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You Are Invited...

to A Card Game Tournament

Sponsored by U. S. Games Systems, Inc.

U.S. Games Systems, Inc. invites you to participate in the 2nd International Wizard Card Game© Tournament on Saturday, June 25 at the Westin Hotel in Stamford, CT. The top winners will receive cash prizes for either the non-profit 501(c) organization of their choice or themselves.

WHAT IS WIZARD? Wizard is a popular card game similar to Hearts and other trick-taking card games. The 60-card deck contains 52 regular cards plus 4 Wizard cards and 4 Jester cards. Wizards always win and Jesters always lose. The object is to win the exact number of tricks you bid. Players must follow the suit led, if possible. However, Wizards and Jesters can be played at any time.

HOW to Register: Register online at www.wizardcards.net No entry fee. Register by June 10 to be assured of a place in the tournament. When registering, please indicate if you are playing as an individual or on behalf of a non-profit group, such as a school, church, charity, or community organization. Give complete information on group’s name, address, and affiliation. Registrations not accepted by phone.

PRIZES: If you are registering for a non-profit organization the prizes for winners are $1,000 (First Place), $500 (Second Place) and $300 (Third Place). If you are registering for yourself, the prizes are $500 (First Place), $300 (Second Place), $200 (Third Place), $100 (Fourth Place), $50 (Fifth Place) and $25 (Sixth Place). You cannot register for both yourself and a non-profit organization.

WHO Can Play: Ages 10 and above. Anyone, young or old, can play and win at Wizard! The rules are easy and fast to learn. In fact, the second-place winner at a previous tournament learned to play the game the previous day!

WHEN: Saturday, June 25, 2005. Check-in 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. Seating, announcements, and practice game play 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. First official round begins at 10:00 a.m. You must pre-register by June 10, 2005 to be assured a place in the tournament.

WHERE: Westin Stamford Hotel, One Stamford Place (off Exit 6 on I-95), Stamford, CT 06902, Salon A on second floor. Driving directions available at www.westin.com (Enter Stamford, CT, then follow links to the Westin Stamford—Overview.) Free hotel parking. Games will be supplied for the tournament. Complimentary coffee, tea, and soft drinks available during play time.

QUESTIONS ABOUT PLAYING THE GAME? Visit www.wizardcards.com to see complete rules, play online and to ask questions, or contact by email: wizard5@globalserve.net, or U. S. Games Systems at 1-800-544-2637.


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