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#Tarot Game: What Book Is This?

Agent Reader has done it again! She had a client who wanted to do a reading. During the reading the client mentioned a book she thought Agent Reader would enjoy but of course, Agent Reader forgot to write down the title. HELP!

Here's what she knows.

Death figures heavily in this book. The hero seems to be a time-traveler at times. He's definitely the King and Knight of Swords although he starts out as the Page of Swords.

The Eight of Wands figures heavily in this story but the Eight of swords shows up as well as Justice Rx.


The end of the book was a Six of Swords with a Twp of Cups twist.

What was this book that also was made into a movie?


Cards featured: Sun And Moon Tarot, Cat's Eye Tarot, Crystal Visions Tarot

Italian Vacation Anyone?

Arnell Ando has created a marvelous slideshow of their grand tour of Italy. She shares this in the hopes that you can see a "bit of the magic & wonder so atmospheric in bella Itali."

Come take a mini vacation with Arnell and friends.

Tarot Art & History Tour ~Italy 2011

Want to go yourself? Check out the upcoming 2012 Italy tour:

An Interview with the Cat’s Eye Tarot by Tarot Notes

Cats_EmperorWhat happens when cats interview the Cat's Eye Tarot? Read Tarot Notes to find out.

Here's a small excerpt.

As their servant, I naturally agreed to their plan. They elected the lovely Karma (aka Karmalita, Kars, or Karsby) to conduct the interview. They also stated that they would not require my presence during the interview, and that they would arrange for the interview to be transcribed and delivered to me at their convenience.