Introducing the Art of Life #Tarot Deck

We here at US Games Systems Inc are excited about a new Tarot deck called Art of Life Tarot which will be releasing very soon. This unique deck combines masterpieces of art with masterpieces of words. Reviews are already rolling in.

Charlene says, "…by drawing inspiration from my background in art history and my lifelong passion for quotations, I could capture the essence of the meanings behind each card while simultaneously encouraging the reader to interpret its personal meaning."


 One thing we love is the box design. It is a heavy-duty weight with a stand-up lid that serves as an easel. You can slide in your card of the day to use it for your daily focus.

Donnaleigh de la Rose was moved to tears. She says, ""I sank into the cards, their quotes, and marveled at how closely I felt they interacted with my life." You can see her full review here.

Don't miss the review from Christiana Gaudet who had this to say. "Art of Life Tarot from U.S. Games is a truly unique and valuable deck. It easily teaches two important concepts with which tarot students often struggle." You can enjoy her review here.

Janet Boyer says, "I marveled at the Art of Life Tarot." Read the full review here.

Zanna Star remarked, "I am truly impressed and delighted with the choices of art and quotations chosen by Charlene Livingstone for the cards in Art of Life Tarot." You can read the full review here. ArtofLife_Wands3

See how Tarot blogger, Koneta Bailey, uses the Art of Life tarot in her daily draw here. She comments, "The quote on the card pretty much sums it up… Don’t you think?"

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Want this deck? Ask your retailer to order it for you from U.S. Games today. It will be in your hands as soon as we have it.

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  1. Yvonne Rose

    What a lovely way to view Art from the Classics & their symbols within in each painting & Artist..
    teaching the message regarding the Tarot!

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