Pastoral Tarot
Pastoral Tarot
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Bronze Winner 2023 COVR Visionary Awards – Tarot Card Decks

Pastoral Tarot explores how a sense of place reveals who we are and where we belong. Honoring the rich pastoral tradition that celebrates the sweeping majesty of the countryside, Pastoral Tarot transports us to bucolic places where we can appreciate the beauty and bounty of nature as we stroll through apple orchards, lavender farms, golden pastures, prairies, woodlands and meadows. Nostalgic scenes of rural life are presented in exquisite historic detail, while closely following the traditional structure of Smith-Waite Tarot. Horizontal artwork draws us into immersive landscapes for deep personal reflection into tarot meanings that are readily accessible to readers of all levels. Deluxe set includes 78-card deck, linen pouch, and 180-page illustrated book.

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    Box measures 6.875” x 4.875; 78 cards measure 5” x 3.25”
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    Lynn Araujo
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    Lisa Hunt

What Customers Are Saying About Pastoral Tarot

Lisa Hunt’s art style is one of my favorites, with its intricate detailing, expressive features, and delicate grace. What she does with watercolor is nothing short of spectacular. Hunt had mainly done high fantasy and mythology-inspired art in the past, so to see her take on the traditional American landscape painting is a treat.
The Pastoral Tarot celebrates the idyllic life of small towns of New England and the Mid-Atlantic, through the countryside of the Mid-West, and the coastal regions. Each landscape piece is a scene out of Americana, a call back to 20th-century North American life. The guidebook by Lynn Araujo is a perfect complement.
In a 21st century world catapulting through the Digital Age, art and media at the hands of AI, and virtual reality affecting our physical reality, the scenes on these cards hearken back to idealized times, recent American history oft remembered by the collective as innocent and bucolic. I feel I can breathe here, take a much-needed moment out of this hectic world and wade into the cold waters of a brook, or smell that clean air and meadow grass. Araujo and Hunt have perfectly captured a sense of place in Pastoral Tarot. The exacting level of detail from Hunt gives complexity and a multidimensional characterization of people and space. If the thought and craftsmanship that creators put into a tarot deck enlivens a spirit into the final product, then you truly do feel a genius loci of a bygone Americana come back to life in this box of cards. Deeply immersive, historically significant, and an exquisite homage to the RWS tarot, Pastoral Tarot is a treasure.
—Benebell Wen, creator of Spirit Keeper’s Tarot and author of Holistic Tarot

Pastoral Tarot is an idyllic 78-card deck inspired by peaceful countryside and nostalgia, I was unsure of how I'd get along with this deck but when I buckled down and worked with it I was really surprised at how it made me look at the past. I found myself pleasantly surprised by the striking revelations found in the softness of the sweeping landscapes and the depth and layered symbolism in the watercolor painted sceneries.
The Pastoral Tarot is a realistic take on the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith set in the 30s and 40s using the language of flowers, nature, and its cycles to provide creative symbolism and expressive context that is wonderful for intuitive reading and beginner friendly. The soft, but striking visuals are like holding a memory.
The 176-page guidebook offers card pictures along with a breakdown of the imagery and a reading definition that will help guide you as you explore your personal growth and places that inspire the feeling of home. The guidebook also includes card spreads and meditation uses for this horizontal deck. I've enjoyed my time with The Pastoral Tarot and all the deep reflections it has offered me on who I am and the places that have influenced that. This powerfully peaceful deck has 5 years of work that went into bringing it to life, and you can definitely see and feel that work in the details of the tranquil cards and wisdom of the guidebook.
—Indie Deck Review

The more I use Pastoral, the more I gain understanding of its power for readings. So far, I have primarily used the deck as a contemplative one. From my first flip through of the cards I felt welcomed into a warm and nurturing world. Having been raised by parents, grand parents, and a great grand mother who were born, grew up during, and provided for family, friends, and (yes) strangers during the Depression, I know these people. They are personal anchoring touchstones.
I hold great respect for Lynn and Lisa's creation. I thank them for bringing their vision to life.
—Amber Highland, Publisher, The Cartomancer Magazine

This deck is absolutely stunning. And as someone who lives an off grid life... the images are perfect for where I am. I love that these images were made on purpose to reflect life in the 30s and 40s and how applicable those images and reminders still are today. The cards read very well with the Woven Spirit Oracle and the Magical Times cards. I tried them both with it and the readings were deep, meaningful, but also had down to earth feel to them. I think that's what I like most about the Pastoral Tarot is how they help me feel grounded in a reading. There are 2 spreads in the book and my favorite one to use was stepping stones, mainly because it speaks to where I am in my life. The cards are not easy to shuffle with small hands but they have a wonderful finish and give to them that would make them good for riffle shuffle. I also do like their landscape presentation. I thought it would put me off but it lended more to the readings. And the backs of the cards are some of my favorite card backs! The book is good quality. It held together during use. In general I find this deck grounding and lends well to my spiritual growth readings.
—Summer Ross (AstariaSen), YouTuber

Newest addition to my collection. All cards in landscape format. Sumptuous depictions of farms, forests and meadows with detailed guidebook.
—Anonymous, USGS customer

Embark on a magical journey with the Pastoral Tarot deck, which presents the same gentle charm of Lisa Hunt's art and the philosophies of Lynn Araujo in a unique 78-card deck. The Pastoral Tarot celebrates peace, tranquillity and calm—all things essential to our most fulfilling moments in life. As you go about your day, this 78-card deck will remind you of a relaxing walk in the countryside. The soothing colours and peaceful scenes reflect the beauty of nature and inspire reflection and quiet self-reflection. Each card is designed with symbols uniquely relevant to the topics or questions being asked, providing insight into the question at hand. The Pastoral Tarot deck is the perfect travel companion for your own spiritual journey.
—Tarot Netherlands

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