Peaceful Social Change

U.S. Games Systems, Inc. denounces all social injustice and inequality and we support peaceful social change.

In the past 50+ years since U.S. Games Systems has been publishing tarot and inspirational decks, we have witnessed the remarkable way that their role has evolved in our readers’ lives. Our doors and hearts have always been open to artists and authors of all backgrounds seeking to share their vision.

At this crossroad of profound social change, it is more important than ever that our products and our company reflect who we are and our values, which includes greater diversity, inclusiveness, equality and justice. We pledge to proactively expand our roster of creators to include more POC. We are committed to providing more decks that reflect racial sensitivity. We will continue to support and contribute to organizations devoted to improving social justice for all and, as always, we will continue to engage with the new age and spiritual community with open hearts and minds.