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Simplicity Tarot
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Based on the familiar Rider-Waite® artwork, Simplicity Tarot presents uncluttered and uplifting watercolor imagery that helps readers focus on core meanings and concepts. Created with the beginning tarot learner in mind, this charming deck features keywords on the card faces for easy reference. The 100-page guidebook introduces readers to upright and reversed meanings and provides clear instructions for several card spreads. The gold glitter gilt-edged 80-card deck includes two bonus cards. Packaged in a two-piece, gold foil-accented box.

Emilie Muñiz was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She first fell in love with tarot when she was a child and has been reading the cards ever since. With over 20 years of tarot reading experience under her belt, Emilie is a professional tarot reader and teaches tarot reading to others. She also divines with other forms of divination such as the coffee cup, Lenormand decks, and Gypsy Witch oracle cards. She also practices Puerto Rican spirituality such as Espiritismo.

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    Emilie Muñiz

What Customers Are Saying About Simplicity Tarot

This was my first tarot deck that I ever purchased... and what a great first deck it was to get! It was easy to understand and the key words made it simple to decipher the messages. You can really tell the level of detail and thought that went into this deck and how much the author went into making this as simple as possible for a novice reader, like me, to understand.

Sandy, USGS customer

I have tried many types of tarot cards oracle cards etc., but I have to admit this deck is far more easy to comprehend especially if you are more of an intuitive reader. The new art concept design from a traditional deck with added "triggers" within each card helps my readings 10 fold, I have found my sessions have become more precise and smoother in the delivery of what I am seeing and trying to explain to my clients especially with the more complicated questions and situations. This is an awesome deck designed from a pro who understands the key points for readers from beginners to teachers. Highly recommended from a 30+ year reader!!

Terry, USGS customer

My fascination with divination systems stem from my own connection to Earth-Centered Religions. Tarot decks are easily available and function as a mystical tool to gaze into the future of those seeking to know more about what lies ahead. This divination tool drew me to learn the art of Tarot reading. I, however, was not successful. The time needed to master the art of reading and deciphering its symbols was not on my side. This changed. I received a “Simplicity Tarot” Deck as a gift.  I found the images and depiction of symbols and messages (bottle subtitles) to be “simple” and easy to decipher. The art and portrayal of characters within the major and minor suites are insightful and give way to interpret its messages easier. I have never come across a Tarot deck that gives the readers an easy and quick reference to address what the cards are saying. I recommend “Simplicity Tarot” to beginner, intermediate, and advance readers. This decks is absolutely beautiful, simple and insightful.

William Torres, Psychotherapist

I love it. This is an amazing tarot deck for everyone not just beginners. The artistic art work and attention to details in every card grabs your sight even straight down to the Gold edging. It comes with a perfect miniature book that breaks down to the simplest forms everything! I carry it along in my purse. I read it on the train daily, it has helps me understand and grasp how to read. Thank you so much for putting out such a beautiful guide for others to learn.

Jos, USGS customer

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