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Mabon Tarot Blog Hop 2013

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Divination and Myth. That is the topic for this September Blog Hop. We here at U.S. Games have so many great decks to choose from for a mythological theme.

AncestralPath_1MagicianWe thought we would feature the Ancestral Path Tarot.

AncestralPath_11StrengthThe Ancestral Path Tarot by Julie Cuccia-Watts threads together the diverse beliefs of various cultures in order to find commonalities of experience between them. It examines the traditions of our ancestors through mythology to reclaim a personal spirituality that enables us to perceive the divine in ourselves and others. The Ancestral Path Tarot emphasizes the living tradition of all human cultures for us to factor into our world view. The deck portrays paths created by ancestors of different times and cultures for our consideration.

AncestralPath_12SwordsThis unique deck features a different culture for each suit. Cups celebrate the legends of Arthur and the British Isles. Sacred Circles (Pentacles) offer up the paths of the Native Americans. Japan holds reign over the swords while Staves (Wands) takes you on a journey through Egypt.

AncestralPath_13WandsThe Major Arcana display a mix of pantheons with some of the artist’s friends and family showing up as characters. This reappearance of the Ancestral Tarot is one we are all very proud of.


If you have this deck, what are your favorite cards?


See more of the Ancestral Path Tarot here. Thanks for leaving us a comment. We love knowing you were here. And do join us on our Facebook page where we have daily questions.

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Using Oracles With Tarot

This was originally posted at Readings by Arianhod. We thought it was an intriguing combination of using a tarot deck in conjunction with an oracle deck.

Shared with permission.

Weekly read 9th – 15th September


This week’s reading will be done with the Crystal Visions Tarot / Conscious Spirit Oracle combo. It will be tarot first then oracle, so lets begin, apologies for the length of the post this week by the way:


Tarot – Five of Swords


This cars is talking about deceit and betrayal. Monday is a day where there may just be a proverbial “Stab in the back”. The really interesting thing is that although the person who did the betrayal has 3 swords with them, they are looking back to the person. Does the person who did the back stabbing feel somewhat guilty in what they have done?

Oracle – Sacral Chakra


This chakra known as Svadhistana, (Sweetness) is linked to emotions and water etc and its colour is orange. This card strengthens the tarot card by mirroring the betrayal aspect as this card is to watch out for sexuality and emotions being used to manipulate you by other people, or indeed, you manipulating them. Perhaps the distrust of other people is caused by some past hurt, so I would look into that aspect as well.


Tarot – Knight of Wands (Reversed)


This is looking like it is carrying on from yesterday with the deceit issue. When the Knight of Wands is reversed, it means that the someone around you maybe immature, rash and generally not a nice person to be around. Watch out for them on Tuesday if you are in a relationship with them, be it work or romance.

Oracle – Heart Chakra


Tuesday is a day for looking at all your love relationships which you have. There is both pink and green, which signifies the spiritual and energetic chakras of the heart, so this card is super powerful. If you are in relationships which DO NOT satisfy you in either or the afore mentioned chakras, ditch the person from your life. This may help you with the finding out the reasons why you may be insecure in life. Could it be that ex knight which turned out to be something you didn’t want to be?


Tarot – Ten of Swords


This essentially is a card of endings. The woman in the ground has the swords in her back, this is a death of all which hasn’t worked in the past for you. If you notice to the top of the picture, the clouds seem to be opening up, this to me indicates that there is something pleasurable on the way, BUT, you have to go through this painful process of ejecting all that doesn’t work.

Oracle – Transformation


As with the tarot card, this card indicates in internal death. In 3D life, it is deemed that happiness comes from having lots of money and material things, in the now of ascension and moving up the energy dimensions, this will all dissolve as you will find out that the real way to find real happiness is to follow your heart and your soul’s purpose. The figure in the card is standing in front of a tunnel with a light, use this light to guide you to your own path to happiness. It is a long time in coming, but, it is upon us. You won’t ever need to go back to 3D “fakery” once you have made the decision to be authentic to yourself.


Tarot – Queen of Swords


I feel this card is a confirmation about making choices, even thought she rules with her head as opposed to her heart, she still has compassion. She is also a strong and wise lady. The butterflies to me indicate in the card the change within, all those icky negative feelings being transmuted to compassion and the complete opposite, sometimes you have to use your heart to get out of sticky situations.

Oracle – Forest Frolic (Maiden)


This card is a reminder to not be too serious. Yes you have the chore and other tasks to do, but you need also to have your fun. Look to the Queen of Swords for inspiration, she lived largely in her head, so I am feeling that in this instance, to let your hair down is no mean thing, it helps you strengthen your mind in the long run and stops you feeling anxiety, depression etc as much. This is a card of compassion to your self through having some “me time”.


Tarot – Eight of Pentacles (reversed)


This card indicates that there is a waning desire to learn new things as there just is a sense of , “why isn’t anything happening?” or “What is going on?” as well as a frustration and irritation. This is I feel linked to the taking out of the old to make way for the nice things coming to you.

Oracle – Spirit Awakens


This is an interesting card to support the tarot card. This card addresses what to do about the frustration. Basically it is to look into your heart and soul purpose to feel happiness and this anxiety and frustration should diminish, if not completely, well on the way of doing so.


Tarot – The Hermit (Reversed)


This is an interesting card for a Saturday as it is traditionally a night for going out. When the card is reversed, this indicates that there is a feeling of being behind bars and aloneness without having a partner in crime.

Oracle – Spirit Guides


There is a feeling with this card about having the need to go within to listen to your guides. Yes you may be feeling a bit icky and alone, but today would be the most ample opportunity to connect with your spirit guides and address the situation with them on why you are lonely and feeling down in the dumps.


Tarot – King of Swords


The King of Swords is an interesting card to have for the end of the week as we are ending the week a lot more balanced and centred, the King has his sword ready for when he is needed but as he is to do with the suit of swords, he has the balance in his thoughts and emotions of not doing anything rash and live to regret it.

Oracle – Earth Angel


ConsciousOracle_34This card is a wonderful indication of how to apply being the “King of Swords” to everyday life. Just like him, you have to be strong and willing to protect yourself. The Earth Angel is a guardian like the King, but, she doesn’t have the sword to protect herself, she has reiki and her loving and thoughtful energy to do her protection but she is still being loving with her mind.

Theme for the week

Card 1:

Tarot – The Hanged Man


One of the themes of the week which is making itself known quite a bit is the ditching of the old outdated ideas which were of use in the fear riddled society of the 3D realm. To get a somewhat more meaningful life, we have to ditch the way of living there and looking within. No literal hanging is needed though!

Oracle – Heart Chakra


We have a reappearance of a card which was earlier on in the reading. In this aspect overall, it is very much a week to be engaged in the heart chakra overall on both the energetic and spiritual levels. This will be so beneficial once it is done though.

Card 2:

Tarot – Justice


I am also feeling that although the energy of the week is somewhat bleugh and not great, hence the need to go within, this is the best thing you can do as this is all part of the divine plan for you. Whoop whoop!

Oracle – Nature Spirits

ConsciousOracle_35Nature spirits

This card is an excellent card to support the heart chakra on the spiritual level. All living things not have a soul attached to them, this card is saying that we have to make an extra effort in seeing & feeling this energy. It is there and may make you frustrated when trying to feel the energies, but, once you do feel it. It is excellent. Take notice of how pure their spirits are, This is where the Earth Angel aspect comes into the reading with energy work.

That concludes the reading for the week. Next week will be using the Woodlands Wisdom Oracle.

Have a lovely week.