2014 Imbolc Tarot Blog Hop: Increasing Creativity

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U.S. Games is happy to be joining in another round of the Tarot Blog Hop. Our wrangler for this round is Tarot Grandmaster Christiana Gaudet. She challenged our group to write about β€œTarot, Healing and Creativity.”

In Paulina Cassidy’s newest deck (not Tarot), she offers up the idea of choosing two to three of her Witchlings to combine their energy. We offer up this spread to increase your creativity. We chose three Witchlings to serve as the positions of our Tarot spread. You are invited to share what cards you draw and anything you might like to share. There’s even a contest for you.

Spread for Increasing Creativity

    • Meditation,Witchlings by Paulina CassidyMeditation: The Witchling is Jasmine.

      Meditation is not just a journey
      But a shedding of worry and stress.
      Jasmine attunes her mind often
      To keep herself safe from distress.

      This spot will show you what type of meditation might benefit you most in terms of your creative processes. Some find chanting the most relaxing while others prefer to zone out to music. Maybe you are a walking meditation type. See what your cards tell you here.

    • Wish, Witchlings by Paulina CassidyWish: Orchid is the Witchling for this card.

      Orchid wished for happiness
      And then after a short while
      Her rain turned sunny
      Leaving her face with a smile.

      The second Witchling brings you the message of wishing. Creativity is fostered and fed by imagination. What better way to open up our creative channels than with a wish. Draw a card and see where your wishes can take you.

  • Relaxation, Witchlings by Paulina CassidyRelaxation: Petunia is our third and final Witchling.

    Like a river, Petunia flows
    So relaxed to end her day.
    Her mind melds into her spirit
    And with her body, drifts away.

    Our lovely third Witchling suggest that relaxation is the third way to increase your creativity. Sometimes, the brain just needs an out, right? So what card falls here can suggest some ways to relax and just let go.

    Why don’t you draw three cards from your nearest deck now? Share what they are for the positions of Meditation, of Wish and of Relaxation. One comment will be chosen to win their own Witchlings deck.

    Get extra entries for sharing this post on Facebook or Twitter or Google+ or Tumblr. Just leave the link in an additional comment. Good luck.

P.S. Click on the images to view them in a larger format.

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18 thoughts on “2014 Imbolc Tarot Blog Hop: Increasing Creativity

  1. Bev

    I thought it would only be appropriate to use my copy of the Paulina Tarot for this and it proved to be very interesting! In the first position, I drew The Fool. Perfect! I am prone to obsess over how to get things done and I know I can lose sight of the goal in that process, and here we have the wonderful Fool – focused on the goal and paying no mind to how to get there. So perhaps I need to meditate on the outcome and trust I will find my way to it.

    My second card is the Four of Pentacles. Earlier today, I was just reflecting on what I *really* want. I want to feel safe. I want to feel I have hold of what I need and that no one is in a position to take that from me. And in this card we have someone doing what she can to protect what she has. So, yes, I wish to feel safe and protected.

    My third card baffled me. I drew The Emperor. I don’t see much relaxing there! But given some thought, I suffer from insomnia. I get little rest and sometimes I’m up all night and then struggling through the day. I know one of my biggest problems is that at the moment, my life lacks structure and that is not good for an insomniac. Yes, structure – and there you have the Emperor.

    Thank you for this post – it was certainly though provoking! πŸ™‚

  2. Robert Wyatt

    Tarot is creativity incarnate. I began studying the cards years ago because they fascinated me and I loved the artwork but I was no more intuitive than a rock. Only by studying the images of different cards and different decks did I learn to be creative with my interpretations. Creativity and intuition are sisters, inseparable. Some Tarot readers (like myself) are made, not born.

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  4. Renee Monroe

    I used my Radiante Rider Waite deck and pulled the Devil rx:
    I need to break free of the negative thinking (criticism, self-consciousness) that block me.

    Second card was Judgment:
    I have a good eye, I’m a decent writer, and I need to trust my skills.

    Third card: 9 of Cups
    Following this line of thinking will undoubtedly make my wish come true!

    Thanks! This was fun.

  5. Stefan Dollak

    This exercise is very similar to one that I use almost daily. For this occasion, I reached for an old favorite: a deck that I’ve had for over 25 years, and miraculously stayed with me through moving, storage, and periods of neglect: my beloved Rolla Nordic tarot.

    For “Meditation,” I drew the four of cups. Four suggests stability, and the cups, like even numbers, are also a passive element, being receptacles to be filled with the wonderful, wild elixirs of living. I thought for some time on the importance of not losing sight of that, and acknowledging these emotions with my family on a regular basis.

    The “Wish” card turned out to be the six of wands. Wands, to me, tend to indicate the work involved with artistic and creative endeavor, and the number six has a reflective quality to its passive balance. Personally, this is hard to grasp: my wishes involving artistic endeavor generally revolve around financial success. Perhaps the card is suggesting that my wishes should really focus on self-reflection in my creativity. After all, this is what my wife does, without any thought of financial gain, and she has clients trying to out-bid each other for her artwork! Sometimes we need to draw a card to reveal what’s obviously happening.

    For “Relaxation,” the ten of cups was drawn. Another surprising card. But my Rolla Nordic deck is like that; being devised by one of the sassiest (yet gentle) witches of the 20th century, I have noticed that this deck tends to tell me not what I want to hear, but what I need to hear. I worry about money too often, and I always think that I’ll be relaxed and able to enjoy life if I had just a little more money. The tens not only suggest the fullness of completion, but also the beginning of a change or transformation to the next step, which could be the court cards, or another suit, depending on how one orders their cards. And of course, the cups are receptacles of emotions. Preoccupation tends to re-route emotions from their organic pathways.

    Between the stability suggested by the earlier four of cups and now this ten of cups, with the wands motif as a fulcrum, this spread is certainly telling me something very critical about my intent at approaching personal creativity. Perhaps I need more emotional reflection and less intent on money, money, money?

  6. Karen Sealey

    I pulled 10 of Cups, Temperance, Fool… though I’m not going to write them up… I’m going to leave them sitting around until I get the urge to do some drawing…

  7. sylvi shayl

    My nearest deck is actually the Fantod deck so I’ll just go with my nearest reading deck which is currently the Hidden Realms Tarot.

    Meditation – The Moon, which is just about perfect (for me) since it is all about dreams, illusions, messages from night realms and the subconscious. The unexpected and untamed surfaces under the influence of the Moon. In the Moon’s realm nothing is as it seems which is wonderful for sparking creativity.

    Wish – King of Swords, is a cool calm intellect who applies logic in the analysis of a situation. For someone whose primary creative interests involve learning and writing this is an important tool to apply to problems – remain calm, step back, and think things through. Or perhaps it is the King himself wanting a place as a concrete identity in what I create – write me, draw me, paint me, sing me etc.

    Relaxation – Strength. This card is about the wild and the civilised sides of my nature and reconciling the two. If the wild side cuts loose it destroys the civilised side, if the civilised side becomes dominant it tames, and thus destroys, the wild animal. Peace (ergo relaxation) comes when I acknowledge that man and beast or the instinctual Moon qualities and the logical Sword King’s qualities are both vital and need to be balanced. For both are valid and necessary paths to and through the creative process.

    1. Stefan Dollak

      I love Gorey’s Fantod Pack! I think your should have used that for this spread. You know… shake things up a bit!

  8. Olivia

    What a cool spread! Let’s see…..8 of Cups as meditation, which is very fitting as I do find walks to be most centering and invigorating. 3 of Coins as wish: slowly building up a new foundation, engaging with and learning from/with others. Page of Wands for relaxation, telling me not to be so serious…childlike creativity, an open source, unrestrained flow…let it all go!

  9. Lynda H

    Lovely spread! I used my Fenestra deck (it was nearest at hand) and drew:

    Meditation: Ace of Cups
    Metaphorically, this has to do with emotional and spirituality – becoming open to feelings, as opposed to approaching things analytically. For me, spiritually, the Well or Cauldron is the source of all life On a literal level, I thought of the sound of fountains, and gazing into water as a method of meditation.

    Wish: III The Empress
    My wish for creativity is to embody creativity! lol. The empress expresses creative energy from a place of abundance – my wishes are to infuse every aspect of my life with creativity and to nurture it in others – to ‘mother’ things into being. A part of this for me is learning to broaden my definition of what’s creative – to realize it is everywhere and in everything I do and to approach my efforts with that understanding.

    Relaxation: XII: The Hanged Man
    Another quite to the point card – relax by ‘hanging out’, by not DOing anything. Be an observer rather than a participant and get comfortable with that. Let go of being in charge. Not everything is a job! I also sometimes see the Hanged Man as a seed…. fruit that is not yet ripe enough to fall. Relaxation – doing nothing – is a seed that, when it is ready, will fall and grow into something the Empress can give birth to.

    Much to think on – thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Sharon

    I used the Druidcraft tarot and drew Death, the Seven of Pentacles, and the Queen of Swords. I chose to focus on the images of the cards for the interpretations.

    1. What type of meditation might benefit my creativity (Death)?

    Quiet meditation. Somewhere still and silent such as a dimly lit room. Incense might help. Meditation during the evening may be especially useful.

    2. Where will my creative wishes take me (Seven of Pentacles)?

    To the natural world where I’ll be exploring plants, herbs, and sacred trees. Working alone, harvesting ingredients, building a foundation for something that lasts.

    3. How can I relax and let my creativity flow (Queen of Swords)?

    By setting aside blocks of undisturbed time for painting and writing. Through a strong no-nonsense attitude to distractions and interruptions.

    Fantastic! Thanks for the spread πŸ™‚

  11. Christiana Gaudet

    What a great spread, and what a cute deck! I love that the spread is to “increase creativity.” When we are proactive with the power of divination we are really able to make positive change!

  12. Bonnie

    Intriguing spread — I am going to have to try this! I’m fascinated by the Witchlings deck as well…had never seen that before.

  13. Peej

    Oooooh – what a cool idea. You guys always give me new things to think about when it comes to uses of tarot!

    I used one of my favorite U. S. Games decks for this exercise: The Whimsical Tarot.

    Meditation – The Hierophant. Interesting, since the Hierophant is a leader/teacher. Could it be that creativity could be increased by teaching? We do learn from one another, that’s for sure!

    Wish – The Tower. This is represented by the Three Little Pigs story – with the wolf blowing down the house. I know lately my creativity has felt a bit stuck. Maybe it’s because I do the same thing – perhaps it’s time to blow down the barriers and try something new!

    Relaxation – Ace of Rods – Beginnings, creativity – there are butterflies all over this card. I tend to be a bit rigid, even in my creative endeavors. I think I need to let go and fly – !

  14. sun spirit studio

    For the meditation, I drew The Fool. For the wishes came The Wheel of Fortune and for relacing , the 4 of Swords. I was very happy w/ these…..I’ll be watchful in my meditations and lucky in my wishes and restful in my relaxing! Thank you for introducing me to this use of the Tarot!

  15. Sandie

    Using Nathalie Hertz’ fabulous Faerie Tarot I drew:

    Meditation: The High Priestess

    I have recently renewed my interest in Yoga and last week on my birthday my son and his girlfriend surprised me with the gift of a diploma course – in Yoga! I don’t believe in coincidence and feel already that my path is becoming clearer once again.

    High Priestess reminds me that all I need is within myself. She seems to offer a sacred scroll – a study in the sutras perhaps? Perhaps as I work on my studies of this ancient wisdom, I shall reconnect with what is really important to me.

    Wish: The Devil

    There you stand, little man, pulling faces and daring me to pass. Well, I believe I shall. For your rules are not my rules and I shall not be bound by them.

    I am my own conscience, and I dare to dream. Each of us must dream our own dreams and weave our own paths. My wishes are my own, and I shall dare to begin creating my own reality again, despite what may stand in my way.

    Relaxation: Page of Cups

    Once again, I become the dreamer – singing my songs, writing my words, spinning my tales and weaving my dreams. For the Page of Cups sings of visions and love and he speaks to my heart. He says – if your heart is true and your path is pure, then you walk in beauty.


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