3Jane’s Astral Pyramid Reading

3Jane requested that her Astral Pyramid reading use the Happiness house.


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In row two (which actually starts with row one the Astral House card of Happiness), she got the Crown and the Ladder. The next two weeks will see her getting a lot of attention at work. She will not have to work too hard to be noticed. There may even be a promotion in the works. If she has any projects out, I think this indicates a lot of good news for her.


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Row two, the three week (or day or month…I'm just sticking to week for now) shows the Eagle, the Star and the Knot. So this is a two-against-one week. Two cards indicate triumph and one failure. I am going to say that 3Jane's happiness may take a blow but it will all work out. And for the better in the long run. This feels like one of those arguments that brings out old issues that will finally get fully worked out. Good week. Hard discussions that lead to more commitment. When I look at these I also see that 3Jane will need to avoid tying herself into knots over little things.


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Row four is a bit of a mixed bag. Looks like 3Jane will need to be careful not to overdo it with the partying otherwise, she may need bail money! She's going to have to stay strong though to overcome any blocks to her personal happiness.

So that's my first Astral Pyramid reading. I did not use the book. I wanted to show you how easy this deck is to read with even without the detailed write-ups in the book for each card.

3Jane, what do you think?

3 thoughts on “3Jane’s Astral Pyramid Reading

  1. 3Jane

    Thank you for the reading!
    I’m not expecting any promotions at work, but we celebrate everyone’s birthday with a cake and singing and I got a cake yesterday. I already had a hard discussion as well. I certainly hope I wil not need any bail money, as I’m not a hard party type of person. When I look at the bull, I think about willpower training, regular exercise and such, which is something I intended to do this year.
    As for the rest of the reading, I think I will have to come back to it after some time has passed and see how it relates to what has happened.
    On the whole it strikes me that some vague cards have come up in the reading: guaranteed success, unsuccessful plans, successful outcome, climbing towards success, triumph over obstacles. These would be great if they were accompanied by a card signifying an area of life (like jug + pail), but aren’t very useful in larger groups (like star + knot + eagle). If I was reading these cards, I’d be a bit stumped in several places.

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