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Mystery Deck: Reveal

Were you one of the ones who knew me right away? Did it take you a few clues? I tried to make myself hard to guess. Let me know how I did.


I am the Mystical Lenormand U.S. Games Systems Inc. ISBN 1572815345 by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter & Urban Trosch.

CLUE 1:The first thing most reviewers and users comment on is the gorgeous artwork.


CLUE 2: Each border of my cards is different.


CLUE 3: Urban is the so-called "city boy" in English speaking countries.


CLUE 4: I am considered a Petit Lenormand since I am only 36 cards. My 52 card cousin is the Grand Lenormand.

CLUE 5: The snippet show yesterday is from the front of my box as well as being the Stars card.

 The winner will be announced on Monday.

 Here are some of my images for you to enjoy. Click to see the larger image. Leave a comment here if you want to be included in the drawing for Monday.


Mystery Deck: Clue 5

I’m the mystery deck of the week. I’ll give you five clues–one for each day. I’ll tell you the answer on Saturday.

Fifth Clue: I’ve been shy about showing you myself but I know that helps. Here’s a small piece of me to share.


I’ll reveal all tomorrow.

Don’t forget to guess on each day! And, of course, I am a proud U.S. Games deck!

Mystery Deck: Clue 2

I'm the mystery deck of the week.

I'll give you five clues–one for each day. I'll tell you the answer on Saturday.

There is a prize included so guess away! Every guess–wrong or right–counts.

Second Clue: While I use borders, none of my borders are the same. I find that so restrictive.

Don’t forget to guess on each day! And, of course, I am a proud U.S. Games deck!

Mystery Deck: Clue 1

I'm the mystery deck of the week. I'll give you five clues–one for each day. I'll tell you the answer on Saturday.


There is a prize included so guess away! Every guess–wrong or right–counts.


First Clue: The first thing many say of me is how attractive I am. I try to not let it go to my head.


Don’t forget to guess on each day!

What Inspired Theresa Reed To Learn Tarot

by Theresa Reed

Reed-515121_web-199x300I’ve always been that curious child who couldn’t wait for Christmas day to arrive.  I’d get up late at night just to pick through the presents under the tree and try to figure out what treasures were waiting for me to unwrap in the morning.  I also had the good fortune of growing up with some very intuitive women so the psychic stuff was ordinary business in my household.

That combination is what probably is what drew me to tarot and other intuitive arts. But my doorway to tarot happened quite by accident.

As a typical teen, I struggled to figure out who I was and what my path might be.  I remember taking those vocational quizzes in high school and although they gave me some general direction, those tests never answered the deeper questions.  Why am I here?  What path might be best?  Does Doug think I’m cute?  (Well, that last question wasn’t very deep but I did lose sleep over it.)

At some point, I became fast friends with a girl who shared the same interests in underground music, subculture and foxy musicians (we are still friends to this day in case you are curious).  She also had an unusual mother who was a pianist and a psychologist.  And she happened to have a keen interest in astrology.


One day she sat me down and laid out my astrology chart.  I was blown away at what I learned!  Finally, I felt I had some answers on what made me tick!  This opened up a whole new world for me and I began to grab any astrology book I could get my hands on.

There was not much out there back in the day so pickings were slim.  It didn’t matter – I was gung ho and studying as much as I could.  One day, my parents took a rare trip to the mall and I went into the bookstore (I never cared much about clothing – but bookstores were already a dangerous addiction for me).  I headed straight for the new age section to see if there were any new astrology books. 

Marseilles_0FoolAs luck would have it, there were none.  But I did spy a tarot deck – the Marseilles Tarot!  I remembered seeing them on some television show and decided to buy the deck without much thought as to what I’d actually do with it.  (Little did I know on that fateful day that I’d be reading tarot full time one day.)

But once I opened the box and began playing around with it, I started to notice something odd happening – I felt my intuition kicking in and sometimes things would come out of my mouth simply from looking at the patterns.  In other words, I picked up on tarot rather quickly.  It wasn’t long before I tossed the book aside and began to read in earnest.

A few months later, back at the bookstore, I discovered the Rider Waite deck and that’s when the tarot really began to “sing” to me.  The images were clear, evocative and in my teenage mind, super cool! 

MR78_6It wasn’t long before I was occasionally reading for friends and they often remarked at how accurate the readings were.  This inspired me to keep going and keep learning.  I still practiced astrology but tarot seemed to resonate more with me so I poured myself into studying it and perfecting my skills.

For me, the tarot gave me insights, direction, things to consider and ponder.  It was a wonderful self development tool and a fantastic way for my introvert nature to connect with other people (I often called tarot an “instant friend maker”).  How lucky I am for connecting to my friend and finding my way to tarot – which became my closest friend and ally on my life’s journey.

Theresa Reed,  March 2013


Bio:   Theresa Reed (alias: The Tarot Lady) is an intuitive Tarot reader, astrologist, teacher, mentor & yogi with over twenty years of professional experience, industry street cred for miles, and thousands of clients in her digital rolodex. She’s devoted to helping people make better decisions & lead happier lives — using Tarot as an instigational tool for confident, bold & emotionally-intelligent action — in life, in love & in business. She is also the founder + leader of The Mystical Mogul Movement – a mission to help spiritual + metaphysical business owners get their sh*t together,  build strong + profitable empires, and experience the freedom they want + deserve.  Because running your own business is HOT — and even mystics gots to pay the bills.   Find her at: