the recommendation here was to work on their own, practicing their current skills, and then when they felt accomplished in their work, to move on to additional instruction. I think there is often a tendency to jump from one class to the next without fully integrating the experiences and knowledge of the first.

Card 6, Material Advice

It’s always helpful when a difficult card comes up in class and we can address it!

Death and Life by Gustav Klimt

Death here is illustrated with Death and Life by Gustav Klimt. The figure of skeletal Death, draped in blues and purples, covered in Latin crosses, swaying and hunched, clutching a short wooden club to his chest with his white, bone fingers, stands separate from but looking over toward bodies of men, women and children, entwined and embracing, forming an amorphous mass. Although the figures are mostly nude, bright, colorful swatches of fabric with printed geometric designs swathe and shroud them.

Following as it does our two cards that represent practicing and gaining instruction, I read in this card that the students are the figure of Death itself—they lose the amalgamation of the colorful variety of their different teachers and influences and come into their own distinctiveness and uniqueness, intuitive and spiritually based, in alignment with the color and religious symbolism of the Star card.

Card 7, Final Outcome
7 of Pentacles

This final card utilizes a detail from The Empress of China Culling Mulberry Leaves by Bernhard Rode. We laughed at the ridiculousness to our minds of the Empress needing her entire entourage to accomplish a task that the average peasant could easily do alone. I talked about the ways in which we use our techniques like servants to support us, just as one servant lowered the branch, one held the bowl to receive the leaves, and one held a parasol to shade the sun.

Then I noticed the words on the card. I try my best to avoid words and interpretive card titles, and had successfully up to this point not noticed any of the other quotes offered in the lower part of each card. But this one caught my eye, and turned out to be educational—I did not know the meaning of the Mulberry tree in the image. The quote is a Chinese proverb: “With time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown.” I now understood that the Empress in the painting was harvesting silk worms and their cocoons from the tree.

moth and silk wormYears ago during a Denver Tarot Meetup event, down in the basement of Gypsy House Café, Jordan Hoggard told us all that when a caterpillar encases itself in the cocoon, it actually dissolves completely and the butterfly is created out of the primordial ooze of this dissolution. The silk worm, if left alone and not turned into a silk gown, will transform into a beautiful moth. (One of my students Googled it for me during class.)

As a final outcome, this certainly played nicely off the preceding Death card. Like the Empress shown in the image, they would be supported by the skills and techniques they had learned. But each student would go through a complete dissolution to become their own totally unique reader, like the silk worm transforming in its chrysalis.

I think of rebirth as beginning a new cycle: second verse, same as the first. These cycles are on the same plane, like tracing a circle over and over again. Cards that I use to represent new cycles can include the Wheel of Fortune, Death, the Moon and the Sun. I think of resurrection as moving to whole new level, from the ephemeral to the eternal, from the mortal to the immortal. This is a spiral, pushing off from and moving up and away from lower planes into new levels, like climbing a spiral staircase. I usually associate this idea with cards such as the Fool, the Tower, Judgment, or perhaps Temperance under certain conditions. An example of rebirth would be a seed that holds the complex code that perfectly recreates what is was before. Resurrection does not recreate what went before, but transforms utterly to something completely new.

To me, this reading spoke to the students of undergoing a resurrection of their tarot abilities, dissolving into the slime of death, and utterly transforming into their own unique and beautiful tarot selves.

2014 Imbolc Tarot Blog Hop: Increasing Creativity

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U.S. Games is happy to be joining in another round of the Tarot Blog Hop. Our wrangler for this round is Tarot Grandmaster Christiana Gaudet. She challenged our group to write about “Tarot, Healing and Creativity.”

In Paulina Cassidy’s newest deck (not Tarot), she offers up the idea of choosing two to three of her Witchlings to combine their energy. We offer up this spread to increase your creativity. We chose three Witchlings to serve as the positions of our Tarot spread. You are invited to share what cards you draw and anything you might like to share. There’s even a contest for you.

Spread for Increasing Creativity

    • Meditation,Witchlings by Paulina CassidyMeditation: The Witchling is Jasmine.

      Meditation is not just a journey
      But a shedding of worry and stress.
      Jasmine attunes her mind often
      To keep herself safe from distress.

      This spot will show you what type of meditation might benefit you most in terms of your creative processes. Some find chanting the most relaxing while others prefer to zone out to music. Maybe you are a walking meditation type. See what your cards tell you here.

    • Wish, Witchlings by Paulina CassidyWish: Orchid is the Witchling for this card.

      Orchid wished for happiness
      And then after a short while
      Her rain turned sunny
      Leaving her face with a smile.

      The second Witchling brings you the message of wishing. Creativity is fostered and fed by imagination. What better way to open up our creative channels than with a wish. Draw a card and see where your wishes can take you.

  • Relaxation, Witchlings by Paulina CassidyRelaxation: Petunia is our third and final Witchling.

    Like a river, Petunia flows
    So relaxed to end her day.
    Her mind melds into her spirit
    And with her body, drifts away.

    Our lovely third Witchling suggest that relaxation is the third way to increase your creativity. Sometimes, the brain just needs an out, right? So what card falls here can suggest some ways to relax and just let go.

    Why don’t you draw three cards from your nearest deck now? Share what they are for the positions of Meditation, of Wish and of Relaxation. One comment will be chosen to win their own Witchlings deck.

    Get extra entries for sharing this post on Facebook or Twitter or Google+ or Tumblr. Just leave the link in an additional comment. Good luck.

P.S. Click on the images to view them in a larger format.

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2013 Yule Tarot Blog Hop

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CrystalVisions_14SwordsWelcome to the Yule Blog Hop. The theme our hostess/wrangler has proposed is “Turning Darkness Into Light”. You can find the blog post before us or after us or the Master list in the links at the top or bottom of this post.

One of the uses of Tarot is to guide people towards light–in a way. If you consider that they are in pain or are scared, then the Tarot can be seen as a path of light. For today’s post, we’ve created a Tarot spread for you. Standing At The Crossroads puts you in the center and offers you four choices. Rather than telling you which one is the right path, or, if you will pardon the pun, the Light path, this spread shows you four options. You get to choose where you want to be.

Crystal_StarCrossroads Spread

A five card spread.

1. This card represents you and what is going on with you right now.
2. This card represents Path One.
3. This card represents Path Two.
4. This card represents Path Three.
5. This card represents path Four.

Each card is a potential. If you get the Tower in one, you might be challenged to think of what must come down for you to walk that path.

Please share with us if you do this spread. Feel free to use it on your own blog with a link back to this post. And link your blog in your comment so others can visit you to see how you used this spread.

Crystal Visions Tarot

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The Sacred World Oracle Deck: Reading by Kayla Garnet Rose, Ph.D.

 Dr. Kayla Garnet Rose, Ph.D. graciously allowed us to repost her blog post.

Written and illustrated by Kris Waldherr, creator of The Goddess Tarot, The Sacred World Oracle deck is a sumptuous feast for the mind and an excellent gift for the upcoming holidays. The cards themselves are pleasing to eye, beautifully illustrated with animals, both real and mythological; pleasing to the hand, nice and thick yet well sized for smaller folks; and further complemented by the rich descriptions found in the accompanying booklet. Waldherr writes, “Oracles bear the double duty of being the message as well as the vehicle to communicate it…”

The Sacred World Oracle is divided into four sections- earth, water, fire, and air. Each suit has a main card for the element, plus ten associated animals. The mythology of each is contained within the booklet, however, merely gazing at the images evokes personal resonances, memories, and inspirations. Two different spreads are also outlined in the LWB, one a past-present-future card spread, fairly standard. The other a five card spread developed by Thalassa of the Daughter’s of Divination’s San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium ( BATS) was inspired by the ballet Swan Lake is called Black Swan, White Swan. This spread “helps us explore our blind spots – those pesky obstacles we can’t, or don’t want to see. It also points to the wisdom that lies in front of our noses.”
I shuffled the cards, pensating upon it being Day of the Dead. I had a ho-hum Halloween yesterday and had no plans for the new moon this weekend, so doing the Swan reading seemed like a good way to acknowledge the change of seasons and tap into the thinning of the veils. I whispered the names of my ancestors as well as my kin/cats passed, friends who have crossed over and even contemplated my own death, hopefully far into the future. It has been in a time of endings and beginnings, as my daughter started college and I completed my PhD, empty nest syndrome hitting hard after her last visit. Recognizing the new chapter of my life unfolding, I pulled the five cards…
The first card is the black swan, or what you need to see that can get in your way. I pulled I-Earth. A very green card, right away I was aware of the animals suggested not just in the distant mountains but in the nearby copses, a huge oak in the foreground, beautifully framed with vining flowers and a picture of Ivy at the bottom. I reflect up upon how much time I have spent inside my house, working on my studies in particular, especially since my sweetie was hospitalized last spring and we stopped going on our weekend hikes. “When the Earth card appears in an Oracle reading, look for opportunities to take your dreams and turn them into a concrete reality” advises Waldherr. Certainly there is the opportunity to turn my dissertation into a book, changing a thought into form, but I also recognized the message to spend time in the outside world as much as in my interior landscape, and to change my isolation over the last six months into more outgoing, social adventures.
The second card is the magic feather, what you can do about it, and I pull XLIII- The Centaur – half human, half horse, pulling on an arrow notched into a bow, the classic sign of Sagittarius. As an astrologer I reflect that this sign symbolizes the higher mind, higher education, philosophy and travel. Here is the ability to focus on a goal, pull back to take aim, and the follow through. Mercury being retrograde, I notice it is a time of pulling back, with the trust that full moment will be gained after the planets shift in November. A card of being proactive, I feel encouraged to review my long term projects list and initiated some dreams that have been simmering on the back burner.
The third card is the White Swan, or what you need to see that can help you. I draw XXVII- Dragonfly. A lovely woman, maybe from South America, gazes at me, tattooed cheeks, a red dragonfly before her, a jaguar peeping in the background. Several of my students spring to mind, both past and present. The message here is of “unexpected grace found in difficult places”. I laugh, this has been my lesson the last two weeks. In The Medicine Cards, dragonfly is a message to confront denials, honor inner truths and to break through any illusions.
The fourth card is also a magic feather, or how to use the solution presented in the card. Now I pull XXXIX- Firefly. I liked the transition from an air element (dragonfly) to a fire element, the ability to change thoughts into action. I grew up on the east coast, so catching fireflies reminded me of my childhood, times past, not an experience I have here now, living in California. Interestingly, the message here is to “seek moments of unexpected beauty that offer gateways for inspiration.”
Finally, the fifth card is known as the Swan in Flight, an aerial perspective of the situation which gives an overview of the problems and steps for a solution. I pull II -Cat. Very curious, since I had completely shuffled the cards to pull the first card as the beginning card and the second card as the last, let alone the fact that I had invoked all of my past familiars/cats when setting my intentions. Here we see the Egyptian cat goddess, Bast, in a temple, with cats and kittens all around, even perching on the shoulder of the icon. My personal talisman, again my kin, my family, I am at times ridiculously attached to my cats and find it difficult to leave them for a night, let alone a vacation. The message in the booklet states, “the cat card challenges you to find ways to express your individuality. How can you create more magic and beauty?” Indeed, a good question.
So, personally I avoid using terms such as black/white to indicate problem/solution as it is basically racist if not simply reductionist. I did like the concept of exploring blind spots but wish it was presented in a way that was color blind. That being said, the cards themselves have a wonderful array of images, and although focused on animals, include humans in an international array, from Ganesha to Cimidye. The booklet really covers a gamut of worldwide folklore and hopefully will be expanded into a book. I honor that the author chose to use roman symbols for the cards, reminiscent of the Major Arcana in the Tarot, but I found the need to stop and calculate into western numbers a little tedious and off putting. The backs of each card had a representation of the four elements with the simple inscription, “As Above, So Below”. Indeed, a simple reminder that the “function of an oracle remains the same: oracles offer us information. They can provide us with the experience of synchronicity… Our personal experience serve to frame these events, thus releasing information we already possess deep in our psyche.”
Blessed be.

Get your own copy of this lovely oracle.

Using Oracles With Tarot

This was originally posted at Readings by Arianhod. We thought it was an intriguing combination of using a tarot deck in conjunction with an oracle deck.

Shared with permission.

Weekly read 9th – 15th September


This week’s reading will be done with the Crystal Visions Tarot / Conscious Spirit Oracle combo. It will be tarot first then oracle, so lets begin, apologies for the length of the post this week by the way:


Tarot – Five of Swords


This cars is talking about deceit and betrayal. Monday is a day where there may just be a proverbial “Stab in the back”. The really interesting thing is that although the person who did the betrayal has 3 swords with them, they are looking back to the person. Does the person who did the back stabbing feel somewhat guilty in what they have done?

Oracle – Sacral Chakra


This chakra known as Svadhistana, (Sweetness) is linked to emotions and water etc and its colour is orange. This card strengthens the tarot card by mirroring the betrayal aspect as this card is to watch out for sexuality and emotions being used to manipulate you by other people, or indeed, you manipulating them. Perhaps the distrust of other people is caused by some past hurt, so I would look into that aspect as well.


Tarot – Knight of Wands (Reversed)


This is looking like it is carrying on from yesterday with the deceit issue. When the Knight of Wands is reversed, it means that the someone around you maybe immature, rash and generally not a nice person to be around. Watch out for them on Tuesday if you are in a relationship with them, be it work or romance.

Oracle – Heart Chakra


Tuesday is a day for looking at all your love relationships which you have. There is both pink and green, which signifies the spiritual and energetic chakras of the heart, so this card is super powerful. If you are in relationships which DO NOT satisfy you in either or the afore mentioned chakras, ditch the person from your life. This may help you with the finding out the reasons why you may be insecure in life. Could it be that ex knight which turned out to be something you didn’t want to be?


Tarot – Ten of Swords


This essentially is a card of endings. The woman in the ground has the swords in her back, this is a death of all which hasn’t worked in the past for you. If you notice to the top of the picture, the clouds seem to be opening up, this to me indicates that there is something pleasurable on the way, BUT, you have to go through this painful process of ejecting all that doesn’t work.

Oracle – Transformation


As with the tarot card, this card indicates in internal death. In 3D life, it is deemed that happiness comes from having lots of money and material things, in the now of ascension and moving up the energy dimensions, this will all dissolve as you will find out that the real way to find real happiness is to follow your heart and your soul’s purpose. The figure in the card is standing in front of a tunnel with a light, use this light to guide you to your own path to happiness. It is a long time in coming, but, it is upon us. You won’t ever need to go back to 3D “fakery” once you have made the decision to be authentic to yourself.


Tarot – Queen of Swords


I feel this card is a confirmation about making choices, even thought she rules with her head as opposed to her heart, she still has compassion. She is also a strong and wise lady. The butterflies to me indicate in the card the change within, all those icky negative feelings being transmuted to compassion and the complete opposite, sometimes you have to use your heart to get out of sticky situations.

Oracle – Forest Frolic (Maiden)


This card is a reminder to not be too serious. Yes you have the chore and other tasks to do, but you need also to have your fun. Look to the Queen of Swords for inspiration, she lived largely in her head, so I am feeling that in this instance, to let your hair down is no mean thing, it helps you strengthen your mind in the long run and stops you feeling anxiety, depression etc as much. This is a card of compassion to your self through having some “me time”.


Tarot – Eight of Pentacles (reversed)


This card indicates that there is a waning desire to learn new things as there just is a sense of , “why isn’t anything happening?” or “What is going on?” as well as a frustration and irritation. This is I feel linked to the taking out of the old to make way for the nice things coming to you.

Oracle – Spirit Awakens


This is an interesting card to support the tarot card. This card addresses what to do about the frustration. Basically it is to look into your heart and soul purpose to feel happiness and this anxiety and frustration should diminish, if not completely, well on the way of doing so.


Tarot – The Hermit (Reversed)


This is an interesting card for a Saturday as it is traditionally a night for going out. When the card is reversed, this indicates that there is a feeling of being behind bars and aloneness without having a partner in crime.

Oracle – Spirit Guides


There is a feeling with this card about having the need to go within to listen to your guides. Yes you may be feeling a bit icky and alone, but today would be the most ample opportunity to connect with your spirit guides and address the situation with them on why you are lonely and feeling down in the dumps.


Tarot – King of Swords


The King of Swords is an interesting card to have for the end of the week as we are ending the week a lot more balanced and centred, the King has his sword ready for when he is needed but as he is to do with the suit of swords, he has the balance in his thoughts and emotions of not doing anything rash and live to regret it.

Oracle – Earth Angel


ConsciousOracle_34This card is a wonderful indication of how to apply being the “King of Swords” to everyday life. Just like him, you have to be strong and willing to protect yourself. The Earth Angel is a guardian like the King, but, she doesn’t have the sword to protect herself, she has reiki and her loving and thoughtful energy to do her protection but she is still being loving with her mind.

Theme for the week

Card 1:

Tarot – The Hanged Man


One of the themes of the week which is making itself known quite a bit is the ditching of the old outdated ideas which were of use in the fear riddled society of the 3D realm. To get a somewhat more meaningful life, we have to ditch the way of living there and looking within. No literal hanging is needed though!

Oracle – Heart Chakra


We have a reappearance of a card which was earlier on in the reading. In this aspect overall, it is very much a week to be engaged in the heart chakra overall on both the energetic and spiritual levels. This will be so beneficial once it is done though.

Card 2:

Tarot – Justice


I am also feeling that although the energy of the week is somewhat bleugh and not great, hence the need to go within, this is the best thing you can do as this is all part of the divine plan for you. Whoop whoop!

Oracle – Nature Spirits

ConsciousOracle_35Nature spirits

This card is an excellent card to support the heart chakra on the spiritual level. All living things not have a soul attached to them, this card is saying that we have to make an extra effort in seeing & feeling this energy. It is there and may make you frustrated when trying to feel the energies, but, once you do feel it. It is excellent. Take notice of how pure their spirits are, This is where the Earth Angel aspect comes into the reading with energy work.

That concludes the reading for the week. Next week will be using the Woodlands Wisdom Oracle.

Have a lovely week.



Magical Buffet #Tarot Column

The Magical Buffet featured the Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg in their Moonlight Tarot's Question corner.

This column is intended to provide messages from the Tarot to address
modern problems experienced by everyday people. Questioners, also
known as “Querents” submit requests to have their issue addressed in a
complimentary three card Tarot Reading published as part of the Magical
Buffet. The reading not only addresses the Querent’s issue but also
provides education about the role of Tarot as a tool for exploration and

It’s November, and love is in the air…at least it is for our Querent
who will be referred to as Helena. She writes in wanting to know if the
man she is seeing is as serious about the relationship as she is.
Whether her relationship has long term commitment potential, and what
obstacles she may face in this relationship as well as general advice
for the future are also questions on her mind. For this reading the
Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg is used. The resulting cards drawn are ….read the full blog here.

Multiple #Tarot Decks?

There are many great blogs on the web. A favorite of ours is the Tarot-ically Speaking by Madhavi Ghare. Last week she shared an experience about reading with two (or more) Tarot decks.

Madhavi shared, "Doing a Tarot reading with two or more Tarot decks was one of the most fascinating experiences I have had in my entire career as a professional Tarot card reader. Not only was it more illuminating, but it was also challenging and interesting for the client. Normally, most Tarot card readers end up using a…Click here to see the full blog.

Enjoy! Share some of your favorite blogs in the comments here. Let's make it about others so share someone else's blog instead of yours!

Ask A Reader 3 #Tarot

Today's Ask A Reader comes from X who has two possible apartments to move to. We drew from the Joie de Vivre Tarot. I want to point out that I drew blind and put them on the scanner without looking at them first. I was suprised by the cards! Seems like a clear cut case, but is it?

First apartment Pro/Con

USGS_JdVplace1 (1024x779)

Second apartment Pro/Con

USGS_JdVplace2 (1024x766)

So what advice can you offer X today? Which living situation seems to be the better of the two?