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Talisman Oracle
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Talismans are potent tools that strengthen the power of intention by guiding our thoughts and amplifying our energy. Talisman Oracle can be used in two ways—as an oracle deck with empowering messages and as a hands-on kit to craft your own talisman for manifesting desired outcomes in your life. You, the reader, are the true magic that makes the Talisman Oracle work.
This enchanting set includes 44 black gilt-edged cards adorned with magical sigils and sacred geometry, a packet of 44 sheets of vellum tracing paper, and an illustrated 112-page guidebook. Packaged in a spot varnished and foil-accented box.

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    Box measures 3.625” x 5.625”, 44 cards measure 3” x 5”
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    Nora Paskaleva

What Customers Are Saying About Talisman Oracle

A very fun, powerful deck with many uses, can be used as a regular divination deck, in meditation, and you can even create your very own personal talisman as the deck comes with vellum tracing paper that allows you to trace the symbols to create your own talisman that you can carry with you. I really enjoyed reading with this deck and also had so much fun drawing and creating my own talisman with all the different symbols. A very different and unique deck indeed, if you are looking for something new and different from the standard oracle decks, you may want to give this a try!
Anne Ti, Tarot collector & YouTuber

This is a 44 card deck designed to help you unlock and strengthen your energy with the use of magical sigils and sacred geometry. The deck comes with a beautiful black edging and a set of 44 vellum sheets for your own rituals. 

The artwork on the cards is lovely with so many details and aspects it’s perfect to sit and focus your energetic intentions. I found several cards that instantly called to me and will definitely be working with this magical deck in my practice.
GroundedbytheMoon, Author & tarot/oracle reader

I love the deck and I have a difficult time keeping in my shop. Beautiful and multi functional. I love it.
—CJ Withers, Shop owner

The Talisman Oracle by Nora Paskaleva is a gorgeous deck of 44 cards that strengthen the power of intention. The images in this deck feel like natural science studies found in the studio of a Renaissance artist. The imagery is paired with sacred geometry and sigils feel like ancient, magical, wisdom. While this deck functions as an oracle the option of creating your own talisman makes for an empowering, interactive, experience. 44 slips of vellum are provided as well as a tracing guide for each of the sigils on the cards and a glossary of symbols. The guidebook includes the card image, unique sigil, keyword, divination interpretation, talisman power, and affirmation. The Talisman Oracle guides you on a journey to, "manifest desired outcomes in your life."
—Indie Deck Review

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