Tarot of Mystical Moments
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Tarot of Mystical Moments
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Popular inspirational artist Catrin Welz-Stein has created a magical tarot deck in her signature collage style with lush images drawn from her intuition and imagination. This unique 83-card deck, with a distinctively feminine point of view, includes five bonus cards: extra female versions of the four Kings and the Emperor. Readers can customize the deck by choosing which cards to include in their readings. Tarot of Mystical Moments features silver gilt-edged cards and a 96-page guidebook with upright and reversed meanings. Packaged in a two-piece, silver foil accented box.

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    Box measures: 3.635” x 5.375; Cards measure: 3.25” x 5”
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    Catrin Welz-Stein

What Customers Are Saying About Tarot of Mystical Moments

Tarot of Mystical Moments is a very beautiful, bright and colorful deck. Moreover, it is filled with inner meaning and idea. These cards are fabulous and mysterious. They don't reveal their meaning right away. It takes time to think about their images, the sensations they evoke, and your own feelings. Catrin's art is made in the technique of collage and are full of vivid images as if they came from dreams and fantasies. These cards trigger powerful emotions and are able to awaken your feelings and intuition.
Hermit Spiritus

One of the most unique parts of the deck is that the artist wasn’t a tarot expert upon designing the deck and in a way, the artistic choices have a fresh, whimsical, almost childlike feel to them, because the artist discovered the meaning of each card as she created it. The images are based on traditional RWS meanings but in an unconventional way — for example, suits don’t always appear on the cards traditionally, like on the Three of Wands, the “three” is represented as tentacle braids. I think this approach is both unusual and refreshing. There is some inclusivity of representation, in terms of culture and body types, which also makes this not your average deck. It is unapologetically female-oriented, which I definitely appreciate — in fact, the deck is not your usual 78 cards, but instead an 83-card deck. Why, you ask? Because all the traditional cards represented as male are re-imagined as female — think female King of Cups, etc. (Emperor and all 4 King cards). The owner of the deck can choose to leave out either gender representation or leave them all in, at their discretion. As with most decks produced by US Games Systems, the quality of the deck is top-notch.
Allie Marini, Goodreads

I waited so long to put this deck in my hands, I nearly cried upon seeing their beauty. Such a perfect tarot deck. The lining of the cards a radiant silver. Never have I seen such a magnificent deck. Catrin is one of my all time favorite artists but this one far surpassed any expectations I could have had. The booklet inside a quick run through of each card meaning. I love the extra choices between the more masculine cards. I'm just in absolute awe and can't wait to do my first reading with them.
Nova Leigh Walker, Amazon customer

I purchased Catrin Wetz-Stein’s Mystical Moments Oracle deck and was so enamored by her artwork that I searched for it and discovered she was creating a tarot deck! I preordered this deck in October and just received it. I absolutely love the visuals and symbols in the cards - her art provides the reader with so much more depth and meaning. I don’t mind a glossy finish at all and the card stock - to me - is the perfect weight.
JP, Amazon customer

I LOVE this tarot deck! I have admired Catrin's artwork for a long time and I am thrilled to see it in this format. Each illustration is poetic and magical and the quality of the deck is perfect. Really well priced too! Great gift for my friends who love art.
K.C., Amazon customer

Catrin Welz-Stein has created an artistically beautiful tarot deck that celebrates the physical plane feminine in all its occult diversity. She even made the four kings and The Emperor feminine (she later added five additional cards which provide masculine interpretations of those cards for traditionalists). She admits the project was daunting. She struggled to make the Smith-Waite Tarot symbolism her own. The end result is a series of illustrations that are impactful, insightful, and seductive. The women in these cards are powerful. They wear their strength along with their vulnerability. They are content within themselves even as they reach out to readers.
Welz-Stein has honored Pamela Colman Smith by connecting with her strength of spirit and bringing that energy of determination into current times. She has made the most popular, traditional tarot her own. Brava!
—Anna Jedrziewski, Tarotwise.com

The production quality is very high with this deck - good cardstock, sturdy box, silver gilding that stays on the cards, a decent booklet, flexible archetypes and a gloss finish that makes the images pop.
Now, as to the tarot itself. I own several non-standard tarot - Archeon, Chrysalis, & more, so I tend to pay attention to the booklets that come with them in order to learn their particular voices. Having said that, this is an unusually intuitive deck that makes itself really clear quite quickly.
This is a deck that lends itself very well to personal work and with its highly intuitive aspect, reads situations with a high degree of accuracy without a lot of arcane symbolism to decipher as well.
If the artwork speaks to you, highly recommended.
—Michele, Amazon customer

I didn’t really see the beauty of these cards until I had them in my hands. There is a gently beauty to the artwork and the interpretations of the cards that feels very comforting but fills you with an energetic curiosity. What has the artist hidden here? What will she paint next? They make your eyes dance across the table and activate your imagination which is perfect for me because intuitive “storyteller readings” are my favorite types of readings. The cards can also be read with basic RWS meanings, or using the correspondences in the guidebook making it balanced for beginners and advanced readers alike.
Robyn, Tarot collector and YouTuber

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