Oracle of Ascendance
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Oracle of Ascendance
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The Oracle of Ascendance is your personal guide on your journey to understanding the realms within and beyond our known universe. Each of the 72 cards in this deck presents a powerful symbol from one of seven metaphysical systems: Ancient symbols, Chakras, Elements, Planets, Stars, Reiki, and Zodiac symbols. If you focus on the energetic vibrations within, and trust your intuition, you may find that the cards and the power behind the imagery speak to you directly. The 108-page illustrated guidebook provides you with deeper knowledge and insightful interpretations for each card. This oracle helps you open doors to cosmic truths, inner growth, and higher consciousness. Whether you draw a single card or delve into an area of inquiry, Oracle of Ascendance will always answer your questions.

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    Box measures: 3.5” x 5.5”; Cards measure: 3” x 5”
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    Phillip J. Adamczyk and Sheri Jo Posselt

What Customers Are Saying About Oracle of Ascendance

This deck is great, has so much that I didn’t even realize I was missing in my readings and more than I thought the deck itself would offer. Planets, elements, chakras and other sacred symbols that jive perfectly to teach and enlighten each reading. Well printed, easy to shuffle and with soft semigloss finish - a very comfortable deck to handle and photo friendly (important if you’re trying to do readings over the phone or video!). Very much appreciate this great deck!!

—Evonne Marie, Etsy customer

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