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TarotBlogHop: Winter Solstice 2016


Joanne Sprott gives us our topic of “So, pick a card or cards or develop a spread that you think reveals a useful message from the Dark or Hidden realm of life. What can we learn from those messages as we wait for the return of the Light, and how do you find uses for the dark times in your own life?”

The dark or hidden realm can be scary to some of us. Others revel in it and dive into it. We are going to look at it as fertile ground. Seeds need dark time before they sprout. Many alcoholic beverages require a waitng time before they are drinkable. So too do we humans require quiet times for recharging.

So here is a spread to help you with your recharging needs.


  1. What part of me needs recharging the most?
  2. How can I make time for the quiet that I need?
  3. What is my best way of honoring this time of recharging?

We invite you to do this spread then leave your thoughts in the comments. We would love to hear from you!