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Tarot Blast From The Past: The Ukiyoe Tarot

It's a blast from our past! First published in 1982, this deck celebrates a specific style of Japanese art. Ukiyo-e 
is Japanese woodblock prints or paintings that depict the everyday life of ancient Japan (c. 16th century).

This Marseilles-style deck has long been a collector's dream and now we are bringing it back.

Ukiyoe_3Empress review by April Wagner
"You can’t please all of the Tarot readers all of the time, but I think this deck could come very close. Readers of all skill levels and most backgrounds will find this deck useful. Although this deck has a very specific theme, it is not a niche deck."


Tarot Passages review by Michele Jackson
"The art is beautiful. The colors are rich and deep and the drawings are very detailed, particularly in the patterns depicted in fabrics."


Amazon reviews from various
"…not only stunningly beautiful, but it really works."
"The subtle drama is carefully played out in each card."
"Every card has such lovely colors and artistry."

What do you think of this deck? Are you excited that we are bringing it back? Check back on Wednesday to test your reading skills with this deck