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CrystalVisions_14SwordsWelcome to the Yule Blog Hop. The theme our hostess/wrangler has proposed is “Turning Darkness Into Light”. You can find the blog post before us or after us or the Master list in the links at the top or bottom of this post.

One of the uses of Tarot is to guide people towards light–in a way. If you consider that they are in pain or are scared, then the Tarot can be seen as a path of light. For today’s post, we’ve created a Tarot spread for you. Standing At The Crossroads puts you in the center and offers you four choices. Rather than telling you which one is the right path, or, if you will pardon the pun, the Light path, this spread shows you four options. You get to choose where you want to be.

Crystal_StarCrossroads Spread

A five card spread.

1. This card represents you and what is going on with you right now.
2. This card represents Path One.
3. This card represents Path Two.
4. This card represents Path Three.
5. This card represents path Four.

Each card is a potential. If you get the Tower in one, you might be challenged to think of what must come down for you to walk that path.

Please share with us if you do this spread. Feel free to use it on your own blog with a link back to this post. And link your blog in your comment so others can visit you to see how you used this spread.

Crystal Visions Tarot

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12 thoughts on “2013 Yule Tarot Blog Hop

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  2. Bonnie

    I love this spread. I love its central idea that there is not a set future, but a series of alternatives from which we can choose. I will definitely be trying this one! Thank you.

  3. Paris

    Wonderful. I especially like how when I did this spread just now that one of the paths was the same card that came up for me when I did Arwen Lynch’s Oak-Holly-Sun exercise.

  4. Joanne Sprott

    Tried this really cool spread with some interesting and challenging results. I labeled the paths according to areas of my life and career I’m looking at pursuing (there happen to be four of these). Looks like I’m free to move in any direction, but all directions include major challenges (three swords cards and the Tower Reversed). One could also use this paths spread for other categories, like inner life, family life, business/career life, home and health, for example. It has lots of cool applications. Thanks!

  5. Chloe

    Love the Crystal Visions deck – a great one for when you might be facing challenging choices 🙂 And a spread that likewise looks more to potential than to determinism, that in itself is a light in the darkness!

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