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Mystery Deck: What deck am I?

Time for a round of "guess that deck" .

Here are the images. Let's hear your guesses!



If you use an image locater (you know who you are! lol), please don't post your answer for at least 8 hours to give others a chance to guess. 🙂

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Wednesday’s Mystery Card Revealed



So did you guess correctly that Wednesday's mystery card was Temperance from the Rider-Waite Tarot? what do you know about this card? When you get it in a reading, how do you generally interpret it?

ViscontiSforzaTemperance Did you know that the Visconti-Sforza Temperance did not have wings? I think that her hair gives the idea of wings. Do you agree? Did you notice that she doesn't have anything flowing from her jugs? You are just left to imagine that she is transferring something. The colors are reflected in the Rider-Waite. Her red arms become the angel's red wings.  Her blonde hair is the same only shorter. Her feet don't touch water and earth like the Rider-Waite Temperance, but both have mountains in the background.

Another bit of trivia about this card is that  it is thought that this card was done by someone other than the artist who did the majority of this deck. Why it is a different artist seems to remain a mystery though.


Patrick Valenza takes a unique look at Temperance in his Deviant Moon Tarot pictured above. His moon-faced winged woman is a far cry from what I imagine Plato thought of when he offered up his virtues. Did you know that some people refer to Temperance as Restraint? How does that change your own opinion of this card? Do you already read that as part of the card's meanings?

The curious face of this Temperance draws me in. Is the hidden face of the moon peeking out the one we need to focus on? When you compare it to the sweet and simple angel of the Tell-Me Tarot, do you get different meanings or not? Something else to review is which hand is up and which is down?  Below are the Temperance card from the Tell-Me Tarot and from the Archeon Tarot. What are some things that you see in all of these cards? What is missing from the original Rider-Waite in these others (or re-interpreted) that you notice?



What is a Temperance card that you love? Is it one of these or does another one catch your fancy? Think about the colors as well as the vessels in use. What are they pouring? Is it tangible or not tangible? What does that mean to you?

 Looking forward to talking about Temperance…in moderation of course.



And, just for fun, here's Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He's Temperance in that unpublished Tarot deck from Rachel Pollack and Paul Lee.


Guess the U.S. Games Deck #2

Question Smiley Quick Note: A little bird told me that the fine denizens at U.S. Games Systems HQ really dig these Guess the Deck posts. Although our V.P. of Marketing and Sales–Codename Corporate Ron–tried to bribe me with a Buffalo Nickel, I stayed resolute, refusing to divulge the answer to Guess the Deck #1. In another sneaky maneuver, he asked our Creative Director who, unfortunately, relayed the correct deck to Corporate Ron. A word of caution to the Art Department: Loose lips sink ships. If anyone around HQ starts to ask you a string of questions about a deck, be on high alert! He (or she) is trying to solve Guess the Deck the easy way.

Back to our regularly scheduled program…

Hi folks! It's time for Guess the Deck #2. Listens as the cyber-crowd goes wild.

Which USGS deck has a creator that:

  • Switches traditional masculine/feminine suit associations by making Pentacles masculine and Wands feminine
  • Embodies the King of Cups card
  • Is a Pisces
  • Favors the number 4
  • Considered The World the most challenging card to render
  • Re-names the Pages as Heralds

Have fun!

— Janet

Guess the U.S. Games Deck #1

Q Mark 1 Hi all!

I'm pleased to bring you yet another fun feature on the Fool Stop Tarot Blog: the Guess the Deck game!

I'm going to describe a U.S. Games Systems deck and you try to guess which one it is.

In the future, some Guess the Deck games, as well as Tarot Mysteries (formerly Tarot CSI), will also serve as giveaways. Hooray! (We all love free stuff, right?)

So here's the inaugural Guess the Deck challenge:

Which USGS deck shows:

  • A woman about to eat a fish in the 4 of Cups
  • The Eiffel Tower being hit by lightning
  • A hang-gliding figure in the 6 of Swords
  • Mona Lisa and a goose in the 6 of Cups
  • Two bottles instead of pillars in The Moon

Lastly, the artist of this deck describes herself as a painter of "surrealism and suspicious realism".

Have fun!

— Janet