Oracle of Destiny
Oracle of Destiny
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Palmistry is an ancient esoteric tradition practiced around the world. Interest in palmistry and chirosophy (also known as chiromancy) derives from the fascinating idea that the physical body carries signs of the soul that can be interpreted to reveal profound aspects of the individual. With contemporary pop art illustrations Oracle of Destiny combines evocative symbols, archetypal references and elements of astrology in a dynamic method that offers personal insights and divinatory messages. Includes 50 cards and 128-page guidebook.

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    Box measures 3.5” x 5.5” x 2.5”; 50 cards measure 3” x 5”
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    Azzurra D'Agostino
  • Artist
    Paola Vecchi

What Customers Are Saying About Oracle of Destiny

Fresh, fun, and engaging, this deck brings something new and interesting to my tarot/oracle shelves. They have mixed cartomancy with palmistry, providing guidebook entries for both systems, which allows me to dabble in both types of readings. I’ve used this deck for daily pulls, pick-a-cards and even just as a tool to help me study my own palm. If you already have a basic understanding of palmistry I think this deck could be interesting to use to decide which aspect to focus on in a reading. For someone like me, who has no background in palmistry, I had fun using the short entries to learn a little bit about my own hand and then using the deck as an oracle with the divination meanings. One thing that I was really missing were keywords on the cards. However, after pulling a card, reading the guidebook, and really studying the imagery, I was able to find a lot of helpful symbolism in the artwork which I really appreciated. Since the cards only have titles and no keywords, the symbolism in the artwork makes it a little easier to remember the meaning of the cards, without having to go into the guidebook for every pull. Finally, this artwork is fun and colorful and definitely gives me beach/ summer vibes, so I am looking forward to using it more this summer.
Robyn's Reflections, Tarot collector & YouTuber

This is a great deck for those interested in palmistry but may have felt intimidated or overwhelmed with all the information in regard to the subject. The guidebook that comes with the deck is very informative and educational and is written and organized in a way that makes it easy and simple to understand and digest the subject matter. I found the guidebook very helpful and interesting and glad it was included with the deck. The deck itself is very colorful with helpful keywords and illustrations. Although the deck in about palmistry and you can learn quite a lot about it with this deck and guidebook set, it can also be used for divinatory purposes as well, as a matter of fact, each card in the guidebook has a "Divinatory Meaning" section that explains the divinatory meaning of each card which was very useful. If you are looking for something different from the norm of tarot or oracle decks but yet still want the 'divinatory' aspect to the deck, you may want to check this deck and guidebook set out.
Anne Ti, Tarot collector & YouTuber

The Oracle of Destiny is a very unique oracle deck that teaches the user the basic elements of palmistry.
The cards are smaller than the average oracle deck. They are about the size of a standard sized tarot deck. This is good because it makes them very easy to shuffle; especially if you have small hands! They are a little glossy, but not extremely and they are not too thin or too thick. They come in a tuck box that is housed inside of a more sturdy hard box.
Each card has a keyword at the bottom and they are not numbered. The full color guidebook is pretty thick. The guidebook explains two things for each card: the Aspect of the hand and the divinatory meaning of each card. The cards are NOT listed in alphabetical order.
The art is truly beautiful and unique in style! It's utilizes a lot of vivid colors and several different cultures are represented. For example, the Girdle of Venus card has a lovely Native American woman depicted on the card.
This deck is bright, fun, vivid, and motivating!
There aren't any spreads in the deck, but there are quite a few pages in the front of the guidebook that explain exactly how to use the deck. You can easily use this deck alone or with other decks to make unique pairings. So far, I've used it for readings, daily pulls, and to learn more about the parts of the hand.
This deck is great for people who are new to learning about palmistry and those who enjoy oracle decks with new themes.
—Queen Auset-Heru, Tarot reader, collector & YouTuber

Any tool that can stimulate our intuition and help us listen to ourselves and relate to things we can't understand solely with our intellect, can be a valuable ally in the great mystery of life. Hands are a privileged tool that we use to do work, explore, manipulate, and grasp the world. We can read on the hand everything that is in us, depends on us, and dominates our relationship with the outside world. The marks etched into this part of the body, along with the complex web of symbols and possible readings that have been applied to every detail over the centuries, open an incredible and evocative world of possibilities for exploring our lives from a different perspective. Using contemporary pop art illustrations, and including a variety of skin tones, artist Paola Vecchi, brings movement and interest to this 50-card deck. Her work on Oracle of Destiny engages the user with evocative symbols, archetypal references, and astrological elements in a dynamic method that offers personal insights and divinatory messages.
—The Cartomancer Magazine review

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