Ask A Reader 4 #Tarot: Hate Speech & Political Discourse

A Facebook follower, Dan P. asked “Why do folks think that hate speech is political discourse?”.

So I pulled three cards.

What do you think the following cards mean for this question? I drew them with no positions. This is simply the three cards I got in response to the question.


These cards are from the Art Of Life Tarot new from U.S. Games, 2012.

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7 thoughts on “Ask A Reader 4 #Tarot: Hate Speech & Political Discourse

  1. Kim DeCina

    The Two of Swords (blindness to the feelings of others) and the Three of Swords (lashing out because of hurt you feel has been done to you or the world around you) both came really easily to me. But The Sun was a little harder, until I realized: some people are simply basking so much in their own righteousness that they fail to think critically, to imagine they could possibly be wrong or be failing to see another point of view. That puts discourse as the furthest thing from their minds.

  2. Rae della Luna

    I love this combination! It expresses the lack of peace created by hate speech: the agenda of polarity which is a deceitful way to engage as it takes the discussion off topic when all should be contributing on the topic. Sometimes, hate speech is a means of simply injecting discord when one has nothing to contribute to the discussion. Those influences from the Two meet the cruelty of the Three, where the hater disconnects personal hurts from the reality of their hurtful nature expressed in their discourse. The hater lacks clarity, is not engaged on the actual topic, and the result is a sad ending to the discussion. There is certainly nothing fulfilling in the lack of peace created while failing to communicate on the topic, except perhaps satisfying the emotional needs of the hater. Careful assessment will expose that the hater craves that fulfilment, and could prevent repeated experiences with them… The Sun. I would not be surprised to see all of these cards reversed, for those who use reversals. 😉

  3. Deborah Outland

    If you think of The Sun as a “feel good” card, it’s not a huge step to thinking in this case, of a “security blanket”. Thus, the hate activity is a security blanket for those doing it–keeping them protected and feeling good about themselves.
    I am particularly fond of the Gaian Tarot’s 2 of Air (Swords), which emphasizes the need to listen to one’s surroundings. In this case, it is not the “good” the haters are listening to, but those who agree with them, and make it permissible to express such ideas as reasonable comments.
    Finally the 3 of Swords is a card of pain and percieved loss. Those who are hate speakers have experienced heartbreak, in some form, and this is ultimately the root cause of the hate talk in the first place. Add in the “it’s OK” attitude of others of like mind, and the speaker can wrap himself up in a nice soft blanket of peer approval, and feel insulated from further painful experiences.

  4. Malinda Perkins

    I love it when the deck choosen for the reading so perfectly fits the queston! Those that tout hate as a political view point do so because that is how they actually see it. (2 of Swords.) It serves the purpose of revealing them (the Sun) – and those with whom the hate speech resonates – for who they are, persons stuck at a place in their spiritual development (2 of Swords.) We others who find this hatred disturbing and heart breaking (3 of Swords) are given the opportunity to light the path (the Sun) to love, acceptance and peace, whether we do this in a big way, or simply by allowing others to see us turning away from the darkness and taking a step into the light.

  5. Arwen

    I went with the quotes more than anything.
    We begin with the Sun and a Nietzsche (how appropriate for a hate speech question, right?) quote about the way of the best happiness.
    Those that engage in hate speech as political discourse really believe that is where happiness lies. In their way and only their way.
    Then they evolve into that hate and become it. As Emerson says, “As a man thinketh so is he.” And that’s just so right here. Thoughts become things.
    Then the last card shows Emerson again stating that the difficulties can be surmounted. I think, in this case, the three of swords is a hopeful card (weird for me actually.) It is showing that we can get past this climate of hate speech.

  6. Christiana Gaudet

    These three cards speak very clearly to me. With the Sun, the “hate-speaker” is coming from a place of ego. The speaker truly feels he/she is in the right, and has no need to check facts, check in, or check their ego at the door.
    The Two of Swords speak to three facts. The speaker is blind to Universal Truth, is acting without compassion (crossed-off heart) and is presenting him/herself as a balanced peace-maker, simply offering an opinion.
    The Three of Swords may suggest a reason the speaker is the way he/she is. Clearly this person has been hurt in the past, and is acting from that place of hurt. Of course, the hurt is further perpetuated as the hate-speech hurts others.
    So, the answer to the question is clear. “Why do folks think that hate speech is political discourse?” Because they are acting from a place of hurt, and from a place of ego.

  7. Barbara Oliver

    When a person does the “hatespeech” thing, it all comes from ego, too much of it (sun) and gives only a temporary satisfaction (2 of swords) to the person. What happens is that instead of endearing onesself to others one separate ones self from those who you originally sought out to impress with ones negative yet “enlightened” thought process.

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