Crow Tarot Pocket Edition
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Crow Tarot Pocket Edition
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Paying homage to the mystical energy of crows and ravens, Crow Tarot invites us to fly through the veil and connect with our intuitive powers. This pocket- sized 78-card deck is infused with the familiar symbolism of the traditional Rider-Waite® Tarot, making it ideal for both beginners and professional readers. The 128-page guidebook presents upright and reversed meanings and includes a custom Crow Tarot Spread.
Includes 78 cards and 128-page illustrated guidebook.

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    Box measures 2.625”x 3.875”; 78 cards measure 2.25” x 3.5”
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    MJ Cullinane
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What Customers Are Saying About Crow Tarot Pocket Edition

These fabulous birds are very intelligent and have a reputation for being tricksters! They are good mimics and have an excellent memory. This deck is based on the Rider-Waite Tarot but with a crow influence that features on every card and is more than a fortune telling tool. It helps you to tap into what you already know, provides access to self discovery and develops your higher self. The guidebook suggests you pull three cards each day, and ask them to tell a story which reveals something new about yourself that you have avoided or overlooked. Ask for a different way to tackle a problem. The guidebook supplies both upright and reversed meanings. This deck brought me closer to nature, closer to the Corvids and bird tribes. Crow Tarot spread of eight cards is suggested. I love this artwork by Margaux Jones! The artwork and the text brings these birds alive in an admirable, wise and exciting way. They are so human!
—Wendy Stokes, Writer at The Cartomancer & Deck Reviewer

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